New Health Gadget Matches Your Wardrobe

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

BodyMedia's new high-fashion fitness tracker is designed to go with the good-looking physique it aims to help you achieve. Announced today (Jan. 6) at CES in Las Vegas, the BodyMedia Core 2, takes an assortment of interchangeable "jewelry-like" faceplates as well as a variety of straps and cuffs to fit onto your body.

Beneath the pretty face(s) the Core 2 squeezes in 3-axis accelerometer sensors as well as sensors to measure temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response. With those, he Core 2 measures 5,000 data points a minute on calorie burn, exercise intensity and sleep patterns. An optional armband allows it to monitor heart rate.

The monitor connects over Bluetooth to smartphones running companion health apps. A free app tracks calories burned throughout the day and allows you to log how many calories you've eaten. Another app, the Activity Manager recommends dietary and exercise adjustments. Another, the FIT Coach, looks at how many calories you burn and recommends specific exercise. One example the company gave: "Hop on the treadmill and walk for about 1 hour at a speed of 4 mph and you can hit your calorie burn goal today."

You'll have to exercise on your own — or with an older device — until late summer. BodyMedia says that the Core 2 will goes on sale in August for "a similar price as the current Armbands," which seem to run from about $100 to $120. By then, maybe your figure will be spiffy enough for the fancy gadget to complement it.