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The Daniel Plan recipes

5 Vegetable Winter Salad

Makes 2 appetizer portions or 1 full entrée portion

Quick and easy dressing:

1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed

3 tbsp balsamic dressing

Dried spices to taste (suggest 1 tbsp Italian seasoning blend)

1 pinch sea salt

Salad mixture:

1 cup chopped cauliflower

1/2 cup chopped green beans

1/2  cup squash (thinly sliced into half moon shapes)

1/3 cup diced tomato

1 cup chopped winter greens (red chard, kale, spinach and mustard greens are all great!)

2 cups steamed or sprouted quinoa (optional to make this a meal)

Begin by whisking together in a mid-sized mixing bowl the dressing ingredients until well combined. Chop the vegetables and add them to the dressing mixture, tossing as you go so the dressing coats the vegetables and begins to soften them. Once all the vegetables are chopped and in the bowl toss well and enjoy! Add in steamed or sprouted quinoa on top of the salad to make this dish a high-quality strong protein meal.

Raspberry Crème Tortes

Makes 18 1-inch tortes.

Crust mixture:

2 cups pine nuts

1 cup coconut shreds or flakes

1/3 cup raw gave nectar or raw honey

1 tsp sea salt

Raspberry Crème topping:

16 oz. fresh or frozen raspberries

1 avocado

1 cup coconut water or regular water

1/8 cup raw agave or raw honey

1 tsp sea salt

In a food processor with the s-blade attachment in place process the pine nuts, coconut and sea salt, pulsing until a meal has formed. Then turn on the processor and add the agave or honey from the top while it processes. Stop once combined. Scoop out into candy cups or onto a flat cookie sheet and press into 1-inch rounds. Then, in a blender, combine all crème ingredients and blend until well mixed. Finish by spooning the crème onto the crust and then placing the tortes in the freezer for 1 hour to set. Remove from freezer and enjoy! The crème mixture also makes a lovely gelato when frozen -- or ice cream pops! Garnish with more fresh raspberries for an extra kick of flavor and antioxidants!

Recipe Credit:

Jenny Ross from 118 Degrees