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Christie on 2016: ‘I’m not thinking about running for president’

Why Governor Chris Christie should be the GOP's front runner for 2016.
/ Source: The Cycle

Why Governor Chris Christie should be the GOP's front runner for 2016.

New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie faced a different type of town hall on Wednesday when he stopped by an elementary school on the Jersey shore. The students asked Governor Christie about his mode of transportation, if he had met the president, what he thought of Michelle Obama, and most important: if he was planning on running for president. “I’m not thinking about running for president right now, because I’ve got a job to do here and I’ve got an obligation to all these folks,” Christie responded. “You can’t worry about fourth grade until you finish third grade and I can’t worry about this until I do this job.”

Christie’s approval rating is at a record-breaking 74% high according to a February Quinnipiac University Poll.

Nevertheless, Toure believes that “Rand Paul is the leader of the Republican party. He won the CPAC straw poll, he has the appeal to the under 40’s that none of the others can match at this point.” Even though Christie wasn’t invited to CPAC, he still competed in the straw poll and finished with 7%.

“Chris Christie can do something that neither [Rand Paul and Marco Rubio] can do, which is no-nonsense, cut right to it,” S.E. Cupp said. Even if he’s not ready to start talking about fourth grade.