New Video Bills Calm Cross Customers

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Wireless carrier AT&T has added a video primer to help explain customers' bills. Each video offers an overview of an account holder's bill, includes multiple mentions of the person's name and is set to a catchy tune, which may ease the shock of a unexpectedly high bill.

The video includes the amount owed, the previous amount paid and the due date for the next payment. In addition, the video breaks out recurring charges such as data fees and one-time charges such as late fees and service changes. It ends with an option to enroll in an automatic payment plan.

AT&T said in a blog post that it's the first  wireless carriers  in the U.S. to offer video bills. The video is in addition — not a replacement — to online statements. AT&T said it launched a test of the new format to several thousand wireless customers in the Mountain Time Zone and 85 percent of customers said they found the video bill helpful. The company also said the video bills resulted in fewer bill-related calls from customers.

By early 2013, AT&T plans to roll out video bills to all new customers and those that have changed or upgraded their service.