Modified Mac Malware Targets Tibetan Activists

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

When hackers pick their victims, they overwhelmingly target PC users over those with Macs.

But because the days of a malware-free Mac ecosystem have been over for a while, the latest Trojan written for OS X should remind users that Mac security needs to be taken seriously.

Based on related photos, researchers at SophosLabs said the new Trojan is being used in a campaign that appears to be aimed at supporters of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile.

The malware, a variation of the OSX/Imuler Trojan, which previously infected Apple computers with sexy photos and malicious PDFs, gives attackers remote control and the ability to download and steal sensitive files and information that could be used to commit fraud or extortion.

Sophos said its own Mac customers, including those who use the free version of its anti-virus software, are protected from the Trojan. Sophos encouraged its competitors' customers to check to see whether they were as well.

Although the attack seems to be focused on only a few specific individuals in one part of the world, it's an important wake-up call to Mac users who, without years of horror stories and blue screens-of-death, may not be as security savvy as their Windows-using counterparts.

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