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Tablet Owners Watch More Movies

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of "Beautiful Creatures," which premieres late tonight (Feb. 13) in theaters across the country, chances are you've gone online to watch the trailer, visited Warner Bros.' website for all the details and perhaps already bought your tickets online. And you probably own a tablet.

In a study released this week from Nielsen, people who own an iPad or other tablet attend 20 percent more films than average moviegoers do. (To qualify for the survey, a person had to have seen at least one movie in a theater over the past year.) And they watch more movies at home, too — tablet owners saw about 47 movies on average over the past year, or 10 more than moviegoers at large did. At $9 a ticket, it's no wonder tablet owners spend 35 percent more a month on entertainment than most Americans.

Smartphone owners also proved to be big movie enthusiasts, though not quite as star-struck as tablet owners.