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Excellent Idea of the Day: Inflatable Jacket

/ Source: Discovery Channel

When the outdoor-minded gear junkies at Klymit posed the question, "How great would it be if I could control the amount of insulation in my jacket?" the answer must have been pretty great: Their inflatable jacket is expected to hit the market in 2013 with the help of its Kickstarter campaign.

Here's how it works: Zip up the jacket as you head out for a jog around the park or an ascent up Mount Everest. Pump the inflation port in the left pocket to allow the chambers to conform to your body. As you warm up while running or climbing, maintain your climate control by deflating the jacket.

The jacket comes with either a dry air pump or (for a heftier price tag) a NobleTek gas pump, which uses Argon gas for inflation. The company -- the first to use argon in apparel -- chose argon because of its low thermal conductivity. Argon is also used to insulate windows. And since Argon is virtually weightless, your ski parka shouldn't slow you down.

The liner uses eco-friendly bamboo and charcoal for odor control.

A Kickstarter pledge of $250 gets you a jacket off the first production run, estimated to be delivered in March.

It's not the first high-tech outdoors item the company has produced. There's a vest based on the same technology, as well as minimalist sleeping pads and waterproof/breathable shells.