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Pinterest, Tumblr Miniscule Next to Facebook

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Facebook may be feeling passé for some people, but they aren't necessarily leaving it. In fact, they spent more time on it this year than last, according to data released this week from Nielsen. The numbers come from software running on about 5,000 smartphones (iPhone and Android) and roughly 200,000 personal computers (PC or Mac) that track what sites people visit and what mobile apps they run.

More PC users than ever are on Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google+, but compared with Facebook, they aren't on those networks for very long. For example, about six times as many people use Facebook on a PC than use Pinterest. But people are on the former about forty-eight times longer.

The story doesn't change very much when people go mobile. Whether through its app or website, Facebook still takes up the most screen time on smartphones. And Americans are spending a lot of time networking on mobiles — about twice as much as they did in 2011, and a bit more time per person than they spend socializing on PCs.

Going beyond Facebook, the situation gets more interesting. Pinterest has grown about tenfold in the past year, inching past Tumblr in the number of users on PCs. But Tumblr users spend about twice as much time on their site. [See also: Tumblr Goes Mainstream: How to Jump Onboard ]

One caveat: The Nielsen figures are from July of this year (statistics take a while to collect), and things change quickly online. Last week, for example, Tumblr broke into the top 10 U.S. websites in traffic (according to analytics firm Quantcast). But one thing hasn't changed — Facebook is still the biggest social network by far.