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Verizon Wireless Staffers Busted for Stealing Nude Photos

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Two Verizon Wireless employees were arrested this past weekend after allegedly copying and sharing salacious photos illegally obtained from a customer's phone.  

The breach of privacy came to light after Joshua Stuart, 24 and Gregory Lampert, 26, who worked at a Verizon Wireless store in Bartow, Fla., allegedly shared the images with another customer who happened to also be the victim's coworker, an arrest report .

The victim, a waitress at a local bar, positively identified both men and described the images as "very private in nature," some of which, she said, showed her breasts and below-the-belt bits.

Lampert and Stuart allegedly stole the photos while transferring data from the victim's old phone to a new one.


After seeing 21 of 22 stolen images on Lampert's phone, the victim's coworker contacted police and identified the suspects in a photo lineup.

Police obtained a warrant and discovered copies of the images on two phones and a  laptop that belonged to Lampert. He has been charged with two counts of stolen property and offenses against computer users, both felonies. Stuart has fled the state and will face charges if he returns.

The practice of is nothing new, as . Sketchy employees in photo labs everywhere have been lifting sexy snaps since the advent of one-hour photo developing.