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The Ed Show for Saturday, June 1st, 2013

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June 1, 2013

Guests: James Hoffa, Lizz Winstead, Zerlina Maxwell, Larry Cohen

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And welcome to THE ED
SHOW, live from New York.

Let`s get to work.


GLENN BECK, RADIO HOST: Michele Bachmann is not going to be
returning to Congress. I find it sad and tragic.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: I fully anticipate the
mainstream liberal media to put a detrimental spin on my decision not to
seek a fifth term.

SCHULTZ: We`ve got them on the other side so worried about their own
camp being on the wrong side of issues and being divided.

BECKEL: She looks at the role in Washington different than those --
you know, like John McCain. So, those dirt bags remain.

BACHMANN: I promise you I will continue to continue to fight to
protect innocent human life.

SCHULTZ: Michele Bachmann is out there trying to scare people over

BACHMANN: Let`s repeal this failure before it literally kills women,
kills children, kills senior citizens.

Traditional marriage.

SCHULTZ: Are we serious?

BACHMANN: And academic excellence.

SCHULTZ: Her lies really take the cake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said that the Founding Fathers, who wrote the
Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, work tirelessly to end
slavery. Now, with respect, Congresswoman, that`s just not true.

BACHMANN: Running for president really, one series of humiliations
after another. It`s also a very educational experience.

SCHULTZ: Facts and logic have no place in the Republican Party.
That`s why Bachman, I guess you could say, is the perfect fit.

BACHMANN: My core conviction on these principle issues will

EMINEM: Tell these people something they don`t know about me.


SCHULTZ: This person right here, that person right there, she is the
poster child for what is wrong with Congress and what is wrong with
Washington, D.C.

Good to be with you, folks.

Let`s talk about us for a moment, you and me. Let`s talk about
Americans who are constituents, our expectations of elected officials.
They work for us, they advocate for us, they try to get things done on our
part, because we tell them what we wanted and they go to Washington and try
to get it done, right?

Luckily for America, Michele Bachmann has announced that she is not
going to be seeking a fifth term in the United States House.

Now, I think about the people in the Minnesota sixth district -- can
they really look in the mirror and say, this person, they got their money`s
worth? There`s no question about it, they got their money`s worth, right?

Bachmann used her seat to do one thing and one thing only, and that
was self-promotion, promote herself. She used her power to make herself a
celebrity of sorts by acting things like this.


BACHMANN: Now that we`ve moved into the realm of gangster
government, we have gangster government.

Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar a year entity. They want to
become the lens crafter of big abortion.

It`s a very sad light. It`s part of Satan, I think, to say this is
gay, it`s anything but gay. It leads to the personal enslavement of
individuals. If you`re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it`s

It`s no secret that our nation may very well be experiencing the hand
of judgment. Our nation has seen judgment not once but twice on September

We now have an imperial presidency.

I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue.

Our Founders thought taxation without representation was bad, what
will they think of representation with taxation? I don`t know what`s going
to happen.

There isn`t one study that can be produced that shows the carbon
dioxide is a harmful gas.

There`s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate.
She said her daughter was given that vaccine. She told me her daughter
suffered mental retardation as a result of that vaccine.

You have show the way to the rest of the nation here in New
Hampshire. What you have done is nothing short of remarkable, and the shot
that`s heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.

I haven`t had a gaffe for something that I`ve done that`s caused me
to fall in the polls.


SCHULTZ: What all of you out there in TV land need to know is that
is just a smidgen of the archives here at MSNBC. We save everything.

She plays right into the culture, the culture of cable. Basically,
in our business, folks, when we ask somebody to come on the air, we are
asking them to say something. She knew that. She used it as a vehicle of
self-promotion. Whenever the camera was on, it was just to say wacky
stuff. It didn`t have to be the truth or not, and it didn`t have to be
factually based. It just had to be a moment where she would have an
opportunity to say it.

And many of those memorable moments, earned Bachmann countless
appearances on FOX News. In fact, during her failed presidential run,
which didn`t get out of Iowa, Bachmann appeared on FOX News 73 times. And
in that six-month period, she spent over nine hours on FOX News trying to
advance these wacky agendas she was pushing.

And, of course, Bachman isn`t calling it quits without another web
video to further advance her celebrity status. In the video laid out --
she laid out her accomplishments in Congress and, unfortunately, for you
sitting at home, this time, she remembered to look into camera.


BACHMANN: Whether we`re working in a bipartisan way to gain federal
approval to finally build an immensely significant and long overdue bridge
in our district. Working to reopen a much needed regional airport in the
district. Being the primary sponsor of the bill that recently passed in
the House to repeal Obamacare.

To recently flying to London to be one of three people to represent
the United States of America at the funeral of Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher. Working to alleviate all the stifling economic restrictions that
banks and businesses must now endure since the enactment of Dodd-Frank

I`ve called out the Muslim jihad terrorists for who they are, and for
the evil that they perpetrate upon our people. And I`ve demanded that this
administration never under any circumstances subordinates our national
security for the administration`s weak version of political correctness.

I`ve identified at the outset of the so-called Arab spring, this
administration`s foreign policy blunders and how those blunders have
contributed to turning the Middle East into a devastating, evil jihadist


SCHULTZ: Those are accomplishments? Going to a funeral is an

Bachmann, of course, spent next few minutes of her video slamming the
Obama administration.

But here`s a number Michele Bachmann never mentioned on her video.
The number is zero. That`s the number of bills Michele Bachmann has
sponsored and become law, zero.

Michele Bachmann has no legislative accomplishments during her seven
years in Congress. She`s got one more year to go, probably not going to
get anything done there either.

This right here, she is the poster child for ineptitude in
Washington, D.C. It`s not about Michele Bachmann. It`s about what she

She is the reason why the art of compromise has vanished in
Washington. Compromise is what we do on a local level, a regional level.
We`re Americans. We get together on things.

She has no bipartisan accomplishments.

Here`s another number for you: $23,000. That`s the amount of money
Michele Bachmann could earn every year from her government pension in five
years, $23,000 a year.

So, let`s think about this, Michele Bachmann goes to Congress for
eight years and gets nothing done but she gets a pension. Now, would she
present a bill that everybody in the private sector in America who works
for just eight years gets $23,000? Feeling good about it all now folks.

Is that fair? Are we getting our money`s worth? Did the people of
Minnesota, in the sixth district, get their money`s worth?

She is so unlike Minnesota. She`s taken the term "Minnesota Nice"
and turned it upside down with all of her hatred toward the president.
Why? Because he wants to begin 30 million people health care?

But let`s be fair to Michele Bachmann. Let`s just say she`s really
sound in her principles as the Tea Party darling. You know, the Tea Party,
they`re really concerned about spending in Washington.

I`m wondering if Michele Bachmann would step forward and say, you
know what, I`m going to forgo this pension because I didn`t get anything
done in Congress. All I did was go after the president, try to circumvent
everything that is good for people. She never advocated anything for
anybody. It was all about her and her self-promotion.

But let`s be fair to Michele Bachmann about another number, and that
number is one. Michele Bachmann has sponsored only one bill passed by the
House. And she`s very proud of her crown accomplishment.


BACHMANN: Being the primary sponsor of the bill that recently passed
in the House to repeal Obamacare.


SCHULTZ: When do we count? The road to repealing Obamacare in the
House wasn`t easy for Michele Bachmann. She tried to scare the American
people over and over again, did it for years and she is still doing it.


BACHMANN: Obamacare as we know is the crown jewel of socialism. It
is socialized medicine.

Socialized medicine is going to kill the country.

Socialism is a principle that I reject and I will work to eradicate

Socialized medicine is the heart and soul and the crown jewel of

America will never be the same because of socialized medicine.

That`s why we`re here because we`re saying, let`s repeal this failure
before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens.


SCHULTZ: No, actually, Congresswoman, Obamacare will save lives.

This is the way Michele Bachmann plays ball. This is how she plays
ball. She`s a fear-monger, she`s a fear merchant, she`s peddler of hate.

She hates everything that she doesn`t like. She tries to scare
Americans into believing her backwards ideology is the best way for
America, and the best path forward.

This person thinks it`s morally correct to steal health care from 30
million Americans, after two elections of a president who advocated for it
boldly, because, you see, the government is paying for it.

But then when it comes to Michele Bachmann getting her cash, her
government pension, I guarantee you, she`s going to be right in line.

We`re not going to treat her like a veteran at the V.A. and make her
wait months and months and months. She`s going to get her pension right

Ooh, ironically, the Republicans and the conservatives hate unions.
They hate workers. They hate wage earners. They hate collective
bargaining. They hate guaranteed pension. They hate guaranteed health

But you know what? They`re the first ones to take it. In fact,
they`re in the best union on the face of the Earth.

They get to vote their pay raise. They get to vote their benefits.
They get to call their time off. They can do whatever they want to do.

So what about you and me? We`re constituents. We expect people in
Washington to represent us, and all they give us is deadlock.

Michele Bachmann is a perfect example as to why the middle class in
this country is crumbling, because they are stuck in the ideological head
road country, and they don`t want to move. They`re all about power.

The, Republicans like Michele Bachmann, they don`t give a damn about
your pension. They don`t care about your health care. They want to take
your health care away, they always have. They want to concentrate the
wealth. They want more corporate power.

What have Republicans done for you sitting at home about your health
care other than take it away from the poor? This is who they are.

It`s not Michele Bachmann. It`s not personal. It`s who they are,
and what they represent, and what they don`t deliver for the American
people. Pension or health care, they`re not there.

Republicans like her are on a mission to make themselves famous in
front of cable television to build up their brand and they will destroy the
middle class in the process, and they don`t care. Because it`s all about
tm and their selfishness and how self-centered they are.

Now, liberals, look, I know this is -- a time where we`re not all
boom, boom, boom politically engaged, but I can tell you, these folks are
dangerous. There`s no time and no room for political exhaustion right now.
You need to make sure who`s running in your district. You need to make
sure where they stand on health care, where they stand on the big three
that`s under attack, and are you going to do your duty to get involved?

Because we`ve defeated Citizens United once, we can do it again. But
I want to talk about selfishness.

I think there`s something terribly impure in our political system
that we allow people to go to Washington and have absolutely no
accountability whatsoever. And they do nothing on behalf of constituents,
they only promote themselves.

Let me give you a number: zero. Zero net jobs in the sixth district
in Minnesota.

Let me give you another number: one. The number one district in the
state of Minnesota is the one she represents that`s number one in

Talk about public service. Did Michele Bachmann ever work with
anybody on trying to reverse the number of foreclosures? That would be
people being moved out of their homes because they can`t make the payments?
Does she ever go down the road to work for people?

And talk about public service. This elected official would have been
the perfect spokesperson last week to talk about bridges and infrastructure
in America. Because you see, in Minnesota, a bridge fell down several
years ago that killed 13 people, not far from her district.

She would have been the perfect representative to step out in front
of America and say, now is the time we all understand the severity and the
lacking of stability in our infrastructure in America. She would have been
the perfect person.

But you know what she did last week? Last week, she was talking
about the Internal Revenue Service and how to take down Obamacare, to take
away health care from 30 million people.

This is who they are. I think it`s sad that she`s leaving the
Congress, because we need an example day in and day out of who they are and
what they really mean for America.

Now, this is why I believe Bob Dole came out last week and said that
the Republicans need to get behind closed doors and figure this thing out.

My favorite Michele Bachmann story was that when she was a state
senator in Minnesota. She was -- she was caught in the bushes observing a
gay rally. And then when she was outed she said she lost her contacts.
This is how she operates.

She will leave the Congress and she will be labeled a failure -- with
no accomplishments, no job creation poor record on foreclosures and no
record of public service when it comes to doing what elected officials
should do, and that`s advocate for the greater good.

Now, the inside information now is that Tom Emmer possibly may run
for the House. He`s a right wing talk show host, ran for governor. I
mean, this guy, he`s worse than her. Jim Graves has decided he`s not going
to run on the Democratic ticket. So, this seat is wide open.

Let me give you a taste of what Emmer is all about.


TOM EMMER, RADIO HOST: I believe our government is too big, too
intrusive and too expensive. I know the core principles that made our
country great are limited government, individual liberty and economic


SCHULTZ: You see why we can`t afford to have any political

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
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We always want to know what you think.

Rick Perry finally remembers the third thing he wants to eliminate.

Find out what it is. This week`s top trender.

Plus, our rapid response panel takes on the issue that my radio
listeners are on fire about. I`ll show what that is, next.

Stay with us. You`re watching THE ED SHOW, on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the trenders here on THE ED SHOW.

We listen to you every week on the show. We check out Facebook, our
Twitter and our blog. So, now, you decided and we are reporting.

Here are this week`s top trenders voted on by you.


trouble with Michelle.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Our number three trender. President Obama
gives collar.

CARTOON CHARACTER: Is that being speak (ph)?

OBAMA: I just want everyone to witness.

SCHULTZ: The president had some explaining to do at a White House
event honoring Asian-Americans.

OBAMA: I think I know the culprit, where`s Jessica Sanchez. It
wasn`t just her, it was her aunt. Where is she? Auntie right there, look
at this.

SCHULTZ: This week`s second trender, Michele Bachmann exits stage
far right.

BACHMANN: I will not seek a fifth congressional term.

GIRLS (singing): So long farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.

BACHMANN: I am confident that this is the right decision.

SCHULTZ: The Republican Party adds another quitter to its ranks.

SARAH PALIN (R), FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: I will not seek re-election
as governor.

JIM DEMINT (R), FORMER U.S. SENATOR: I honestly believe I can do
more on the outside than the inside about.

BACHMANN: My future is full, it is limitless.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Here with reaction, former Alaska governor,
FOX News contributor, Sarah Palin.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m joined now by Jim DeMint, president of the
Heritage Foundation and former Republican senator.

SCHULTZ: And the congresswoman looked to calm any rumors surrounding
her departure.

BACHMANN: My decision was not in anyway influenced about concerns
about my being re-elected to Congress.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I beat Jim Graves last year by a huge margin of
1 percent.

BACHMANN: It reminds me of the Shakespeare line, thou protesteth too

SCHULTZ: And our top trender, Rick Perry`s Austin power.

GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: Make what Americans buy, buy what
Americans make.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Among the three bills, the governor`s office
officially rejected was the one requiring Texas companies get preference
when the state is looking to buy supplies or items.

PERRY: Boots.

SCHULTZ: The Texas governor vetoed a buy American bill which passed
unanimously in the Texas state house.

JON STEWART, COMEDIAN: Would you criticize Texas companies for
outsourcing a job?

PERRY: Seriously, you want to live in India or you want to live in

STEWART: For real?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: Perry really did throw up all over himself.

STEPHEN COLBERT, COMEDIAN: Thoughtful analysis, Brit. Thank you.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, James Hoffa, the general president for
the Teamsters.

Mr. Hoffa, good to have you with us tonight. We have a lot of
conversation in America about jobs, about make it in America, about buy
American. Here we have a Republican governor from the great state of Texas
vetoing a buy American bill. How do we figure it out?

You know, this country is being inundated and flooded with foreign steel,
foreign iron, foreign products. And that`s why we have so much
unemployment in this country.

What better to have a bill that says buy American, what`s wrong with
having American steel, American iron, American things that go into what
makes Texas strong or makes our country strong? And it`s incredible that
he would veto such a bill.

I`m encouraged because the numbers were so overwhelmingly hopefully
they can come back and override his veto. I hope the Texas legislature
does that next week.

There`s an opportunity here to make a statement about what`s good for

You know, as a labor leader, we fight this battle all the time.
There are people right now that say, we shouldn`t have a buy America in any
type of legislation.

Well, what`s wrong with that?

The average American says, by golly, we should use that. We should
have our steel mills working, put people to work. Make sure our iron
factories, make sure our products are made here, so we won`t have 20
million people unemployed.

That`s what America is all about.

SCHULTZ: It`s not only --

HOFFA: Other countries think that why, why don`t we?

SCHULTZ: Exactly, other countries have a sense of loyalty of what
their workers are doing. But it`s not only Washington Republicans. It`s
now into the thought process of governors who try to be heavy-handed. And
Perry is on the list of Republican governors up for re-election next year.

How are the Teamsters going to mobilize to knock this ideology off
its pedestal and in the way of American workers?

HOFFA: Well, we fight this battle every day. We fight it in trade

There`s a transpacific partnership bill. Guess what they want to do?
Take out buy America.

We fight the Pentagon. The Pentagon, the military, wants to take out
buy America.

What do they want to do, get their tanks from China? What are they
thinking out there?

And we`ve got to basically make it stronger and mobilize people in
the Congress and House and Senate, and the people, the good people of
Texas, to make a stand to say, hey, let`s buy American. Let`s put America
to work, let`s be proud of who we are.

SCHULTZ: And let`s point out, that the Republican Governors
Association has not been on record pushing the Congress to go down the road
of infrastructure. And the president made a push for infrastructure
spending in his weekly address. Here it is.


OBAMA: Congress should put more Americans to work, rebuilding our
crumbling roads and bridges. Like the one that collapsed last week in
Washington state. We`d all be safer and the unemployment rate would fall


SCHULTZ: Mr. Hoffa, your drivers are on the road in America, on
inferior infrastructure. Your thoughts?

HOFFA: Well, absolutely. But you know what? Obviously, we are not
doing enough to rebuild our infrastructure, our bridges, our tunnels, our
roads are falling apart. You`re on the road, I`m on the road. We see it
every day.

But when we do do it, let`s be proud to build those spans that it
says "made in America" on it. That`s what it`s all about to be an American
and to have a strong country. Let`s put America back to work.

SCHULTZ: They not only talk against it. They now veto it and vote
against it.

James Hoffa, good to have you with us tonight on THE ED SHOW. Thanks
so much.

Hollywood met reality this week.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m a man who discovered the wheel and built the
Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn, that`s what kind of man I am. You`re
just a woman with a small brain, with a brain the third the size of us.
It`s science.


SCHULTZ: A must see rapid response panel tackles the talker of the

And Republican obstruction hits home for workers. Larry Cohen of the
Communications Workers of America is here with the latest for folks who
take a shower after work.

But next, I`m taking your questions. "Ask Ed Live" is ahead.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: All right. My favorite time of the week. Welcome back to

We love hearing from our viewers. It`s the "Ask Ed Segment" of the
program that we`re getting a lot of response on.

First question is from Brian Hollingsworth, why do the Republicans
hate this president so much?

Well, first of all I do think there is an element of race involved
here for some lawmakers. But, generally speaking, it`s the philosophical
fight in America, that President Obama believes that government plays a
limited role in helping the economy and in helping people`s lives and
creating opportunities.

He is against the privatization of all of the things that the
Republicans want to do. The Republicans are about concentrating the
wealth. The Republicans have no record of helping the middle class.

The Republicans think that the corporations should get all of the tax
breaks and they have ice in their veins when you talk to them about maybe
rich folks paying their fair share. Big divide there. That`s why they
hate the president. One of the many reasons -- I could go on for hours on
that one. That`s why I have a radio show from noon to 3:00, Monday through

All right. Next question comes from Madelani (ph). She wants to
know, "Where was the Tea Party when George W. Bush to a record surplus to a
record deficit?"

Well, actually, the Tea Party really didn`t go going until Barack
Obama, the black guy got into the White House, you know? And, of course,
he became the focal point of everything that was wrong in this country.

But they are concerned -- the Tea Party -- about federal spending and
I visited with some Tea Partiers over the years, over the last several
years, that do have a problem with Bush, did have a problem with the way he
was running the economy. But the next of it all, if they had a choice
between doing Bush all over again or Obama right now, they`d take Bush all
over again. So, you know how smart they are.

Stick around. The rapid response panel is next.



ERICK ERICKSON, REDSTATE.COM: Having mom as the primary breadwinner
is bad for kids and bad for marriages. In reality, it shows us that`s the


SCHULTZ: Reality? They know what that`s all about?

Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

Lou Dobbs and his all male panel spark a debate about working moms
and how they`re just absolutely tearing apart society. Did you know that?

Almost every caller on my radio show wanted to talk about the sexist
segment on FOX, and here are the highlights.


ERICKSON: Having mom as the primary breadwinner is bad for kids and
bad for marriages. In reality, it shows us that`s the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Something going terribly wrong in American
society and it`s hurting our children. And it`s going to have an impact
for generations to come. Left, right, I don`t see how you can argue this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a catastrophic issue, and sadly, no one
on the left, right or center is dealing with the breakdown of family
structure. We`re losing a generation. Bottom line, it could undermine our
social order.

ERICKSON: It becomes more difficult for Republicans these days
because they`re scared of the idea of the war on women, and raising this
issue, it sounds anti-women.


SCHULTZ: A couple of Lou Dobbs`s female co-workers fired back.
Greta Van Susteren asked if they had lost their minds.

Then, Megyn Kelly tried to set the record straight. But Dobbs and
Erick Erickson doubled down on their sexist claims.


ERICKSON: The male of the species tends to be the protector, the
dominant one in that regard. And when we forced ourselves to this point in
society, where they have to be, that`s not a good healthy thing for
society. You can`t have it all, and they`re making compromises, and I`m
not judging them, and no one should.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are judging them.

ERICKSON: But it`s just a reality.

LOU DOBBS, FOX NEWS: To ignore the fact that we have marriages
breaking up, shattering in this society and we know that that reduces by at
least --

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS: Why are you attributing that to women in the

DOBBS: Excuse me, let me just finish what I`m saying, if I may, oh,
dominant one. The fact is --

KELLY: Excuse me?


SCHULTZ: So far, none of the male anchors on FOX have come out in
defense of bread winning moms in America.

Let`s hear from our all woman rapid response panel tonight, Lizz
Winstead, Zerlina Maxwell, and Joan Walsh.

Joan, reaction?

JOAN WALSH, SALON.COM: Oh, I love Megyn Kelly. I just got to say.
That was awesome.

And, you know, these guys are so used to going to their man cave at
FOX where they`re stroked and petted and their egos are flattered, and
whatever their right wing backwards anti-science views are widely shared.
Everybody knows that`s the truth.

And so, for Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson to go there, and be
confronted with not just a woman`s point of view, but science, the actual
science. She brought up the study, she had the data at her fingertips --
data that`s usually not allowed on FOX, it was a thing of beauty.

SCHULTZ: Destruction of the family? Really?

talking about privilege. We need to talk about the fact that only some
women have the option to stay home and take care of their kids when they`re

A lot of women -- poor women are only making $23,000 a year on
average. They don`t even have that choice.

three are the option -- I`m going with single motherhood, and so would
every woman and work three jobs, they would do whatever it took to make
sure those bread whiners were not part of their lives at all.

SCHULTZ: But social order, how archaic is that?

WALSH: They talk about this all the time. I mean, the thing that`s
really scary about these guys, men should be up in arms. I watch the whole
segment, and one of the things that Erick Erickson is trying to get across
to her is that the feminists have ruined the family, by saying women don`t
have to be dependent on men. And therefore, men don`t want to work any

The right wing view of men may be worse than their view of women,
because -- if there weren`t women, if there weren`t gals having babies and
clubbing them into doing their job, I don`t know what y`all would be doing.

SCHULTZ: Zerlina, you are ready to get out of law school, correct?

MAXWELL: I graduated last Friday.

SCHULTZ: Congratulations.

MAXWELL: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: I knew you were very close.

How does -- did they really want you to go to law school? Did they
want you to have any measurable success in society whatsoever?

MAXWELL: Well, I think they do. I mean, I like to cook, I like to
read and you can`t -- is like this one dimensional view of what women
should do. We need to be baking cookies at all times.

It`s fine to be a feminist, to be smart, to be a lawyer, and also
like baking cookies. You can have it all. I mean, Erick Erickson said you
can`t have it all, you can in certain things. But certainly, you can like
to cook and be smart.


SCHULTZ: Lizz, also, this cuts to the political discussion we had
last fall, the war on women. I mean, isn`t this proof positive there is a
mindset within the conservative moment in America, that for lack of a
better term, women are a cheaper cut in society?

WINSTEAD: Absolutely, women are a cheaper cut, women -- Erick
Erickson has defined a woman`s rules -- I mean, for years, his Web site
"Red State" would only endorse pro life anti-choice candidates. They broke
that with Scott Walker. Oh, wow! Great. She has an agenda, it`s a strict
agenda that it`s not -- I don`t know what world they live in --

SCHULTZ: So, who would be attracted to a political ideology like
this in modern day America? This is the destruction of the Republican

WALSH: Right. And they say they`re going to have their autopsies
and they`re going to have their rebranding and they`re going to look at why
they don`t appeal to women, and then this is why they don`t appeal to
women, and they can`t get around it.

Who does it appeal to? It appeals to frightened people. It appeals
to people who think women are compelled to be with them, that we`ll choose
not to be -- as Lizz said in the case of Erick Erickson, that might very
well be true.

WINSTEAD: It`s the last gasp of white male privilege. When you see
them so freaked out about having a woman at the table to hear her point of
view, to have her making decisions with them and more importantly, for them
sometimes, this is how they respond? I don`t want them making any
decisions, it`s frightening.

SCHULTZ: Well, they want all of you to get barefoot, pregnant, get
in the kitchen start cooking and, by the way, turn on FOX News. That`s
where they`re at.

But to say the destruction of the family, I find that amazing.
Educated women do not contribute to society or to the structure of the

WALSH: It`s a choice for many women to go to work. It`s also a
necessity for most women. It`s the disappearance of manufacturing jobs,
it`s the erosion of unions, it`s the erosion of male wages as well. It`s
not just like women --

MAXWELL: Male centered --

SCHULTZ: Next subject, rapid response panel -- Michele Bachmann?

WINSTEAD: OK, I was just in Minnesota, and I stayed an extra day on
the day she announced because there were parties in the streets. There
were parties in the streets.

MAXWELL: Mardi Gras.

WINSTEAD: Mardi Gras, yes.

SCHULTZ: She leaves with no accomplishments, fair statement?

WINSTEAD: Zero -- 58 bills she`s proposed, zero. Her accomplishment
is --

SCHULTZ: What does it say about elected officials that go to
Washington instead of working on behalf of people, but only to promote

WALSH: Well, it is scary, because you have a seat in Congress,
people put you there, you can do some good for your side, but what
everybody`s goal seems to be -- Jim DeMint leaves and takes over the
Heritage Foundation, and makes it worse than it was.

That there`s a payoff for -- you have Democrats going into investment
banking. There`s -- Congress isn`t a place for certain people.

SCHULTZ: What do you think her plan is? What do you think her next
move is?

WALSH: I think she`s going to make a lot of money on the speaking
circuit. I think she`s going to hook herself up with some wing nut
welfare. There`s always some millionaire out there willing to write a
check for these people to basically nothing except tout ignorance. She`s
going to get very wealthy.

SCHULTZ: So, the question comes up, does the conservative movement
back people that are going to Washington to do nothing but obstruct with
the clear intention of not to get anything done, but only to stop the
progressive liberal movement, it`s almost like they are targeted elected
officials to go there and just gum stuff up.


SCHULTZ: We`ll count on a few we backed to get elected to screw
everything up.

WINSTEAD: But they won`t even -- what`s so fascinating is they have
no historical knowledge of their own party. Not only does it block the
progressive agenda. There hasn`t been a progressive agenda. They are
blocking Republican agendas that go back to Nixon and Reagan. I mean,
that`s what`s crazy.

MAXWELL: One of the things, the left has extremes, the right has
extremes, they elect their extremists. That`s why they get there, and they
don`t do anything. We`re wondering why nothing is getting done because
they`re electing these --

SCHULTZ: All right. Next subject: Cheerios is getting backlash over
this commercial featuring an interracial family. What about this?

MAXWELL: She`s really cute.

WINSTEAD: She`s so cute.

WALSH: Let`s all go out and buy cheerios. The ad caught my eye
because she`s adorable.

SCHULTZ: Some conservatives are saying America is not ready for this

MAXWELL: Our president is biracial. You need to get ready. I`m
sorry, racists. You`re having the worst, you know, time in history ever.
You`re going to need to get over yourself.

WINSTEAD: Not to mention that woman is working in the home. They
should be thrilled. The woman in the commercial seems to be working in the

WALSH: I`m always shocked when I see commercials, because there are
so few interracial couples, compared to our lives as they`re live. But
this is why. I mean, corporations are probably afraid of this, I hope
Cheerios doubles down and we get every imaginable racial combination with
multiracial fruity Cheerios and --


SCHULTZ: Lizz Winstead, Zerlina Maxwell, Joan Walsh, great to have
you on THE ED SHOW. Thanks so much.

WALSH: Thanks, Ed.

MAXWELL: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Tonight in our survey. I asked you, should Michele
Bachmann give up her government pension? Ninety percent of you say yes, 10
percent of you say no. If you`re a Tea Partier, vote again.

Still to come, a conservative has a new plan for Latino outreach.
We`ll share this pretender`s advice, next.


SCHULTZ: And for today`s pretender, Michele Bachmann leaves out one
door and Phyllis Schlafly re-entered through another.

You remember the conservative darling and anti-feminist Phyllis
Schlafly who made it her mission to destroy the equal rights amendment?
She broadened her scoop beyond women`s issues, to share her prescription
for Republican success.


PERRY ATKINSON: One of the big issues here is the Republicans trying
to figure out a way to connect with Hispanics, and President Bush did it,
but what is your suggestion for them?

PHYLLIS SCHAFLY: Well, I think that`s a great myth because the
Hispanics who come in like this are going to vote Democrat. And there is
not the slightest bit of evidence that they`re going to vote Republican.

And the people of the Republicans should reach out to are the white
votes that they -- the white voters who didn`t vote in the last election,
and there are millions of them.


SCHULTZ: Oh, yes, return to the good old fashion bigotry
conservative, which, of course, the conserves know so well.

Get rid of the pesky inclusion plan. The Republican Party should
just reach out to maybe just one kind of a voter. After all, there`s only
one kind of American. She needs a reminder of how that worked out in the
last election.


BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS: The demographics are changing. The white
establishment is now the minority.


SCHULTZ: Even backwards Bill can see the truth through his tears.
If Schlafly thinks the divisive GOP is a winning strategy that she can just
keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

Here is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. We
focus on that every week on the last part of the show.

You know, when you clock out after a hard day`s work, the last thing
you want to hear about is, what, the filibuster? After working a double,
you know, it`s hard to keep up with the conservative obstruction going on
in America.

Record Republican filibusters have created 79 vacancies on the U.S.
circuit courts and courts of appeal, and they threaten to make the National
Labor Relations Board obsolete.

But what these issues have in common should really matter to every
single American. While you`re out doing your job for a living, the GOP
made the 112th Congress the least productive on record. But they have time
to vote to repeal Obamacare 37 times.

In the meantime, the vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board
could leave workers across America without vital safeguards, and the GOP`s
refusal to confirm judicial nominees threatens exactly what makes us

What Republicans are doing is an affront to democracy itself. They
have taken a process. Our Democratic process, and rigged it to be a one-
sided game of obstruction.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is said to be reconsidering the so-
called nuclear option to revisit the filibuster reform if the Senate GOP
blocks three upcoming key nominations. Reid passed on his opportunity to
change the Senate rules, this time Americans need to stand up and say
enough is enough, because this goes far beyond labor. This is not just
about judicial seats. This is about democracy.

This is about Republicans doing everything in their power to block
the will of the people and this president and denying the last two
elections even took place.

I`m joined tonight by Larry Cohen, president of the Communications
Workers of America, who spent countless hours trying to get Harry Reid to
change the rules of the Senate so we can move on as a country.

Mr. Cohen, explain to viewers why it makes -- why this is such a
threat to democracy.

by an overwhelming majority. And then his nominees can`t get through? If
they do get through, it`s months or years later.

There`s never been obstruction like this. Republicans are playing
extreme politics. And too many Democrats are playing by 20th century

The two don`t work together. We need to step up. Democrats need to
say enough is enough.

SCHULTZ: They haven`t done that?

COHEN: They haven`t done that. They can do that at any time. The
Constitution says it loud and clear. The Senate makes it`s rules.

And particularly on nominations, this is a no-brainer. They need to
act. They need to make it clear that this president`s nominees have a
right to a vote. That`s all we`re talking about.

SCHULTZ: So, what is the hold up with Harry Reid?

I mean, let`s get right down to it. Harry Reid could not have won
re-election against Sharron Angle had he not had labor boots on the ground.
What is the holdup? Is the lack of loyalty here or he`s afraid of the next

COHEN: It`s not just Harry Reid, it`s four or five Democrats in his
caucus. All of us, whether we`re label, or greens, students fighting
student debt that`s extraordinary or consumers, there`s no Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau director confirmed. We need to stand up
together and say to Democrats -- which side are you on? If you don`t fight
for the president`s nominees now, in the next two months, you have no use
to us.

And there are Democrats who have said to us, how am I going to get my
funding for my next election? And we say to them you`re not going to get
your votes for the next election. We`re done.

SCHULTZ: Wow. It`s come to that.

COHEN: It`s come to that.

SCHULTZ: There`s such a level of frustration amongst progressive
workers in this country, you`re almost threatening lawmakers to move on
this. Is that an overstatement?

COHEN: It wouldn`t be threatening. It would be about democracy --
democracy means we can run primaries, too. And that if they don`t step up
and have a 21st century democracy here, where we can get up or down votes
on the president`s nominees, what use are they?

So, it`s not just the Republicans here. Democrats need to decide
which side are they on? The Chamber of Commerce and corporate law firms
that are rejoicing, they`re rejoicing every day with new opportunities, or
are they on the side of the American people? That`s what`s at stake today.

SCHULTZ: And why should we care if the National Labor Relations
Board doesn`t get staffed? I mean, I know why. I want to hear it from

COHEN: Eighty million workers, whether they have a union or not,
that`s the floor they walk on every day. They could be fired just for
speaking up, whether they`re in fast foods or whether they`re professionals
at work.

This is the only defense there is for American workers. And now, we
have corporations attacking even the regional labor boards, that they don`t
have no standing because the national board has no standing.

SCHULTZ: So, why are the Republicans sabotaging these appointments?
Why won`t they fill out the board? It`s an overall attack on labor and it
has been for 30 years.

COHEN: Exactly. And it`s the attack on working people across the
country. They believe in 19th century capitalism, markets only.

We believe you need safeguards. You need rights, not just markets.

SCHULTZ: So, what`s the next move on trying to get the NLRB
functional with only one person sitting on it right now?

COHEN: The next move is that the Health Committee, Tom Harkin`s
committee, has cleared the nominees. The next move is Senator Reid will
put at least one of them up for a vote. And then if the Republicans block
the vote, he`s going to need to go to the floor --


COHEN: -- and say we`re changing the rules. We`ve had enough.

SCHULTZ: And if the Democrats can`t do that, what are they in
business for?

Larry Cohen, good to have you with us tonight. Thanks so much.

That is THE ED SHOW. Join us tomorrow night right here at 5:00


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