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Britain Showcases Synthetic Million-Dollar Man

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Move over, Lee Majors – this bionic man cost only one million dollars.

Robotics experts in Britain have created their own take on an artificial being, complete with a series of parts that you might not expect from an automated model.

That's because "Rex" (the name of the bionic man) comes with a series of working parts. Not only does it have a face and robotic limbs, but also a series of organs, similar to those used by humans. These organs include an artificial pancreas, trachea, spleen and kidney, which, according to the report, could easily replace the real thing in humans if needed. If "injured", he even has the ability to bleed, using a functioning circulation system with life-like blood running through it.

The robotics experts put "Rex" together not as a sale item, but rather as a part of a forthcoming TV documentary.

"Rex" is currently on display at London's Science Museum. Though he won't be there for long, as several of his parts are being considered for medical purposes.

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