Bounce Back: The Inspiration Playlists of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs

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Any entrepreneur who has earned blockbuster success has likely faced rejection more times than you can count. They've mastered the ability to take a punch -- then get right back up and keep going. So how do they bounce back so quickly? For some, listening to powerful music can inspire a mindset shift.

Notice what happens when you crank up your favorite tune: You're likely smiling, you feel like you can take on the world, and you may even dance around (when no one's watching, of course). Essentially, it's an instant attitude-adjuster that can help pull you out of a lingering low – and approach your business with renewed vigor.

If you're looking for inspiration to snap yourself back into action, check out the song picks of these high-profile entrepreneurs. Their go-to tunes might be exactly what you need to add to your inspirational playlist.

Daymond John, 'Shark Tank' Angel Investor and Founder of FUBU "' Going the Distance,' the theme from 'Rocky' by Bill Conti, is one of the songs that by far gets my blood pumping and gets me excited."

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx " Eminem's 'Lose Yourself ' is my go-to song to pump myself up if I'm having a tough time or if I get really nervous right before a speech."

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Tony Hawk, Skateboard Icon and Entrepreneur "I'm a huge Modest Mouse fan, I really love ' Dashboard.' Also, Devo's 'Gut Feeling' -- I love the mood of it, it's always uplifting. And I would say Nine Inch Nails' ' We're in This Together Now.' That's the [song that inspires you to say,] 'Okay, get out there and do it. Stop moping.'"

Dany Levy, Founder of DailyCandy "Public Enemy's ' He Got Game ' puts me in a really great mood and lifts my spirits."

Brian Sharples, Co-founder of HomeAway "One artist I go back to a lot is Michael Franti, who’s kind of a reggae, hip-hop, folk singer. He’s really upbeat and sings about love, about the earth. He's fantastic to watch live. 'Everyone Deserves Music ' is a feel-good song for me."

Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and Fit Flop "Sam Cooke's ' A Change is Gonna Come.' You can hear the pain and the passion -- and also the hope. The tone is so pure."

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