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Simplify Food Preparation with the Kitchen Train

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Ahmad Abedini is looking to make the kitchen a little more practical by combining six helpful appliances in one convenient system.

The University of Putra Malaysia student, who has a PhD in Industrial Design, has submitted a proposal for the Electrolux Design Lab competition, a futuristic-looking device that actually combines a number of uses into its build, including a microwave oven and a coffee machine.

Each of the devices is separated into compartments, though they are all kept together in one cohesive unit. Abedini insists that the unit is easy to assemble and operate, though all six parts may require separate purchase, depending on whether a manufacturer picks up the design.

Abedini's design is one of 100 concepts Electrolux chose from more than 1,700 submissions in its competition, with the theme " Effortless Cleaning." In the second phase of the competition, applicants will refine thier ideas and submit reivsed concepts between Apr. 24 and May 1. Meanwhile, the public is eligible to vote anytime until May 12. A team of Electrolux executive, however, will make the final call.

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