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Sony Holding a PlayStation-Oriented "See the Future" Event In New York

For the next step in video game consoles, the "Future" may not be far off.
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

For the next step in video game consoles, the "Future" may not be far off.

In a move that could be the opening shot in a next-generation system battle with Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony has launched a new website that invites visitors to "See the Future" of the company's video gaming brand, in an event that is being held in New York on February 20th. For those unable to attend the unveiling in person, an  official PlayStation Meeting website  will stream the announcement.

Right now, only a teaser video is up, as well as areas where you can sign up to get the announcement first, as well as spread the world via Twitter and Facebook. Though there's no official indication yet, this meeting could very well be the place where  Sony  unveils its often-rumored PlayStation 4 game system.

Sony previously hinted that it would announce its next game system before the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming event that takes place every June in Los Angeles, California, but it was expected to come sometime during March, not late February. Perhaps this is the opportunity for the company to get the jump on Microsoft, which is preparing its own announcement for the Xbox 360 successor.

The previous PlayStation Meeting in 2011 brought forth the announcement of the  PlayStation Vita , the follow-up to the company's PlayStation Portable handheld system, so it seems like the most logical place to announce a new game console. Several games are already rumored to be in the works, including Konami's "The Phantom Pain" (the rumored follow-up to "Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of Liberty") and Electronic Arts' "Battlefield 4". No word yet on any official announcements.

The future is less than a month away. So…are you ready?