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Taliban Spokesman Accidentally Leaks Email List

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

A Taliban spokesman may have put hundreds of lives at risk after inadvertently including his email mailing list with a press release.

Qari Yousef Ahmedi made the embarrassing — and in this case, dangerous — mistake of listing recipients in the "cc:" (carbon copy) field instead of in the "bcc:" (blind carbon copy) line, revealing the names of all recipients to everyone who received the message, ABC News reported.

The list appeared to be made up mostly of journalists, but also contained the email addresses of U.S. and Afghan government officials, activists, Taliban members and other militant organizations.

"Taliban have included 4 of my email addresses on the leaked distribution list. Quite reassuring to my safety," tweeted Kabul-based journalist Mustafa Kazemi.

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Attacks on journalists in Afghanistan happen with frightening frequency. The NAI, a media advocacy group in Afghanistan, said there have been 95 violent incidents involving journalists since 2011.

Ahmedi's Twitter feed, which has been silent since Nov. 7, did not announce the blunder, and ABC News said he did not respond to email requests for comment.

Taliban emails, most of which come from Ahmedi, are being sent with more frequency as the fighting season winds down for the winter, ABC said.

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