Top 10 Most Trusted Facebook Apps

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Can you trust your Facebook apps? If you're like many long-time Facebook users, you may not even remember what apps you've installed, let alone know what permissions you've granted to them. This week, released its list of the top 10 most trusted Facebook apps.

Out of 95,000 Facebook apps,  Instagram  was the most trusted app. The company offers a simple online tool that shows all apps users have connected to Facebook, along with each app's permissions, such as access to friends lists, photos and location. Users can then choose to add an app to their trusted list or remove the app from Facebook with a single click.

While some apps need your personal data to function properly, others have permissions that they simply don't need, Olivier Amar, founder of MyPermissions, told TechNewsDaily. The top 10 list was compiled based completely on user input — marking apps as trusted or removing them.

Instagram topped the list, followed by  Spotify , Foursquare, YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard,  Dropbox and IFTTT. (The top nine apps are probably familiar to most users, but IFTTT is a simple tool to automate online tasks like saving each of your Instagram photos to your Dropbox. IFTTT stands for If This Then That.)

The difference in trust between No. 1 and No. 10 is significant. "The No. 1 app is three times more trustworthy than the No. 10 app," Amar said. The list also indicates the relative popularity of  Facebook apps .

Amar declined to reveal which apps had been removed the most frequently, a figure he said could be misleading. A small percentage of removals for an extremely popular app would outnumber a larger percentage of removals for an app that's used by fewer people.

"What's important here is the fact that users have clicked trust," he said.

MyPermissions  can also be used to find apps that access your personal information through other services, including Google, AOL and Flickr.