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TELL US: With his approval rating at a 3-year high, how should Obama spend his political capital?

President Obama's approval rating continues on its upward trend.
/ Source: The Cycle

President Obama's approval rating continues on its upward trend.

Even with a sequester fight looming, President Obama has the highest approval rating he’s had since 2009, a new poll shows.

While 55% of Americans said they approve of the president’s performance in office, according to the Bloomberg poll, only 35% of those surveyed have of favorable view of the Republican party. The GOP figure is the lowest rating Republicans have received since 2009.

Americans were still skeptical about Obama’s plan for the budget, with the poll showing that 55% to 35% disapprove of how the president is handling the federal  deficit.

The poll also found that 49% believe that President Obama’s proposals to increase government spending are more likely to help job growth than the Republican efforts of cutting spending and taxes.

According to a Washington post/ABC News poll from last month, 60% of those surveyed had a favorable view of the president. A recent Gallup poll had President Obama’s approval rating at 51% compared to Congress’ 15%.