Trim a Tree Remotely to Help Tots

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Want to help trim a tree for a good cause? At the  Communitree website, you can sign up to try to control, in real time, a mechanical arm that drops ornaments onto a rotating artificial Christmas tree. The object is to try to hang ornaments on the tree (although while TechNewsDaily watched, some players seemed to aim at the commentators in the room instead).

Every time someone attempts to hang an ornament — whether or not it catches a tree branch — the companies behind Communitree donate $5 to the Toys for Tots, a program that gives out toys to kids in low-income neighborhoods for the winter holidays. 

The Toys for Tots donations come from Balsam Hill, which makes artificial Christmas trees, and Scentsicles, which makes pine-scented ornaments. Communitree hopes to raise $20,000 over the next three days, according to the site.

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