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How to Use Pinterest's New Rich Pins

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Pinterest has launched a mission to turn its looky-loos into doers: Its new rich pins, rolled out this week, have extra information. For instance, some recipe pins will now have tidbits like recipe ingredients and cook times, to prompt you out of your chair and into the kitchen. But the so-called rich pins aren't so easy to find.

The new pins are available for products, recipes and movies, but only to Pinterest's selected partners. Look for a tiny logo under the photo, which will indicate the pin's elevated status. Click on the photo to see the extra information.

For products, Pinterest has partnered with over 20 online retailers, including Anthropologie, Etsy, Free People and ModCloth. Pins from these stores will include the price of an item and whether it's in stock. Pinterest said it updates this information daily.

A handful of  food bloggers  and some big food websites, such as Epicurious and Martha Stewart Living, have added ingredient lists, the number of servings, and cook times to their pins — but you'll still have to visit their websites to see the recipe.

Movie pins from  Netflix , Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes will now include viewer ratings, cast and director, as well as a link to the original poster for more information.

Once you find a pin marked with a company logo, you can repin it, and that extra information will be repinned to your board. Further, if you had previously pinned any pins from one of Pinterest's new partners, those pins will be automatically updated to show the new details.

Pinterest  said in its blog that this is only the beginning of the new “rich pin” endeavor and asked readers what types of pins it would like to see enriched next. Travel? Crafts? Tell us below. For now, rich pins are only supported in Pinterest's Web-based site, not in its app.

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