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Keeping it clean

A new New York law would ensure that newly purchased undergarments are just that—new.

Did you know that people can return underwear to department stores? That the stores can resell them and, most importantly, that you or I can unwittingly buy and then wear them?

Used undies. They are supposed to check to make sure they have never been worn, but that doesn‘t always happen. Now New York City council members have proposed a law to fine retailers who sell used skivvies. As “The New York Sun” reported, it’s illegal in New York to sell hats that have been returned, but not thongs.

This comes on the heels of a WCBS expose that claimed to have found that well-known department stores like Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and Saks were selling pre-owned panties, boxers, and briefs. I know it’s not the most important bill to be considered, but I must admit, I’d feel more comfortable knowing that my underwear were, well, just mine.