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Sad Day: Logitech Drops Game Accessories and Harmony Remotes

Better run out and grab yourself a Harmony remote, because who knows if you'll be seeing them on the market again.
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Better run out and grab yourself a Harmony remote, because who knows if you'll be seeing them on the market again.

Logitech, the company that manufactures the expensive yet oh-so-handy universal touch-screen remotes (among other electronics), has announced that it intends to sell off the Harmony line following a "disappointing" sales quarter. As part of the report, they also intend to halt production of video game console accessories as well, including their excellent F710 wireless gamepad and the F540 wireless headset.

Logitech lost $180 million in its most recent quarter, following sales of $615 million – a 14 percent decline over the previous year.

It's a rather harsh decision, especially when you consider how much its remote and game console technology has pushed forward over the years. The Harmony remotes are considered some of the best on the market, featuring intuitive touch screens with customizable channel icons and a back-lit keypad for easy navigation in the dark. They also use a straightforward app to program the remote, and it seems to have the codes for nearly every gadget out there.

On the gaming front, the F710 wireless gamepad brought the feel of console gaming to PCs, especially when playing a fast-paced game like "Battlefield 3." Its latest console-oriented headset, the wireless Logitech F540, sounded great and was easy to use with volume control and other functions built right into the speaker cups. The $70 price tag is hard to argue with, too. [See also: Best Gaming Headset: Astro Gaming A50 ]

But perhaps gamers will most miss the company's deluxe steering wheels, which it's produced for years in conjunction with Sony on their "Gran Turismo" games. (Though they work with other games as well.) It produced models for the PlayStation 2 and 3 alike, including the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel ($120) and the deluxe G27 Racing Wheel ($279), both of which have state-of-the-art features, such as dual-motor force feedback, so you felt every turn that you were making. The deluxe model also includes steel gas, brake and clutch pedals, replicating what you'd do in an actual race car. Without these, racing games simply won't feel the same.

We'll miss your gadgets, Logitech. Gaming and channel surfing just won't be the same without them.