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Livestream Broadcaster Turns Anything Into a Hi-Def Webcast

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Livestream Broadcaster

Event coordinators, seminar hosts, TEDx wannabes and entrepreneurs with an itch for real-time promotions: rejoice. The Livestream Broadcaster streams live HD video straight from your camera to the web, no computer connection required.

The device connects to your camera via HDMI cable and hooks to the internet through an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or, when paired with a USB 3G/4G modem, a cellular network. Once connected, just click the "Go live" button to stream to the web beautiful HD (up to 720p) or more efficient standard resolution (480i)--plus every resolution in between.

Similar broadcast units on the market route their feeds through a desktop or laptop PC to connect to the internet--a solution that's unwieldy and much more expensive than Livestream's all-in-one $495 unit. And it travels better than the competition: The Broadcaster is approximately the size of a small modem and weighs just under 8 ounces when loaded with batteries.

The stream is viewed and monitored through Livestream's website (sorry, there's no way to route it to your company's YouTube channel), but the trade-off is the ability to use an iOS or Android device to remotely switch video quality, turn the stream on or off and see real-time viewership stats. This flexibility means you no longer have to stand with the camera to shoot; you can be onstage, in the audience or down the hall at the bar and still be in charge.