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3 New Features for Android Users Only

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Good things come to those who wait. Android users can join the party at, an automated service that organizes tweets and photos, along with those of your friends, into a single "moment." Beginning today (Feb. 19), the free app is available in Google Play, but it's not just a replica of the iPhone app that was released last fall. has included a new feature in its Android version — the ability to initiate your own moments, name them and invite friends to contribute. In the iPhone app, once you've connected your social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you have to wait for to organize your content. 

It works great if you've been to a big shindig such as  the inauguration , but the more common "moments" get named "Saturday with Liz" or "Friday with John," which makes it tough to go back and find a particular album. Lucky Android users who can choose a more descriptive name like "Liz's First Dance." 

In addition to the quick start feature, Android users can also upload photos directly to and  apply filters  to their photos. For now, the three new features are Android-only, but will be added to the iPhone app in an upcoming update.

Both versions adhere to the privacy settings users have designated in their connected social media accounts. For instance, if a photo has been marked public, anyone will be able to see the photo, but if it's been set to be visible to just a few friends, only those users will be able to see it. 

The magic of happens at big events that you attend with friends. For instance, if you tweeted from  the NBA  All-Star game in Houston over this past weekend, your tweet would appear in a shared moment consisting of hundreds of tweets and photos from 361 people. But even if you weren't there, you'll see albums of public events in your feed.

The app is fairly new and as with any social media app, its success depends on the number of users. Over the past six months, says it has captured 1.6 billion images on the web, collected images from 200 million people from 7 million different locations worldwide and created 150 million moments – with hundreds of thousands of new daily moments.