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Can Facebook Unfriending Cause Psychological Pain?

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

It's tough to lose a friend in real life. But who knew that it would be such a burden on Facebook?

Buzz60 recently reported about a study designed to see if users of the popular social site feel loss should they suddenly be "unfriended" by someone. An estimated 40 percent say they will go out of their way to avoid someone who has unfreinded them online. It's unclear from the report whether this relates to real-life friends or just casual acquaintances on the site – all that's known is some people take it quite personally.

Unfriending is quite a common practice, according to the Buzz60 report, since people post unfavorable content all the time. With annoying memes and consistent, unwanted updates about their dog and/or social life, many people provoke an unfriending.

And there's always Twitter, right?

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