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Instead of hating Obama, the right should embrace him

The right-wing hate groups have no reason to continue their anti-Obama crusade.
/ Source: hardball

The right-wing hate groups have no reason to continue their anti-Obama crusade.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I think about these hate groups. I wonder why they see so much reason to hate in Barack Obama?

The race thing? Okay. It’s out there. Nobody ever said it wasn’t.

But what did Obama do to earn the hatred? Is he some dangerous criminal, the kind they say they need to protect themselves and their homes from?

Not exactly. He came up as a community organizer, a soft-sell guy, a stabilizer of the community. In fact, he’s done just about everything right in his life—didn’t have a father around but did great in school, got into Columbia and later Harvard Law, didn’t become a money- grubber. Again, he decided to work helping people in his own community. Peaceful kind of guy.

Is he some bounder who doesn’t take responsibility for his manhood? Actually, just the opposite: one marriage, faithful husband, good kids, from all appearances really caring father, goes to games for the kids.

So what is it the haters fear? Hate? But the guy’s never broken a law, never got in a fight with anybody, never, ever been called a bully. Is it the gun issue? He didn’t even push that ’til Newtown. Is it the immigration issue? He’s got a bill that’s practically the same as the “gang of eight”— right there in the middle.

So what is it they hate in this guy? They should be applauding him as a role model because if this country’s going to be united a hundred years from now, this is just the guy you’d want standing out there.