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You've lost the weight; what about the skin?

There are a couple of options, but the best approach might be to just love the skin you're in.
/ Source: WebMD

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I've lost more than 100 pounds. How do I get rid of all of this extra skin?

Question: I've lost more than 100 pounds. How do I get rid of all of this extra skin? I'd rather avoid surgery.

Answer: Exercise may help to some extent. WebMD has an excellent member community on Sports and Fitness. The expert on that board, Richard Weil, gives terrific advice. I suggest you post your question there to see what he might suggest.

Beyond exercise, plastic surgery might be the only other option. You are reluctant to pursue this option, I know, which can be a good sign. People who can accept their bodies, and who realize how unhealthy it can be to pursue the unrealistic beauty ideals society promotes, can sometimes have peace of mind that most others do not.

If at some point you'd like to pursue the surgery option, I suggest you consult with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at a university medical center.

Congratulations for the large weight loss. This is impressive, and I am glad you are enjoying the benefits.

Kelly D. Brownell, Ph.D., is an internationally known expert on eating disorders, obesity, and body weight regulation. He is a professor of psychology at Yale University, where he also serves as professor of epidemiology and public health and as director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders.