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Snoop, Rock, and Jay-Z: This week in pop culture politics

Celebrities have been busy lately weighing in on politics.
/ Source: The Cycle

Celebrities have been busy lately weighing in on politics.

Snoop Lion is using his voice–and not just for music.

The rapper is teaming up with daughter Cori B. and rapper Drake in a call for gun control, just as legislation is finally gearing up for a vote. The music video for the single, “No Guns Allowed,” features audio clips and footage from such tragedies as Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown and calls on legislators and civilians to “hear me now” on the need for gun control and change. Snoop Lion’s song is not his only action on guns: he is also teaming up with MTV for a gun buyback program. In a statement by MTV, Lion said: “We’ve seen a lot of senseless acts of violence involving guns recently—too many have lost their lives, too many families have been destroyed…I want to be a part of the change that will help bring peace.”

While Lion has found his voice with gun control advocates, rapper Jay-Z has been making news with his recent trip to Cuba. After Jay Z suggested that the White House, and specifically President Obama, gave him clearance to visit the Communist country, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refuted the fact, saying the Treasury Department was the one to give the rapper clearance for the trip–but “I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury.” Finally, Kid Rock, who spent a lot of time helping to promote the Romney campaign in 2012, now says that he’s “embarrassed to be Republican.” Why the outreach into politics? Maybe being a music tycoon just isn’t stimulating enough on its own. Then again, being a politician doesn’t look too fulfilling these days, either.