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PoliticsNation, Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

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December 26, 2012


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight, from the world`s famous Rockefeller
center in New York City, welcome to "Politics Nation" second annual Revvie
awards. It`s the best and the worst in politics, 2012.

And look, all the big stars are on the red carpet. Donald Trump, he
is hoping to win a Revvie (INAUDIBLE) unreality show category.

Paul Ryan`s pumped and ready to go. What`s with the hat there,

And what`s an awards show without this guy. He survived a really
rough year and he`s looking just great tonight. The evening is about to
get started. So take a seat before Clint Eastwood yells at it. Sit back
and enjoy the show.

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your
master of ceremonies and the host of "Politics Nation," the Reverend Al

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Good evening. And welcome to
"the Revvie Awards." I`m Al Sharpton, host of "Politics Nation" and your
host of this evening`s festivities. It`s a big night and we`ll be giving
out awards for the high and low points of politics in 2012.

To do that, we have a star-studded cast of judges. Jonathan Capehart,
Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Krystal Ball, and Richard Wolffe. All looking
very elegant this evening, I might say.

Let`s get right to it. Let`s go right to the first category. Let`s
get started with the best performer in the thriller award.

Richard, who made the best political move of the year?

Cowell of this panel and be you know? OK, here we go.

Best political move. I`m tempted to say the whole Obama campaign
ground game, right? The whole people who turned out all these people to
vote, but I don`t want to be, like, time person of the year, it`s you. If
it had to be one person, Chris Christie.

Chris Christie, for having the guts to not just look after New Jersey,
but, literally, hug a Democratic president in the face of everything that
he knew his party would reign down on his head. It helped him. Help the
president. Help New Jersey.

SHARPTON: So despite the fact you were tempted to give it to the
ground game of the Obama campaign, you crossed party lines?

WOLFFE: Seeing goodwill to all people.

SHARPTON: All right, Victoria, are you going to be as bipartisan as

going to roll it back. I`m going to go back to February because I think
when President Obama rolled out his contraception mandate; that was
absolute genius. Because what he did is he foresaw that Republicans and
the Catholic Church was going to come out against it. And that in turn
helped mobilize women in kickoff that women`s movement from the 2012
election and yet he step back. When the church came up (INAUDIBLE) and
said hey, I`m going to put own on the healthcare company. So, he came out
having his cake and eating it too.

SHARPTON: So the contraception move by the president way back in

SOTO: Way back, and then you have the Susan G. Komen controversy come


SOTO: And then you have the rape comment --


SHARPTON: So, he saw the women`s movement and the war on women by the


speaking of planting the seed, my vote for best political move is the Obama
campaign`s decision to hammer Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat (ph)
from moments the very beginning. Remember, everyone was yelling at the
Obama campaign why are you doing this? Why aren`t you talking about other
things? And because they did that, when the 47 percent video was released,
it made a powerful video even more powerful because it confirmed everything
that the Obama campaign had been saying about the Republican nominee from
moment one.

SHARPTON: Krystal?

KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC HOST, THE CYCLE: Three words. Please proceed,
governor. Second debate after the president had a lackluster performance
in the first debate. And the second debate, he really came out swinging.
And Mitt Romney thought he had him on the ropes with this Benghazi
nonsense. He was trying to stick it to him about exactly what he said on
the press conference and the president brilliantly just let him, please
proceed, governor. Go ahead. What are you going to say? And, not only
was that a great, brilliant move in that moment, and won the second debate
right there at that moment, but it also was emblematic of how really, what
he had to do is just let Mitt Romney talk and say what he thought about
Americans, say what his plans were for the country. And it was so
objectionable to the American people that they definitely wanted to go in a
different direction.

SHARPTON: So please proceed, governor, from the second presidential

BALL: You got it.

SHARPTON: Well, I think that probably I would say the best move of
the year I would have to say was the campaign ground game. I think you
almost went there. You were half way down the aisle, but you turned


SHARPTON: I will go to (INAUDIBLE) the marriage and give the award.
I think that they turned out a terrific ground game. I think that if you
rook look at the fact that the Republican polls were right but they
underestimated turnout; that was the ground game. That if they have not
been the ground game and the turnout, we would be having a much different
election and a much different Revvie award, too.


SHARPTON: It would be a much different Revvie too.


SHARPTON: OK, up next, we have this dud`s for you award for the worst
political move of 2012.

Let me start with you, Krystal? What was the worst move and who wins
that award? Or, what group wins hat award?

BALL: Well, it is kind of a group. But it goes a little bit off of
what Victoria was just saying. Darrell Issa failing to put a single woman
on a congressional panel to talk about contraception. And that really was
the flash point. After that, people started putting the pieces together of
what Republicans for doing legislatively to women, the type of language
that they were sing. And as you said, we had Susan G. Komen, we have Rush
Limbaugh, we had Todd Akin, we have trans-vaginal probes in Virginia. And
ultimately, the president ended up winning single women; on married women
by I believe 38 points. So, it was a massive, massive landslide. And I
think it all started right there with Darrell Issa and his contraception

SHARPTON: So you give Darrell Issa?

BALL: Darrell Issa and no women on the contraception panel.

SHARPTON: You went fast and furious to all men.

Jonathan, who would you give the worst political move of the year?

CAPEHART: Well, I have two. I`m of mixed mind. On the one hand, I
think, the idea of allowing Clint Eastwood to go on the stage of the
Republican convention unsupervised and unscripted was horrendous for the
Romney campaign. His speech went in prime time when the Romney video,
biographical video which was one of the most powerful pieces to come out of
I think both convention was never seen by anyone.

SHARPTON: What biographical video?

CAPEHART: Exactly. No one knows.

And then the other one is, I think, the extended Republican primary
process where we saw clown after clown after clown spill out of the
Republican clown car and embarrass the party to the point where Mitt Romney
became the nominee not because the party loved him, but because he`s the
last one-on-on last one standing.

SHARPTON: Victoria?

SOTO: I have to jumped off on Jonathan`s primary comment. And I
think Romney doubling down on his anti-immigration platform from just
calling on immigrants to self-deport, to saying that her was going to veto
the DREAM act. I mean, he even made Rick Perry look moderate when it came
to immigration.

SHARPTON: Which takes effort.

SOTO: You know, but he did it. And so, what ends up happening is
when he goes into the gym or thinks he can pull a 180 and get Latinos to
support him.
BALL: Right.

SOTO: And they don`t.

So we see less than 25 percent of the Latino electorate voting for
Mitt Romney. And especially in the swing state of California - I`m sorry
not California, but Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, even Florida, he lost
those states because he thought he could do an about face which he

SHARPTON: Richard.

WOLFFE: OK. So, I`m tempting to go with the obvious here, but this
is Revvie. So, the obvious would be 47 percent, right? The obvious would
be being honest in front of a bunch of wealthy donors when you`re Mitt
Romney and thinking no one would pay any attention. How many times did he
given that speech? And then that one was recorded. But, I`m not going to
be obvious because it is the Revvie. So, I`m going to go with worst
political move of the year, everything Karl Rove spent his money on.


BALL: You`re stealing my thunder.

WOLFFE: So, I could have gone for the wealthy Al Gore, but you know,
they have so much money, who cares. Karl Rove is the one, the supposed
architect and the supposed genius.

SOTO: So exposed in this election.

SHARPTON: I agree. But, we without tipping my hand, I have a special
recognition for Karl Rove coming up.


SHARPTON: I think the worst political move of the year was the
Republicans engineering on an aggressive voter suppression campaign.
Because I think they angered and energized voters that may not have come
out. The worst thing to do is to go after people when you want people to
remain asleep. I think they woke up for sleeping giant. And I think that
was the worst move of the year. Had they not done this, I think it would
have been a much closer election. But people took it personal and I think
it really became a tipping point of the election.

BALL: Yes. It is nothing makes someone who wants to vote than saying
you can`t vote. Then, you will be do whatever it takes.

SHARPTON: And to take something from people that was earned and
gained with such sacrifice.

BALL: Absolutely.
SHARPTON: Now it`s time for a lightning round. Quick answers, please.

You hear me, Richard? Quick answer. The spot light award. This
Revvie goes to the movement that defined the 2012 campaign, the moment.
Quick, Jonathan.

CAPEHART: It has to be the 47 percent, 47 percent video.

SHARPTON: Victoria?

SOTO: Health care law up head.

SHARPTON: Richard?

WOLFFE: Hurricane Sandy.

SHARPTON: Hurricane Sandy, all right. Krystal?

BALL: I`d have to go 47 percent. That was the moment.

SHARPTON: No question, 47 percent. So that`s the one that got so
far, the most consensus where is everyone else we disagree.


SHARPTON: We have a lot more to Revvie awards to come. Stick around.
We`ll be right back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Revvies will be return with Paul Ryan, Hillary
Clinton, and the best and worst political ideas of the year.

But first, earlier today in the secret on this closed location, the
Revvie was awarded for best musical performance. The nominees were --


And the Revvie for best musical performance went to Governor Chris
Christie. Congratulations, governor.

The Revvies will be right back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome back to second annual Revvie Awards from
Rockefeller center in New York City. Earlier, we awarded the Revvie for
best make-up, as in making it up as he went along. And it went to
Congressman Paul Ryan.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: You did run marathons at some point?

can`t do it anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve just got to ask. What`s your personal best?

RYAN: Under three, I think high twos. (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Holy smokes. Now, you`ve gone onto Miami

RYAN: Yes.

So you`re just basically catching cat fish by hand, it`s really
exhilarating. It is actually quite fun. And so, we try to get down there
during noodling season end of May, early June to catch cat fish. And
they`re delicious.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations, Mr. Ryan, for making it up on
everything from marathon times to the auto-bailout. You`re the big winner.

Congressman Ryan is also accepting the beefcake of the year award.
But that award is given out in a special last Revvie ceremony.

Now, back to the host of tonight`s ceremony, the reverend Al Sharpton.

SHARPTON: Thank you. We`re back with our Revvie judges. Let`s give
right to our next round of awards.

The best political force of the year is awarded to the person or group
who drove the election in 2012.

Victoria, so, who is the award in your book?

SOTO: Here is goes to an unintended consequence, Reverence. In the
last segment, we were talking about voter suppression. I think there was a
silver lining here because across the country, we saw people being kept
from coming out to vote. And this mobilized them. We saw the lines in
Florida, we saw the lines in Texas, we saw the lines in Arizona. So, for
me, the best political trend was to unintended consequence of mobilizing

SHARPTON: All right. I think that`s a good one. What do you think,

WOLFFE: Well, I`m tempted the best was the failing of the tea party.
But, that has got a couple more years to roll. So, I got to say, all those
people who said young people wouldn`t show up this election, they were not
interested, they were gloomy, they showed up. The young people are
engaged. Note just this cycle, but the last cycle, means that the cycle to
come. This generation is going to take part in elections to come. I think
that`s the best thing you could have.

SHARPTON: You know, he really does want to be our Simon. But, he
always gives us one option and goes to the other.


SHARPTON: But, I always followed would be crystal clear.

BALL: Well, I thought one of the best most heartening trends this
year was the big dollars. As you referenced Karl Roves, Sheldon Adelson,
the Koch brothers, the super PACs. They didn`t end up winning the day. At
the end of the day, it was ordinary people who maybe kicked in a couple of
bucks who stood in the long lines who actually won the election. And that
is just a beautiful, encouraging democracy.

SHARPTON: So, the best trend was the fact that money didn`t work.

BALL: The big money, losing.

SHARPTON: Jonathan?

CAPEHART: Well, I think the best political trend of this political
season was the demise of gay rights as a wedge issue. Notice in all three
debates, it never came up. It was never even hinted at. You know, any
talk, pro or con, about gay rights issues, same-sex marriage, equal
protection under the law, none of that. And I think that that`s a good

SHARPTON: OK. I think the best trend is that we saw this year a
clear, new electorate. We saw forever, we have buried the idea that
America is only male and only white. There`s a permanent new political
trend that the demographics of the election in this country has changed and
people need to get a new playbook if they`re going to play in the big,
national American politics.

Now, next up is the worst political farce of the year. It is the
Revvie for the person or the group who drove their agenda and their purpose
into the ground.

Jonathan? So, who wins the award in your blog?

CAPEHART: Oh, Mr. 9-9-9, Herman Cain. You know, for someone --
people using a presidential campaign to sell books, to sell themselves, to
make that the steppingstone to a much larger career, no one did it better
than Herman Cain or worst in this case.

SHARPTON: Krystal?

BALL: I would say that the worst trend this year was the Republican
Party deciding that they couldn`t win the game with the rules as written.
They are trying to keep people from voting and essentially rig the rules
and which is a trend unfortunately that ongoing. They see the writing on
the wall. As you said, the new demographic realities and they`re still
trying to say how can we change the math and rig the rules so that we can
still win. In Virginia, for example, they propose changing the way that
electoral votes are warded so that we give back congressional district
which would unfairly favor Republicans. So, they`re still trying to rig
the rules and hold back the tide of the demographic --

SHARPTON: And try to rig the rules in the middle of the game.

BALL: Absolutely.

SHARPTON: I`ve seen them change rules, but never he made game.

BALL: Right.

SHARPTON: Richard?

WOLFFE: For me, this is going to be John McCain and the conservative
media for leading a preposterous and ultimately successful witch hunt
against Susan Rice. Totally undeserved to took it personal. Frankly, part
of the conspiracy theories they`ve cooked up against every person of color
serving around the president. Unjustified. It has a chilling effect on
people and public service. And, frankly, it`s sad for someone who had a
stature and a gravitas of John McCain that he fends us to this kind of

SHARPTON: And it is a trend. You see, Eric Holder, Susan Rice --


SOTO: This is a tough one.

SHARPTON: Victoria?

SOTO: Half a dozen in this basket. And I was going to say super
PACs. So, that being the worst, but this just flopped. But, I think it`s
how Republicans rolled back the clock on women. You know, if we were
remembering 2010, women did very well in the Republican Party. It was the
year of the moment grisly. But this year, they erased all of that. They
ran after women. And then, it was recently, they didn`t name any chairs.
But then, they backtracked and they decided to name one woman to the
administrative committee which is essentially the clerical committee. So,
for me, it was a housewife.

SHARPTON: Yes, yes. But it was interesting that they went after
women and, as Jonathan said, then debate gays. I mean, it was a real
contorted strategy. We`re going to violate women openly. We are not going
to deal with gays and even marriage equality in many cases as they should.

SOTO: But, they target on women.

CAPEHART: Right. And think about that they figured the public
opinion is moving away from opposition to gay rights. But they thought, it
was perfectly fine to go after women --


SHARPTON: Now, what I thought was very interesting and probably the
worst political trend is in `88, there was a guy named Brown that designed
the caucus ad --


SHARPTON: -- who came back with Citizens United. You know, this is
the same guy, for (INAUDIBLE), the Citizens United that unleash all of this
money. I think the worst trend was to take the lid off of the money, which
was a right winged strategy that really backfired. It really drove them
into the ground in the sense that I think that they thought they had bought
an election. I mean, it was almost like you send your credit card
something and you go to pick it up and the merchandise is not there. They
paid for something that did not arrive because people rose up. It was the
worst trend. It didn`t happen because hay that had not believed in that
trend, they might have done more work and they might have moved to a more
sensible political policy.

SOTO: Money can`t buy you love, Reverend.

BALL: Yes. And they did. They put all of their faith in money, in
the power of money.

SHARPTON: Well, I agree with you. Money can`t buy you love. And
when it does, they`re going to always say what have you done for me lately?


SHARPTON: I mean, I could do these songs all day.

WOLFFE: Well, I do.

SHARPTON: It`s been an amazing year. There are more Revvies to come.
Stay with us. .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Revvies return with Newt Gingrich, Rick
Santorum and the best political new comer of the year.

But, first, the Revvie for outstanding achievement in the dance
performance. And the nominees are.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right on, Senator Alex Simpson, right on. You`re
our winner.

And the 2012 Revvies will be right back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome back to the second annual Revvie awards
from Rockefeller Center in New York City. Here`s the host of "Politics
Nation," The Reverend, Al Sharpton.

SHARPTON: Welcome back. Here at "Politics Nation" we love a good
science fiction story. And this year, the GOP gave us plenty of fantasy.

Our next award is the Ray Bradbury award for lead performance in a
science fiction role. It`s one of my favorites. Watch this.


second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will
be American.

REP. TODD AKIN (R), MISSOURI: It seems to me first of all, for what I
understand from doctors, that`s really weird, if it`s a legitimate rape,
the female body has ways to shut that whole thing double.

carbon dioxide. Tell that to a plant how dangerous carbon dioxide is.


SHARPTON: All the candidates are so deserving. But the Revvie can
only go to one person and it goes to Newt Gingrich for his out of his world
ideas. Congratulations, Newt! Your Revvie will be waiting for you have to
move base when you get there.

We will be right back.

ANNOUNCER: The Revvies will return with President Obama, Clint
Eastwood, and Carl Rove, plus the award for political performer of the
year. You`re watching the second annual Revvie award only on MSNBC.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to the Revvies. Here, once again, is the
host of POLITICS NATION, the Reverend Al Sharpton.

SHARPTON: Thank you, I`d like to welcome back our esteemed panel of
judges. Jonathan Capehart, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Krystal Ball, and
Richard Wolffe. Great to have all of you with us.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Great to be here.

SHARPTON: It`s the season of giving. So let`s get right back to
giving out the Revvies. The rising star of the year award is the Revvie
for the biggest political power house of 2012.

Krystal, so who wins that award in your book? And I`m looking forward
here. I`m looking in the Krystal Ball. I`m looking for who going forward.


SHARPTON: Stood out this year but gives us where we`re going in the
future because the next presidential election, there will be no incumbent.

BALL: Right.

SHARPTON: We are going to see both parties have an open shot at it.
So, who gets that Revvie? Who`s the person we ought to be watching?

BALL: Well, she already had a pretty large star, but I think Hillary
Clinton has just continued to grow in stature, is the frontrunner and hands
down not only for the democratic nomination. But even Republicans are
admitting that they`re pretty scared of here in 2016. And partly it`s
because Republicans used this device of saying that Clintons will be good
and reasonable Democrats that we could work with. They actually elevated
the Clintons themselves.

Now, Hillary is stepping down as secretary of state. She`ll be doing
lots of nonpolitical work over the next few years and I think her star will
only continue to burn brighter and brighter. And of course, everyone will
be paying very close attention to see what indications she gives us to
whether she`s going to go or not go for 2016.

SHARPTON: What do you think, Jonathan?

be a black spot on four tremendous years as secretary of state. But I
would give my rising star award to what I`m calling the Obama coalition.
African-Americans, Latinos, gays and lesbians, young people, women, all of
the folks that we`ve been talking about, all year and even tonight who came
together and decided that they wanted to give him four more years despite
where the economy is, despite the right track, wrong track.


CAPEHART: They decided to tell the Republicans all your talk about us
being demoralize that we`re not for this guy anymore, that`s bunk, we`re
with him.

SHARPTON: But who out of that coalition? Is there a person or?

CAPEHART: I see the floor to this --

SHARPTON: You yield.

CAPEHART: I yield, yes.

SHARPTON: .to the lady.

CAPEHART: To my left.

coordinate. But, for me, it doesn`t go to one particular person. It goes
to Latinos. It goes to the Latino electorate which really flexed its
political muscle. And we see on the verge of going forward into the 2016
election of really being decisive. Not just because of the growth of the
population and their record turnout but because of where they are, Latinos
are strategically place in red states, and Latinos are pushing this red
states into light red, into purple and, eventually, it`s going to take a
little bit. Texas isn`t going to turn blue in four years or eight years,
but it`s going to turn these traditionally red, southern states into
passive state. So the Latino muscle is moving the political landscape of
this country.

SHARPTON: Is Julio Castro want to watch?

SOTO: Julio, he is. I give him some time. He`s in a tight position
because he would not make it statewide in Texas. So he doesn`t have a
jumping off point. And he`s term-limited as mayor. But he`s going to have
to despite his time and come back. I give him ten years.

BALL: I would have to say if you did have a democrat from Texas who
could win tax statewide, what an incredible force they would be on the
national level. If you could in the future --

SHARPTON: Yes. But they have to be pretty concern --


SOTO: If we`re going to see Latino in Texas in the next, you know,
six or eight years, it`s going to be George Bush.

SHARPTON: Richard, you`ve been uncustomarily quiet?

RICHARD WOLFFE, AUTHOR, "REVIVAL": Yes. Hey, Reverend. As someone
who has been on the Revvie awards since their inception, last year, I feel
like as much respect as I have for my fellow judges, it`s a cop out, right?
I respect your arguments. These are big things. Big trends. But this is
the rising star when one is to one person.

SHARPTON: Right. And you`re a veteran. So go ahead.

WOLFFE: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Elizabeth Warren.

WOLFFE: Elizabeth Warren, we have unfinished business on Wall Street
and the housing market, Elizabeth Warren is going to be the rising star to
finish that business or at least keep it in the public eye at a time when
the economy is going to picking up and Wall Street will be forgetting all
about it. We need to have an accounting or reckoning, mine is on Elizabeth

SHARPTON: So no one sees a rising republican star?

BALL: You know, I thought about mentioning -- I do think Marco Rubio
and Chris Christie are going to be very prevalent voices in the
conversation about what the Republican Party is going to do next. And I
think Christie did your point earlier Richard, really did himself a lot of
favors at the end of the campaign by showing that bipartisan side. Because
that is where the Republican Party needs to go if they`re going to be
relevant in the next four years. So, I would say those two are going to be
important continuing Rising Stars in the future.

SHARPTON: So, in the republican side, you`d say Christie or Rubio?

SOTO: I would go to Christie on this. I think Marco is very talented
but I think he`s going to be a lot of obstacles going forward, and there
are other rising Latino stars within the Republican Party that can block
him out such as Ted Cruz, Susana Martinez (ph). So, he`s going to have to
watch his back.

CAPEHART: I don`t know about whether this person should be considered
a rising star yet. But I do think he`s interesting for what he could
possibly do. And that`s senator elect, I guess is what you call him, Tim
Scott of South Carolina.

SHARPTON: No, senator select.

CAPEHART: Yes, senator select appointed by Governor Nikki Haley, Jim
DeMint is leaving. But Tim Scott, the first African-American senator from
the Deep South since reconstruction, the first one from South Carolina, he
has to run for real in 2014. But unlike, let`s say, other black
Republicans, Herman Cain.


CAPEHART: Alan Keyes, Allen West, the defeated congressman from
Florida, Tim Scott is someone who`s considered to be serious. And so, it
would be interesting to watch how this serious black Republicans.

SHARPTON: Well, he has a lot of potential until you right that he
secretly meets with me and that is going to come out as a progressive.

Another big moment this year when Clint Eastwood changed the way we
view chairs.


CLINT EASTWOOD, ACTOR: What do you want me to tell Romney? I can`t
tell him. Can`t do that to himself. You`re absolutely crazy.


SHARPTON: So, in his honor, we will be awarding the Clint Eastwood
empty chair award for the best performance for not showing up.



REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: This is just about waving a tar
baby in the air and saying that something else is the problem.

DONALD TRUMP, ENTREPRENEUR: You are not allowed to be a president if
you were not born in this country. He may not have been born in this


SHARPTON: And the Revvie goes to none other than Donald Trump who was
out of it the entire year. Congratulations Mr. Trump, we`ll have more
Revvies right after this.

ANNOUNCER: The Revvies will return with a blueberry pie lifetime
achievement award. But, first, a special Revvie, the lost their shirt
award for the worst investor of the year. Given to those who made the
worst investments of this year`s presidential election. The competition is
still, the Koch Brothers spent nearly $34 million, Sheldon Adelson spent
nearly 40 million, but Karl Rove`s group, American Crossroads tops the list
with a whopping $91 million.

Congratulations Mr. Rove, you`ve spent lots of money with nothing to
show for it. This is Mr. Rove`s first Revvie, but he`s nominated in
another category. So don`t go anywhere, Karl. This could be a sweep. You
could be this year`s titanic. We`ll be right back.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to this second annual Revvie Award. Here`s
your host, and the host of POLITICS NATION, the Reverend Al Sharpton.

SHARPTON: Welcome back. Our next Revvie is near and dear to my
heart. The Alfred C. Sharpton Blueberry Pie Lifetime Achievement Award.
As 12012 draws to a close, we look around and ask ourselves who has the
most blueberry pie on his face? There was plenty to go around this year.
But there was only one man who could walk away with the Revvie.


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Do you believe that Ohio has been


WALLACE: So, you`re not saying that Obama isn`t going to win?

ROVE: No. I think this is premature. I don`t know what the outcome
is going to be. But we`ve got to be careful about calling things when we
have like 991 votes separating the two candidates.


SHARPTON: Yes, yes, Karl Rove for predicting Mitt Romney would win
the election with 279 electoral votes for losing $400 million in campaign
cash. And, of course, for his manic meltdown on election night. You walk
away with the Alfred C. Sharpton blueberry pie lifetime achievement award.
Congratulations Karl and enjoy your pie. We`ll be right back.

ANNOUNCER: The Revvies will be right back with predictions. Plus,
awards for the best and worst political performer of the year. You`re
watching a special edition of POLITICS NATION with Al Sharpton. The second
annual Revvie awards.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to the Revvies. Here once again is the host
of POLITICS NATION. The Reverend Al Sharpton.

SHARPTON: Thank you. And welcome back for our final Revvie awards of
the evening. Still with me, our fantastic panel of judges. Jonathan
Capehart, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Krystal Ball and veteran of the
Revvies, Richard Wolffe. And, now, for the big one, the biggest winner of
2012. Richard?

WOLFFE: OK. The obvious one is obviously the president. But I`m not
going to do the obvious one. I`m going to say Michelle Obama. Not only
because her husband won, but because she doesn`t have to campaign again
which she hates. Because she sailed through the election with sky high
ratings. And because now, she can actually do some of the biggest stuff
about obesity, the biggest public health challenge in this country.
Frankly, the whole western -- faces. She can now do what she really wants.

SHARPTON: Victoria?

SOTO: I`m going to go with Claire McCaskill. And not only because
she won her race, you know, thank you Todd Akin, but also because she
became the face of what Republicans were doing. The craziness of their
beliefs which we saw in terms of women`s rights, abortion. So, I think
Claire McCaskill really came out winning at this election.

SHARPTON: Jonathan?

CAPEHART: I would say that the 47 percent were the winners of this
election because they told Mitt Romney and the Republican Party to stuff
it. They got off their lazy, unprincipled, immoral behinds and got out
there and voted for President Obama.

SHARPTON: Krystal?

BALL: I`ve got to go with the obvious one. President Obama not just
because he won and he won convincingly, his policies have been vindicated,
health care has been upheld, his approval rating is rising. He`s likely
did not oversee a recovery. I mean, he really truly was the big winner
this year.

SHARPTON: I would go with Jonathan with 47 percent or even more, the
99 percent.

BALL: Yes.

SHARPTON: Because I think that they showed political muscle. And
political tenacity that had been underestimated. I mean, a lot of people
had said young people, Blacks, Latinos, gays would not come out. And I
think they sent a message that all of the experts, including some of the
democratic experts, are going back to the drawing board trying to
reconfigurate what happened here.

CAPEHART: They were counting on them not to show up. That`s part of
the republican winning strategy was that Blacks and Latinos particular
would not show up.

BALL: And they would never do that again. They will never make that
mistake again of thinking that those groups would just stay home and not
raise their voices.

SHARPTON: Now, we`ve mentioned other people throughout the night on
this award. Everyone has been, you know, president and others. What about
Bill Clinton? Nobody`s brought his name up this Revvie Award.

BALL: Well, Bill Clinton has been a winner for a while. But I think
what he did for the president, particularly in that DNC speech, which was
just unbelievable. Laying out the case. You know, saying that here are
some of the attacks on the president. Here`s why they`re completely
unfounded in doing it in very simple language. It really was incredible,
both for his own legacy and image and also for Hillary and certainly.

CAPEHART: Yes, that`s the key.

BALL: .that certainly for the president.

SHARPTON: I mean, when you look at how `08, he was not a winner and
he came up very badly and he lost a lot of support in the base had guys
like me taking real shots at him.

BALL: Yes.

SHARPTON: And this year, he really came on strong. I think he has to
be considered a winner this year.

CAPEHART: And yes. And think about it. Think about all of
charlotte. By the time President Clinton gave his fantastic speech, those
folks were fired up and ready to go. They wanted to hear that. They
needed to hear that message.

SOTO: And you know, it made them hungry for more Clinton.


BALL: Clinton 2013.

SOTO: Yes.

BALL: I can watch that speech every day.


SHARPTON: Let`s turn to the Revvie that was the biggest loser of

BALL: Well, my loser is sort of the yen to your yang of the winner.
I think Todd Akin, you know, he thought he was going to be a senator and
now he`s a laughing stock. And not only that, he`s emblematic of how out
of touch Republican were with women of the huge margins that they lost
women by. And he`s just a joke for his absurd and offensive comments about

SHARPTON: Todd Akin?

CAPEHART: I`m going to obvious route. I`m going to say it`s Mitt
Romney. This is a man who any republican by historical standards should
have won the election against the president with unemployment above seven
percent. With the wrong track in the 60 percent with the economy still in
the diligence coming back, but not coming back enough. President Obama, if
you want to be honest with yourself, was not supposed to win. Mitt Romney
was supposed to win and he didn`t by running the worst presidential
campaign at least I have ever seen in my young lifetime.

SHARPTON: But how do you call a man with car elevators in his house a
loser? He`s doing very well, Victoria.

SOTO: My loser award goes out to my fellow Texans in terms of Rick
Perry. Rick Perry flop in the primary and then he goes back to Texas and
puts all his chips behind David Dewhurst in the Senate race. When Ted Cruz
comes out and mops the floor. Rick Perry is a double loser, nationally and
at the state level.

SHARPTON: Rick Cherry (ph)?

WOLFFE: OK. So, I`m going to break my cope out role here and go with
a whole group. It`s all of those CEOs, including Mitt Romney, who thought
the president was incompetent and destined to lose. You know, this guy`s
maybe wealthy and powerful. But they`re a bunch of losers right now.

SHARPTON: Really? Why?

WOLFFE: Because they got it wrong. How badly did they mischarge this
president? How badly did they misunderstand the country which has given
them so much wealth? They`ll back on their site and now they have to face
up to reality, obvious this president is in power, but their customers, the
people they work with are not the country they thought it was. You can be
a CEO and you can be so out of touch. These people need to look in the
mirror and say, we got this badly, badly wrong.

SHARPTON: I think the loser of the year is the right wing media. I
think that they`re whole facade was destroyed this year. They lost the
ability to convince people that if they keep putting something on high
rotation, it`s going to stick. The birther thing they couldn`t make stick.
And any number of other things didn`t stick. Rush Limbaugh started losing
stations, we started seeing a lot of things go down around the right wing
media. They lost their punch. I think we looked behind the veil and the
wizard wasn`t there.

BALL: And the knockout blow there was election night when they were
just so wrong about what was going to happen.

SHARPTON: All the way to what they started walking in their own
rules. Challenging their popes.

SOTO: Right.

SHARPTON: It`s time for the moment you`ve all been waiting for.
Predictions for the New Year, 2013. What`s going to happen? Jonathan,
start us off with your prediction.

CAPEHART: Well, I think the Supreme Court is going to give a ruling
on same-sex marriage that will make it legal. Wherever it`s happening now,
it`s legal. It will be a two-step thing. It will be a bit of a punt but
it will set-up a situation where we could get it for the entire country in
another case.

SHARPTON: Victoria?

SOTO: Pretty words. Comprehensive immigration reform.

SHARPTON: Richard?

WOLFFE: Tax reform. Immigration reform. Gun safety reform, three
big things by the summer of next year.

SHARPTON: Look into your Krystal Ball.

BALL: I think Scott Brown will run for Senate again to fill John
Kerry`s open seat and he will lose again.

SHARPTON: I think we`re going to see the Supreme Court come with some
good stuff and some bad stuff. I think we`re going to see states try to
undermine a lot of national moves. I think that you should keep your boots
and picket signs right next to your champagne glasses. Because, by next
year`s Revvies, we`re going to have to have used a lot of book.

Well, that`s it for 2012 Revvies. I`d like to thank our glittering
panel, Jonathan Capehart, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Krystal Ball and
Richard Wolffe. We know that 2013 will bring us more to talk about and
more chances to hand out the Revvies. Thank you for watching. Good night
to everybody.

ANNOUNCER: You`ve been watching the 2012 Revvie Awards brought to you
by POLITICS NATION and Al Sharpton. Thanks for watching. We hope you have
a safe and happy holiday season. And see you next year. Good night,


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