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Inside The Cycle

A look inside the mechanics of The Cycle.
/ Source: The Cycle

A look inside the mechanics of The Cycle.

One aspect of the show that all of the Cyclists take very seriously is choosing the music we use to go into the breaks. When it’s your day to lead the show you get to pick pretty much whatever you want for all the breaks (where we go out to commercial).

The idea is to choose songs that set a vibe about who we are as a show rather than to use the obvious tie-in like pairing a segment about dogs with “Who Let The Dogs Out.” I think the music a show uses helps shape the show’s personality. That said, the four of us have such different musical tastes that it’s hard to say there’s a Cycle sonic persona.

Steve is great with Motown, Philly Soul and 60s pop.

SE tends toward Southern inspired sounds and country and alternative and alt-country.

Krystal like modern pop.

I go a little broader picking soul from 60s or 70s a lot but also adding hiphop, disco, alternative and rock. (I love hiphop and use it a lot but it’s filled with, shall we say, verbal potholes, ie, words that can’t go on TV.)

I try not to stump the audience with songs they don’t know but to give them songs they’ve heard and perhaps loved. I feel like a show’s music should tap into the memories and associations of its viewers and activate positive memories to help set a positive tone for the show. I’m not sure what tone we set as a group but I hope the sound says to viewers we Cyclists have something in common with you and we’re a fun place to be for an hour.

So sit back and enjoy a compilation of some of our favorites and be sure to let us know what songs you would like to hear on our Facebook page.