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Turn Table Lamp Makes Fluorescent Light Dimmable

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The days of turning the light switch on a lamp – and possibly burning your hand on the bulb – is a thing of the past. At least, according to B.Light Design.

Ben Light, a maker and designer of wood lamps in New York City, has come up with a new design called the Turn Table Lamp that can change the way you brighten or darken a room. Users of the lamp simply spin it, as they would a record turntable (remember those?), to either brighten or darken the light.

Here's the tricky part: The Turn Table Lamp uses a fluorescent light to save energy, but fluorescent lights can't be dimmed electronically, as incandescent bulbs can be. (They are either on or off.) So Ben Light used two layers of polarized film – the same kind you would find in sunglasses – to filter the light.

The body of the lamp rotates on a Lazy-Susan-style mechanism and houses one layer of the polarized film, while the other stays stationary in the build. Rotating the two relative to each other results in a transition from the two cancelling each other out and blocking the light completely to letting the light pass through freely. As a result, it emulates the effect of brightening and dimming, though doesn't require the bulb to do the work.

The lamp isn't currently for sale, but you can visit the B.Light Design web page to learn more. The Turn Table Light is also a contestant in the New York's Next Top Makers competition to win funding and workspace to be developed into a product.

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