How to Avoid Madonna's Instagram Trouble

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Madonna has made a career out of controversy. Risqué photos? She's published hundreds, but not on Instagram, which warned the celebrity for unknown infractions.

The pop diva posted a letter she received from Instagram that threatened to close her account for violating community guidelines. The public might expect her to have broken Instagram's rule against nude or mature pictures. But the 19 photos she has posted since becoming a member last November, are a lot less racy than those of pouty teens on Instagram's "Popular" page.

Of her posts, perhaps the raciest is a selfie showing a bit of sweaty cleavage in a tank top. However, the caption reads, "addicted to sweat," the title of her new workout DVD series. A commenter wrote, "I have several friends who post worse than this. They aren't being harassed. This is all because it's Madonna!"

The  Instagram  letter has so far received more than 2,000 comments from Madonna's followers, most of whom thought the warning was unfair.

Without specifying which rule Madonna had broken, Instagram reminded the singer that she couldn't use photos belonging to other people, post pictures showing illegal content or put up photos that attack an individual or group. She has posted pictures of her from a recent concert, as well as photos depicting her "favorite artist" Frida Khalo, which may have prompted  copyright  concerns.

Regardless of what Instagram thinks the singer did, the rules it cites also apply to the non-famous. Here's a reminder:

  1. Don't share photos that aren't yours, which includes photos you've copied from the Internet. Instagram says it will disable accounts that consist of only this type of photo.
  2. No  nudity  or mature content. How to tell? Instagram says to ask yourself if you'd send the photo in question to your boss or your parents.
  3. No illegal content, which includes extreme violence and gore.
  4. You can't promote yourself. In other words, no ploys to gain followers, including discount codes and URLs to your own website. (Instagram says that this kind of behavior paired with a personal photo makes others on Instagram who shared that moment with you "feel sad inside.")
  5. Don't be rude. If you're mean to other users, your account may be closed. Instagram recommends users block "all meanies and trolls."
  6. No promoting self-harm. For this infraction, you won't get a warning. Instagram will disable your account if you show photos that encourage eating disorders, cutting or suicide. [See also:  Tumblr Bans Self-Harm Blogs ]

While it's tough to tell which Instagram rules Madonna may have broken, the publicity has so far netted her about 20,000 new followers.

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