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PoliticsNation, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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April 24, 2013


Guests: Adam Schiff; Patrick Murphy; Patricia Murphy; Carolyn Maloney; Kathy Spillar

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Thanks, Chris. Thanks to you for
tuning in.

Tonight`s lead, united against terror. Here`s the latest in the
Boston attacks. The AP reports that the accused bombers used remote
detonators to set off the explosions at the marathon. Early this morning,
the scene of the attacks reopened to the public nine days after the
attacks. And vice president Joe Biden joined thousands of mourners for the
memorial of murdered MIT police officer Sean Collier. The vice president
talked about the victims and the spoke of the twisted motivations that
drive terrorists.


that we refuse to bend, refuse to change, refuse to yield to fear. The
doctrine of hate and oppression, they found out cannot compete the values
of openness and inclusiveness and that`s why they are losing.


SHARPTON: The terrorists hate and fear our openness, our unity, our
diversity. That`s why we must stand together to face this challenge. Not
let it drive us farther apart. Unfortunately, we are seeing some of this
on the right using this tragedy in Boston to level cheap political attacks
on the president.

Today, a Republican congressman, Tom Cotton, stood on the house floor
and said this.


REP. TOM COTTON (R), ARKANSAS: And barely four years in office five
jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack
Obama. In over seven years after 9/11, under George W. Bush, how many
terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero. We need to
ask, why is the Obama administration failing in its mission to stop
terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?


SHARPTON: Failing in its mission? The administration that got bin
Laden? But Congressman Cotton wasn`t alone. Here`s Republican senator
Lindsey Graham.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: Between Benghazi and Boston,
we are going backward in national security. This administration is letting
its guard down and it`s beginning to show.


SHARPTON: Catch that. Now it`s not just Boston. It`s Benghazi, too.
But, that`s just the start. The right winger radio talkers are even more


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Yes, they are all Democrats.
Well, of course they are Democrats. Joker with a tweet celebrating Obama`s
re-election. I`ve got the tweet. Of course they are all Democrats. You
think these guys are voting for Romney?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Obama hates this country. He doesn`t
like America as it was founded and Muslims don`t either. They hate
America. They mate America`s founder and that`s the bond that they share.


SHARPTON: These are hateful, ugly comments but they are distractions
and political stunts that make us less safe, not more. Terrorism is a
serious challenge that we as a country need to face together, united, not

Joining me now is Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrat from California
and a member of the permanent select committee on intelligence. He was at
the closed-door house briefing today on the Boston bombings and former
Governor Ed Rendell, an MSNBC analyst.

Thanks for coming on the show.


SHARPTON: Congressman Schiff, before we get to the politics, let`s
gets our facts straight. Some Republicans say Russia had asked the United
States government multiple times about the older brother, the older suspect
in this bombing. Now, is that your understanding? Because NBC`s reporting
indicates something very different.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D), CALIFORNIA: Al, my understanding is that we got
to run request that was repeated twice with two different agencies and,
again, it`s a request that the FBI followed up upon, did an investigation
on, wasn`t able to turn up derogatory information, went back to Russia and
said, you know, what have you got? You`ve got to give us more that we can
work with and never got an answer back.

So, the impression that some may be giving or have that there were
multiple different requests, different agencies or that Russia was somehow,
you know, coming back to us and back to us with more information, more
requests, that`s not borne out by the facts that we`ve found thus far.

SHARPTON: So basically, to say it was multiple requests by Russia is
just not true. One request, two different agencies is the truth. It was
not treated as multiple requests from Russia?

SCHIFF: It looks to be the same requests repeated twice. I don`t
know that we`ve yet examined them side by side. But principally the same
information repeated twice, the two different agencies, and I`m not aware
of any indication that we had other information from the Russians that was
repeated to other agencies or different time times. It looks as simple as

SHARPTON: Now, you were in the briefing today that the permanent
intelligence committee received. Could you give us any indication of where
this is going? Is there anything new? What can you share with us?

SCHIFF: Well, first of all, you know, I think that the intelligence
community is doing an extraordinary job in following up on all the leads,
working together very seamlessly on this and listening to some of the sound
bites you aired at the top of the program, Al, it`s very disturbing. I
wish the members of Congress were acting together as well and in as
nonpartisan profession as our intelligence professionals are. We should
follow their good example.

But they are chasing down every lead. They are chasing down not only
the leads at home to make sure there are not any further dangers to the
public or co-conspirators, but also chasing the leads over Dagestan and
Chechnya, trying to make sure that we are understanding of how these
brothers were radicalized, how much of that was done at home, how much
online, how much perhaps during that trip to Chechnya and Dagestan.

So, they are doing their job and I think the public ought to be
pleased and impressed with the diligence and professionalism that they are

SHARPTON: Governor Rendell, I remember living in New York 9/11 and I
remember like it was yesterday, the spirit of cooperation. People kind of
grew united and a lot of the acrimony that we had had in the city just
seemed to evaporate. We began to understand that there were those that
wanted to hurt Americans no matter what our race and religion and we were
going to be bigger than that. I`m not sensing the same coming from all
corners that as a result of this Boston bombing and I just -- it bothers me
because things should grow, not recede.

RENDELL: Well, you are absolutely right, Reverend. And there is an
incredible level of hypocrisy here. Republicans say that the Obama
administration is weak on terrorism and yet wasn`t it a few weeks ago they
were complaining about all of the drone attacks?

And not only that the president engineered a raid that kills bin
Laden, but we killed more Islamic terrorist leaders with drone and without
drones than any -- than all the other administration put together. That`s
what the Obama administration has done. That`s a fact, whether they like
it or not.

But, the second thing that really bothers me about what they have been
saying today, I don`t think you had even called here, but the anti-Muslim
rhetoric is one of the reasons that the Republican Party will, in my
judgment, remain in minority for a long time. American-Muslims, 99 percent
of Americans do not support Islamic jihadism. They are appalled by it as
anybody. You heard the two brothers` uncle (INAUDIBLE) what happened and
say it was given at then. But, there are Muslim countries all over the
world who are allies. How do you think the Muslims in Kosovo, in Albania?
Do you think they hate the U.S.? We saved them from genocide.

SHARPTON: Well, there was Imam that turned in the guys that were
catch this week, just this week in Canada, so, what are we talking about

RENDELL: Absolutely. This idea that we can condemn an entire
religion, both here and abroad, is nuts. I mean, look, Jared Loughner was
a terrorist. Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist. Adam Lanza was a terrorist.
They were Christians. Does anybody think that we should Christian
jihadist? Of course not.

SHARPTON: But they are, governor. Let me show you congressman. Bill
O`Reilly is using this text to condemn Muslims in general. Listen.


BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: It`s all about motivation and it is
about a specific group. Only, radical Islam allows tera-murder (ph). Most
Muslims on this earth are good people. But they are not helping to
neutralize the jihad. They are not standing up against it in any numbers
and that includes American Muslims.


SHARPTON: First of all, what do you mean they are not standing up?
They were the ones that turned in the guys that were just arrested this
week in Canada. They were the ones that shouted down the older suspect and
told him if he kept talking like that, he would not be allowed in the
mosque. I mean, this is just outright, not only a prejudicial and bias
statement, it is an outright lie. There have been any numbers of Islamic
leaders and lay people that have helped and turned in terrorists.

And congressman, I think we need to be outraged by seeing people just
blanketed by people that are irresponsible and just want to take cheap
shots for reasons that are beyond me at this time and period in our

SCHIFF: Reverend, I agree with you completely. And not only is it a
horribly bigoted thing to do but it`s also incredibly counterproductive.
The American-Muslim community is a source of great strength to us in being
able to protect the court. We need to work cooperatively with the
community and those who with the fame the entire community make that kind
of cooperation much more difficult.

So, our strength in America has always been our diversity. And these
voices of hate that would exploit this terrible tragedy and terrorist
attack are just going to make our job in the intelligence community much
more difficult. And, frankly, make our job around the world much more

So, you are absolutely right. We need to push back soundly and hard
against these voices that just preach hate at a time like this.

SHARPTON: Seventy-one percent approve the president`s handling of the
Boston marathon bombings, governor, so it seems the public is clearer than
those trying to spread some kind of distraction.

RENDELL: And it is absolutely pathetic, Reverend, that politics rears
its head at a time like this. It is absolutely pathetic. To try to make
political cap from out of this and try to beat up an entire religion is
just brutally dismissive and horribly prejudicial. It`s just it boggles
the mind.

I mean, there are so many Muslims around the world who still care
about us. Look, the government of Iran and the leaders of Iran are our
enemy and yet there are Iranian-Americans who are fighting as hard as they
can to try to bring democracy back to Iran and they are Muslims and they
are fighting the regime.

So, to condemn a religion is pathetic. Those guys should be ashamed
of themselves, the commentators and the elected officials.

SHARPTON: Congressman Adam Schiff from the intelligence committee and
former governor Ed Rendell, thank you for your time.

And let`s again unite and let the country grow and expand in the face
of the real danger and real terrorism. We do not behave in a way that
feeds him to the worst. We need to behave in the way that shows that we
are bigger, we are better, we are stronger, we are diversified. That is
why we as Americans can stand together. That`s what we did in New York
after 9/11. That`s what we must do now.

Ahead, Republicans rewrite history when it comes to President Bush and
9/11. I want to set the record straight.

Plus, they are so scared of Hillary in 2016, they already have an
attack planned. But one problem, we have seen it all before.

President Obama has a new strategy. It has to do with parenting and
tattoos. Yes, tattoos.

Stay with us.


SHARPTON: As we`ve seen, the righters is exploiting the Boston
tragedy in order to attack President Obama. But they have got another goal
in mind as well. Bolster and repair the image of George W. Bush. Yes,
it`s the Bush legacy campaign.

On the eve of the George W. Bush library unveiling, Republicans are
rewriting history and selling new and factually wrong talking points to
rebuild Bush`s failure of a presidency. Like this gem we heard earlier on
national security today.


COTTON: In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached
their targets in the United States under Barack Obama. In over seven years
after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their targets
in the United States, zero.


SHARPTON: It`s the same fail notion that they are spouting over at


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: I will tell you one thing, from 9/12/01
until the time President Obama raised his right hand in January of `09, the
man kept us safe. And there -- you certainly can`t say that since
President Obama has taken the oath of office.


SHARPTON: And conservative writer, Jennifer Rubin writes in "the
Washington Post" quote "unlike Obama`s tenure, there was no successful
attack on the homeland after 9/11."

No attack after 9/11? That`s like saying besides the Ice Berg, the
titanic had a great trip. You can`t glaze over history like that, even if
it is an improvement from a few years ago when they seem to forget 9/11
ever happened.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Between 2000 and -- I don`t remember any terrorist
attacks on American soil during that period of time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We had no attacks under Bush. We have under


SHARPTON: No domestic attacks under President Bush except for the
worst terror attack ever on American soil. The GOP has been trying to
rewrite history, but it is not going to work.

Joining me now is former congressman Patrick Murphy, Democrat from
Pennsylvania. He is the first Iraq war veteran elected to congress, and
Joy Reid, managing editor of the

Patrick, let me start with you. They are trying to rewrite history.
What do you make of these comments?

amnesia, Rev. They have amnesia.

SHARPTON: Or they hope the American people have amnesia.

MURPHY: Exactly. I mean, they want to forget about the worst attack
on American soil as you mentioned. They want to forget about the five
people that were killed in the anthrax attacks. They want to forget about
the two people that were killed in the LAX attacks. They want to forget
about the folks -- the 11 folks that were killed in the D.C. sniper

I mean, come on. I mean, listen, let President Bush have his due but
don`t lie about the history. Don`t lie about the fact that yes, our nation
was attacked, the worst failure in American history, and then they compound
on that failure by starting an unnecessary war in Iraq.

SHARPTON: Well, that`s my point, Joy. When they talk about what
hasn`t happened under President Obama that happened under President Bush,
one thing that hasn`t happened is this president hasn`t come and declared
on war on people that had nothing to do with what happened in Boston which
is what happened after 9/11. When the whole world was with us, the whole
country was united. It was none of this going on that they are doing and
he brought us to the wrong court looking for something that wasn`t there.
This president has said, let`s unite, let`s fight, and deal with the facts.

the supporters of President Bush want us to forget, to the former
congressman`s point, bin Laden determined to attack and fight the United
States. That was in August before the attack happened. So, you have --
you have given to credit him for his respond after 9/11. You have also
credit him for the failure before.

But yes, to your point, after 9/11 what George W. Bush did with that
war and with American`s fear and need to unite after the war was to sell
this country on the idea of invading a wholly irrelevant country, Iraq,
turning our attention away from the primary war in Afghanistan.

But in addition to that, erecting a national security state inside
this country that was not only that, nothing that is un-American, the idea
that we were wire tapping fellow Americans, people like Jose Padilla who
was incarcerated for 3 1/2 years in the navy break without due process of
law, the same thing with another American-born, (INAUDIBLE), two cases that
wound up in the Supreme Court because of its just, you know.

We`ve had moments in our history where presidents have done things
that were against sort of the spirit of what this court was supposed to be.
FDR did it with incarcerating the Japanese. So, we have done before. But
with George W. Bush there were so much of it. It was so multi-facetted
that it really felt unprecedented to wreck the state like that in this

SHARPTON: And yet, congressman, we try to unite for the good of the
country after 9/11 and when we felt the country was threatened and even
though we certainly had political differences and would stand up to them,
when it came to the safety of the court, we stood even with Bush who we
disagreed with.

I went to the White House, many of us did, none of this kind of
pettiness and none of this kind of politicking. But I think what we have
also seen here, because let`s not forget tomorrow is the opening of the
George W. Bush library, first time it`s opened.

We are also seeing that polls are showing that Democrats now hold the
advantage on national security. The past election was the first time in at
three decades when Democrats outperformed Republicans on foreign policy and
national security. So is this defense of Bush really an attempt to try and
take back that issue from Democrats? Are we seeing some real politics

MURPHY: It`s absolute politics, Rev. And I think that`s exactly what
they are trying to do. And they want to gloss over fact, besides just the
failures, how about the failures of the person responsible for murdering
almost 3,000 American on 9/11? Basically, chip the gears, didn`t even pay
attention to him. It wasn`t until Barack Obama came into office and took
care of business and hunted him down, brought bin Laden to justice. But
also, it was Barack Obama who came in and made sure we take care of the
veterans when they come home.


MURPHY: Now, as you said, though, we have the Republicans like Tom
Cotton, like FOX News crowd, like Giuliani that are trying to gloss over
history. It`s revisionist at its best.

SHARPTON: You know, Joy, a head of the library opening tomorrow,
Bush, George W. Bush, the former president, he did an interview and he was
asked about his relationship with Dick Cheney and he said, you know, it`s
been cordial but he lives in Washington and we live in Dallas. I don`t see
many of the people I worked with much and it`s kind of sad but it`s great
to be in Texas, however.

Reports say that perhaps sensing a bit about of awkwardness, as Laura
Bush interjected, they`ll all be here for the opening, though, and that
will be really fun. You get a sense of distance with Cheney that even
President Bush understands these guys misled him and the country if we
believe the reports that he was being advised basically by Cheney and the
crowd that Cheney had around us.

REID: No, absolutely. I think when the history of George W. Bush`s
presidency was written, a huge chapter is going to have to have to be
devoted to the distortion of the George W. Bush campaign president in which
he said he wanted to pursue a humble foreign policy. In the distortion of
it by the neo-cons and that wing was led by Dick Cheney. And when you look
at things that happened from the Valerie claim incident, where it was a
Cheney aide, Scooter Libby, who gave up a name of a CIA operative to the
media, exposing her to danger, when you look at the preparative really
intelligence that led us into the war in Iraq, a lot of that came from the
Cheney wing of the Bush administration, besides the fact that he was a
supersized vice president who assumed great power that he was not elected
to withhold.

SHARPTON: All I can say is, we all can have our different views and
different opinions. We cannot have different facts. We will not allow
them to rewrite history.

Thank you, Murphy, Joy Reid. Thank you both for your time this

REID: Thanks.

SHARPTON: Coming up, how about this? It turns outgoing against 90
percent of the country is political poison. Senator Kelly Ayotte`s free
fall strategy ahead.

And President Obama`s has been dealing new strategy tonight, is
parenting strategy.

Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Another day, another Republican attempt to take away
people`s right to vote. Today, the Republican-led North Carolina house
passed a bill requiring voters to show voter photo I.D. at the polls. It
now goes to the state Senate.

Meantime, in Colorado, efforts at suppression can be seen in the ugly
attacks on the bill to make it easier for people to vote. The Colorado
bill would let voters register until Election Day, increase voting by mail
and create a stayed wide electronic voter database. Sounds like
commonsense but this flyer has started showing up in mailboxes across the
state. It claims the bill would lead to, you guessed it, voter fraud. And
it includes a stock of photo of people waiting in line to vote.

But get this, that picture is a fake. It was photo shopped. They
have removed an image of an African-American voter and replaced it with the
face of the woman next to her. Now, why on earth would they do that? Do
they want to pretend minorities don`t vote? Or do they want people to
forget that minorities are disproportionally hurt by voter suppression?

The mailer was put out by a mysterious group that call themselves
citizens for free and fair elections. No one seems to know much about
them. But they had the exact same address as the old law firm of secretary
of state Scott Gessler.

Remember Scott Gessler, the guy who questioned thousands of voter
eligibility, eventually he found problems with 141 people or 0.0004 percent
of the state voters. He didn`t even prove that number. Now Gessler says
he has nothing to do with these flyers. I guess it`s just a coincidence.

But did these guys think we wouldn`t call them out for distributing a
flyer as bogus as their agenda?

Nice try, but we got you.


SHARPTON: Just hours from now, Hillary Clinton enters a new phase in
her career in Dallas, paid speaker. She is reportedly commanding 200
granule speeches as it comes as a brand new poll shows 64 percent Americans
have a favorable view of her.

So, how scared are Republicans of a Hillary 2016 prospect? So, scared
they are already planning their political attack. House Republicans just
issued a report about the September 11th attacks in Benghazi. It goes
after Clinton for not telling the truth when it comes to security
reductions at the Benghazi consulate. The report cites an April 2012 state
department cable, bearing secretary Hillary Clinton`s signature which
acknowledge the formal request for dismal security assets but ordered that
the withdraw of security elements to proceed as planned. And now five
Republican house committee chairs are demanding President Obama turn over
even more documents related to the Benghazi attacks.

Now, we knew there would be smears. We knew that the hateful
rhetoric. But going back to Benghazi? What could possibly go wrong?


dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out
one night who decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this
point does it make? We have got to get our act together between the
administration and congress. As I`ve said I take responsibility. And
nobody is more committed to getting this right. I believe in transparency.
I believe in taking responsibility and I have done so.


SHARPTON: Republicans, you sure this is the political fight you want
to pick? Really? Maybe it`s time for a new report.

Joining me now is Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Democrat from New
York, and Patricia Murphy of Citizen Jane`s Politics.

Thank you both for being here tonight.


SHARPTON: Congresswoman, your colleagues already have a plan to take
Hillary down going back to Benghazi. What do you make of it?

REP. CAROLYN MALONEY (D), NEW YORK: Well, first of all, Reverend, the
loss of American lives were tragic. And we can all agree on that. But
this report that they issued does nothing to advance our insight, our
understanding r protect Americans that are embassies. It`s a partisan
attack. They are turning a terrorist attack into a political attack.
That`s what this is.

SHARPTON: Now, Patricia, you know, the oversight committee chair in
the house, Darrell Issa, said this about Hillary Clinton`s Benghazi
testimony on FOX just this morning. Listen to this.


secretary of state was just wrong. She said she did not participate in
this and yet only a few months before the attack she outright denied
security in her signature in a cable April 2012. I bless the Democrats`
hearts. They like their report, but they can`t find a factual error to


SHARPTON: Now, Issa says, Democrats can`t find a factual error in
their report. But as foreign policy points out today, as a general rule,
every single cable sent from Washington to the field is sent over the
secretary of state`s name. A former state department official said,
Patricia. So this proves nothing.

PATRICIA MURPHY: It really proves only that there was a cable sent
and it was over the secretary`s name and there are more than one million
cables that go in and out of the state department every year and that is
why simply the fact that her signature there means very little because her
signature is on every cable that leaves the state department, as you said.

And I think when you look at this report, you have to ask yourself,
why are there no Democrats on this report? There are investigations,
congressional investigations all the time. They are serious. They look
into serious problems and they are bipartisan, a Republicans and Democrats
involvement. And these are only Republicans, only House Republicans, not
even any senators involve. There has been a report on Benghazi. It was
done by Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff so
well respected. He found systemic problems in the state department and
didn`t point the finger at Hillary Clinton. He said that it was much lower
than she was. And there are problems that need to be solved. This is not

SHARPTON: First, Patricia, it was Susan Rice then Hillary Clinton to
be whoever they want.

But congresswoman, what they are really after is stopping Hillary
Clinton because they think they may have to face her in 2016. This is what
it really bothering them. When you look at the polls, put her up against
all of the contenders. Hillary Clinton, 52 percent, Marco Rubio, 40
percent. If it was Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, 52 percent, Rand Paul, 41
percent. If it was Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, 54 percent, Jeb Bush, 38
percent. That`s the report that they are really upset about, in my
opinion, congresswoman.

MALONEY: I think you`re absolutely right, Reverend. And what is
particularly problematic about this trend with the Republican leadership,
when Americans are attacked, what do they do? They turn around and attack
an American. They should be attacking the terrorists. They are the ones
who killed four innocent Americans.

And in terms of this report, there`s a procedure that we go through.
With every report issued from the committee, it is supposed to be vetted
with Republican and Democratic opinions and it is fact checked, you add
your supporting or dissenting views. They did not in any way consult the
Democratic leadership on any of these committees. They just issued their
partisan attack. And they are attacking the former secretary of state.
They should be attacking the terrorists. This attack, as you know,
happened on the anniversary of 9/11.

SHARPTON: That`s exactly right.

MALONEY: It was terrorists that killed the American leadership in
Benghazi. And we know that our embassies are under tremendous strain
across the world and Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, we need to be
looking at how to protect our personnel, not attacking their colleagues.

SHARPTON: But Patricia, it`s just outrageous what they are trying to
do. And one of the things that adds outrage to me is when they were on the
early Benghazi attacks, secretary Susan Rice and the president, they were
praising Hillary Clinton. Now all of a sudden it`s Hillary Clinton that
was part of this. It is just totally an insult to the intelligence of the
American people.

MALONEY: I agree with him.

PATRICIA MURPHY: Yes. Another thing to be outraged is that the
report that did come out that was a legitimate report from admiral Mullen,
said that Congress is at fault because they are not properly funding
embassy security. With know who runs half of Congress and who runs the
other. If people could get their act together, I think that would go a
long way towards solving this problem. And this is the partisan attack.
It is a partisan report if there were Democrats on it, I would read it more

SHARPTON: It`s not only a partisan attack, it`s a, we are afraid 2016
that we may have to face Hillary. I think when they get up at night to get
a glass of water, they see Hillary. I think when they are riding their
car, they see Hillary. They are scared of what may happen in 2016.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Patricia Murphy, thanks for your
time tonight.


MALONEY: I mean, you are right on, Reverend. Thank you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, violent rhetoric that may involve a convicted murder
made from behind bars. Why this tape raises questions about the extreme
wing of the anti-abortion movement.

And President Obama opens up about a new strategy, and it has to do
with tattoos. Yes, tattoos. That`s next.


SHARPTON: President Obama is opening up about a new strategy he has
with Michelle, but it`s not what you would expect. It`s how to get the
kids through those rebellious teen years.


girls is, if you guys ever decide you are going to get a tattoo, then mommy
and me will get t exact same tattoo in the same place, and we will go on
You Tube and show it off as a family tattoo. And out thinking is that
might dissuade them from thinking that`s a good way to rebel.


SHARPTON: Of course. The family that tattoos together stays
together. Look at this, parents. Here`s one you can try at home. The
Obamas all inked up. And then there`s the other fun family activity that
sparked a national debate. Who`s the best dancer in the White House?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: What did you think of her mom dancing?
Do you have dad dancing that can give her a run for her money?

OBAMA: Well, she consistently maintains, and I don`t argue with her
that she is a better dancer, I think, you know, now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: And you are a competitive guy.

OBAMA: I am. And in private, I`m in best move and I think I`m pretty
good. But she tends to hold out when it comes to praising my dancing.


SHARPTON: So do you think they can dance? Here`s a side by side
comparison, mom dancing versus dad dancing. Who is better? Don`t ask me.
You be the judge.



SHARPTON: Back in 2009, the entire country was shocked when the
Kansas abortion doctor, George Tiller, was gunned down while standing in
the entryway of his church. His killer, Scott Roder, is an extreme anti-
abortion activist, now is in prison for life. Now, he is apparently
speaking out again from behind bars with some violent new rhetoric.

And anti-abortion activist named David Leach has posted the tape of a
phone call he purportedly had with Roder, in which they discussed the
reopening of this monk of Dr. Tiller`s clinic.


DAVID LEACH, ACTIVIST: If someone would shoot the new abortionist
like Scott shot George tiller, hardly anyone will appreciate it but the

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s a very true statement.

LEACH: It would be a blessing to the babies. Everyone else would

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s great, David. That`s great.


SHARPTON: Shoot the new abortionist? This kind of talk is disturbing
but it gets worse. Later on the call, Leach asks the many he says is Roder
what he thought of the people who reopened the clinic.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a little bit death-defying. You know, for
someone to walk back in there, to walk in there and reopen a clinic, a
murder mill where a man was stopped, you know, it`s almost like putting a
target on your back saying, well, let`s see if you can shoot me.

LEACH: It is a gauntlet thrown down by someone who wants a fight.


LEACH: Of course, I don`t know if anyone will pick up the gauntlet.


SHARPTON: A target on your back. Pick up the gauntlet. This violent
rhetoric has no places in our political debate.

Joining me now is "Ms. Magazine" executive editor, Kathy Spillar.

Kathy, thanks for being here tonight.


SHARPTON: First, before we go on, I should note that MSNBC cannot
confirm that Roder is the caller on t tape but prison officials in Kansas
tell uses there are, quote, "reasonable indications that the man on the
call is in fact the convicted murder."

So Kathy, what`s your response to this tape?

SPILLAR: Well, I think it`s a very serious threat against the new
clinic and other parts of that audiotape they talk specifically about the
new director, Julie Burkhart of the South wind women center. They talk
about a target on her back. And in fact, they go so far to talk about the
idea of maybe if we kill enough doctors, then, we will be able to end
abortion in this country.

This is nothing short of domestic terrorism and a threat being used in
an effort to intimidate women and men who are providing very vitally needed
health reproductive services. It`s frightening because we don`t know of
the extremist network who might next take up the gun.

SHARPTON: Now, you know, Kathy, eight down, 92 to go. Now, here`s
what the caller told David Leach towards the end of the conversation.
Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have to go back to what my pastor Mike Bray
said. You know, if 100 abortionists were shot, they would probably go out
of business. So, I think eight have been shot so we have 92 to go. And
maybe she`ll be number nine.


SHARPTON: Maybe she will be number nine. "She," being the one who
has the clinic now. I mean, this kind of talk must be chilling the people
working in these clinics.

SPILLAR: And that`s what it`s meant to be. It is meant to be an
effort to intimidate them from continuing to provide the service. This is
against the law. The freedom of access to clinic entrances act was passed
to prevent and stop this very type of threatening effort. The person he
refers to, Mr. Bray along with Mr. Leach and Mr. Roder are all identified
with the army of God network which is the most extremist wing of the anti-
abortion network in this country. That`s what he`s talking about.

The army of God advocates the murder of doctors and other healthcare
providers, all in an effort to end abortion. That`s what we define as
terrorism in this country, domestic terrorism. And so, these are not
speech issues, which I think some people had implied that maybe this is his
right to free speech. This goes beyond that. It crosses the line into
illegal activity under the freedom of access to clinic entrances law. This
is a threat. The law says you can`t use violence and you cannot use the
threat of violence.


SPILLAR: In an effort to stop the provision of abortion services.

SHARPTON: Now, David Leach was questioned by the Des Moines register
and he was asked to clarify his statements. Here`s what he said. He says,
opening that same building again is a provocation. It`s something designed
to enrage people. It`s not the kind of thinks someone does who cares about
their personal safety.

Reporters said should they be nervous about you and what you say?
Leach says, not about me but they should be nervous about reality. I mean,
what does that say to you?

SPILLAR: Well, let me tell you, this extremist network has used
prisoners, who have been convicted of violence acts and murder. They are
called prisoners of Christ. It`s a network. And they are use to speak out
to other potential extremists who might take up the gun, who might set the
bomb. This is part of a recruitment of the next assassin.

SHARPTON: We are going to have to watch it. This is very serious and
we`re going to continue to follow the story.

Kathy Spillar, thank you for your time tonight.

SPILLAR: Thank you.

SHARPTON: We`ll be right back.


SHARPTON: Do you remember the old man of the mountain? That was the
granite formation in New Hampshire`s white mountains that look like an old
man`s profile, an iconic symbol of New Hampshire -- strong, independent.
It`s the image new Republican senator Kelly Ayotte is going for. She was
elected in 2010 in her first bid for public office. In a short time, she
has becoming a leading voice in the Republican Party, campaigning with Mitt
Romney, becoming one of John McCain`s foreign policy amigos, helping to
lead the right wing witch hunt against Susan Rice, generally never giving
President Obama a break or a benefit of a doubt. It`s worked pretty well
for her and its new extreme Republican party has work well.

But lately things are not looking so good for senator Ayotte. After
voting against expanding background checks for gun buys, she`s seen
terrible headlines. The "Concord Monitor" called the vote end Obama nation
and political. The "PortsmouthHerald" says, if you want gun control, vote
Ayotte out of office.

Voters seem to be thinking about it. Her approval rating is down to
15 percent. Fifty percent of voters said they would be less likely to vote
for her in the future because of the background check. She sure did ignore
her constituents.

But back to that old man on the mountain. It couldn`t handle the wind
and rain and cold and a few years ago it collapsed, gone, out of sight. If
senator Ayotte can adopt what her constituents want, the same thing might
happen to her. Maybe some members of congress and the senate needs to
learn, the reason people went and voted for them is because they expected
you to go to Washington and vote on behalf of those that voted for you in
the first place.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "Hardball" starts right now.


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