'Point' App Adds New Content to What You See on TV

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The augmented reality phenomenon shows no sign of letting up at CES this week. One new product, Telibrahma, is set to change the way people watch movies and TV shows through an app called "Point."

"Point" utilizes an image recognition technology that, when activated by shows made to takes advantage of it, captures moving images and provides an interactive experience for viewers on their mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets alike. All it takes is pointing your device's camera at the "Point"-enabled image, which then brings the experience to life, through both 3D and 2D camera overlays (depending on what your device supports), as well as facial recognition and contextual results.

"'Point' provides a Shazam -like experience for consumers," said Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder of Telibrahma, an Intel-funded company, in a statement. The company hasn't gotten any more specific yet about what users would see.

Though Telibrahma hasn't listed specific programs that would use "Point" the company says that it will work with a number of shows, movies and commercials, as well as print ads, editorial content (as pictured above), brand logos, newspapers, magazines and website, creating "real world" experiences for consumers to see in a whole new light on their devices.

We'll get a better look at the "Point" technology over the course of this week at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.