Social Media Stresses Out Mobile Users

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Smartphones are quickly becoming the device of choice for connecting friends and family over a growing number of social networks. While both iPhone and Android users socialize on the big three networks — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — those with iPhones are using newer services far more frequently.

Rebtel, the second-largest mobile VoIP call provider after Skype, surveyed 1,632 U.S. customers, and found a big difference in on-the-go socializing between iPhone and Android owners, which it shared exclusively with TechNewsDaily.

Nearly twice as many people with iPhones reported using  Pinterest , Instagram and Foursquare compared with Android respondents. And while few in either group used Tumblr on their phone, three times as many iPhone users said they did.

Social networking can also lead to  stress . In the study, about 30 percent of respondents said social networks increased their stress levels, and Facebook was the biggest culprit. It was named top stress producer five times as frequently as the work-focused site LinkedIn, which ranked second.

The survey took a closer look at location-based services, including  Foursquare  and check-ins on Facebook. Most mobile customers aren't crazy about the check-in trend. In fact, 45 percent object when others include them in check-ins and location updates. The majority said they don't like broadcasting their location or making their activities public. And 22 percent don't want others to know who they're with.

As reigning social butterflies, iPhone users were much more likely to report using a location-based social network (17.3 percent versus 10.5 percent of Android owners). The top reasons for checking in were to let friends and family know where they've been, receive a discount and "show off" where they've been.

Social media can help people feel more connected. But when it came to getting the most satisfaction when communicating with friends and family, talking on the phone trumped social media, instant messaging and video chat — and you don't even need a smartphone for that.