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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

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June 4, 2013

Guests: Jim McDermott, Keyarika Shea Diggles, Cade Bernsen, Morgan Freeman

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Thanks, Chris. And thanks to you
for tuning in.

Five years ago today, millions of Americans woke and turned on the TV
to watched a bit of history.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Barack Obama waking up today with a new
title, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for the president of the
United States of America.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Good morning. History, Barack Obama
becomes the first African-American to clinch a major party`s presidential


SHARPTON: Barack Obama clinching the Democratic nomination on his way
to a historic presidency. Five years later, he is fighting to do the job,
the people elected him to do.

Today, the president`s slammed Republicans for putting politics over
people calling on them to give up and -- given up or down vote to his
judicial nominees to the federal appeals court, the nation`s second most
important court.


OBAMA: My judicial nominees have waited three times longer to
received confirmation votes than those of my Republican predecessors. This
is not about principle opposition, this is about political obstruction.
And what is happening now is unprecedented. For the good of the American
people, it has to stop. Too much with the people`s business is at stake.


SHARPTON: The people`s business is at stake. But the Republicans
don`t seem to care. They are so busy with their so-called scandals that
they don`t realized the Obama agenda is moving ahead. The affordable care
act is working and Democrats know it. They plan to run on Obama care on

And the economy is getting better too. Today, experts predicted the
unemployment rate would drop to 6.5 percent by the end of next year.
Republicans did lip service to jobs and the economy but spent most of their
time talking about bogus scandals.

Here is majority leader, Eric Cantor today.


remain committed to uphold and fulfill our obligation to conduct oversight
of this administration if there has been an abusive trust on the part of
this administration and towards the American people. We intend to try and
get to the truth here.


SHARPTON: More investigations? Maybe Eric Cantor wanted into the
wrong press conference. I mean, look at this, the banner over his head
reads solution for American jobs.
The podium directs people to the GOP`s job Web site. And just in case that
wasn`t enough of a clue, the wallpaper behind him is covered with the word

Republicans don`t have a plan to create jobs. All they can do is gin
up scandals and try to block the president from doing what he was elected
to do.

Joining me now, Richard Wolffe and Krystal Ball.

Thank you both for being here tonight.


KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC HOST, THE CYCLE: Thanks for having us, Rev.

SHARPTON: Krystal, the president is doing his job. What are the
Republicans doing?

BALL: They have no idea what they are doing, honestly. I mean, they
have this knee jerk instinct, right? Darrell Issa, the chairman of the
house oversight committee, excuse me, he basically made it his mission in
life to try to harass this administration, originally to keep the president
from getting re-elected. Well, that obviously failed. Because there was
no there there as the president has pointed out.

Now they still have this knee jerk gut reaction of going after the
president, even when it`s utterly baseless. And as you pointed out, since
they don`t have a plan of their own and since they are lost in the woods as
a party and they have no ideas to offer, it`s the only thing that they can
hold on to right now.

SHARPTON: Richard, when you look at the fact the president talks
about the hypocrisy he`s up against, listen to this.


OBAMA: The fact that Republican senators are now pushing a proposal
to reduce the number of judges on this independent federal court also makes
no sense. When a Republican was president, 11 judges on the D.C. circuit
court made complete sense. Now, that a Democrat is president, it
apparently doesn`t. Eight is suddenly enough. People are laughing because
it`s obviously a blatant political move.


SHARPTON: I mean, the hypocrisy shows this is, as the president
stated, a blatant political move. But, how do we get beyond this? How do
we get somewhere where the American public benefits?

WOLFFE: Well, a little bit of humor does go a long way. But these
are complicated things. These cases that the D.C. court deals with the
district circuit deals with, are arcane pieces of challenges to government
power. So, unless you are immersed in the bureaucracy, you don`t care,

Really what needs to happen is all those business interests that
support the GOP and the chamber of commerce, they are the people who are
challenging stuff. These cases are not getting heard. These appeals are
not getting heard. And it is ridiculous.

But this president, you know, the GOP wants to turn this president to
president Clinton. They actually want to not just do the investigations,
they want to block everything he`s done and then they want to take credit
for it. If you think this is bad about the judges, you wait until they
start taking credit for the sequester for putting the jobs back in place
because of their policies that they now oppose.

So, whichever way it is, it`s all short term. It`s not related to
what`s going on in government. And it`s certainly not related to going on
in this court.

SHARPTON: Now, the fact is, Krystal, though, that people heard,
whether it is tying of the courts which are not hearing cases in dealing
with problems is blocking jobs and it`s blocking services.

Give you an example. A new study analyzed that 14 states with
governors will oppose medication expansion. Those states will lose $8.4
billion in federal funding. It will cost them $1 billion for programs that
compensate medical providers who care for the poor. And it will deprive,
here`s the point of people, 3.6 million people of health coverage. So the
end of the day, we`re talking about not hurting the president, we`re
hurting real people.

BALL: We`re hurting real people. And frequently the Republican
governors that we are talking about are looking over states that have a
higher percentage of people who could use health insurance, who they have
higher levels of poverty in their states than the national average. Texas
is a prime example here.


BALL: So you`re absolutely right about that. But, again, they just -
- they don`t know what else to do. And I think going back to the court
issue and the nominations, this is such an important issue. And it`s
really not a partisan issue. If you win an election, you ought to have an
opportunity to put your plan for governance in place just to give it a try.
And if it doesn`t work --

SHARPTON: -- which is what people voted for.

BALL: That`s what elections are for. Exactly.

And now, we have a situation where the Republicans are not in any way
letting the president even get his people into the positions that he wants
them to be in. That`s unprecedented. And, yes, Democratic presidents have
also filibustered, they`ve also obstructed. But not anything close to the
level that we`re seeing today with Republicans.

SHARPTON: Well, the president said it`s taking, Richard, three times
longer for him than his predecessor. At the end of the day, nothing is
moving forward. And, again, I challenge, what is the end game? Are we
there? Republican or Democrat, to move the country forward, to help
people? Or whether we are there -- what`s the engine? You lost the
election. What`s the goal now?

WOLFFE: Well, for stat, they are not talking about what people care
about, which is jobs and health care and education. So, they`re way out of
line if they think they want to take back the Senate in the next cycle.


WOLFFE: But more important than that it contradicts themselves. This
is a party that complains all the time about activist judges. As if judges
who deal with politics are a very bad thing and no conservative would ever
to it. Remember, what they`re doing now with these judicial appointments
is politicizing the entire federal bench.


WOLFFE: So every judge now is going to be treated like it`s -- it`s a
treasury secretary. That`s crazy. That is exactly how you get activist
judges. Because the only way you`re going to get anyone through is as if
you`re treating each one like a partisan fistfight which means you`re going
to have to have supermajorities, you got to break filibuster. That means
the bench only ends up being political. That`s not what the Republican --

SHARPTON: Only with activist judges.


SHARPTON: When you look at the fact, Krystal, that there`s a report
coming out on Friday about jobs, there is a big job report this Friday, and
the president has now created a net positive of more than 1.6 million jobs
so far, since he`s been president, 1.6 million. President Bush only
created 1.08 million jobs in all eight years. Now, we`re talking 1.6
million, President Obama, in five and we`re still counting. At the end of
President Bush`s total, 1.08 in all of his eight years.

Now, how can the GOP still be hitting President Obama on his job
record given that the numbers -- numbers don`t lie. We can have different
opinions but we can`t have different facts.

BALL: Well, and of course, those numbers are in spite of their
efforts to hold back the economic recovery. I mean, we would have even
stronger GDP growth. We would have even stronger job growth if we hadn`t
been forced into this premature austerity that the Republicans have made
the country go into. If we had continued with the sort of policies that
the president wanted and that he started with the stimulus, we would have
an even stronger economy right now.

But, you know, the Republicans love to throw around the term the Obama
economy. I think that we should start owning that term.

SHARPTON: Well, Krystal Ball, Richard Wolffe, I`m going to have to
leave it there.

Thank you for your time tonight.

WOLFFE: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: Don`t forget to catch Krystal on "the Cycle" weekdays at
3:00 p.m. eastern right here on MSNBC.

Ahead, tea party groups with the nerve to ask the American public to
pay for their dirty work today. Amazing.

And caught on camera, a shocking and disturbing video shows two police
officers in Texas slamming this woman to the ground. She joins us live

And we`ve got Hollywood royalty in the house. Award winner -- academy
award winner Morgan Freeman is here. He`s talking movies, GOP obstruction,
and advice for president Obama.

Stay with us.


MORGAN FREEMAN, ACTOR: I look back on the way I was, and a young,
stupid kid who committed that terrible crime.



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Raymond named Lean on Me.

Kenneth says Deep Impact because he set the stage for America to
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SHARPTON: The right`s held hearing after hearing after hearing in an
attempt to gin up any scandal. But now, the cracks are beginning to show.

Today, conservative and tea party groups testified about the scrutiny
they faced from the IRS. Make no mistake about it. No group should be
targeted for political reasons. But Democrats were honest about what this
is really about.


REP. JIM MCDERMOTT (D), WASHINGTON: What happened to you was unfair.
It was unfair ad incredibly inconvenient. But it was a mistake. Anything
else like the circus that`s happening in the oversight committee or here is
simply political theater.


SHARPTON: This is political theater. And what`s more, some of these
groups deserved scrutiny. They were looking for tax exempt status to
qualify organizations must be, quote, "must be operated to promote social
welfare. They also could not have direct or indirect participation on
behalf of or in opposition to any candidate."

Tell that to the (INAUDIBLE) tea party who testified today. They
sponsored a training for get out the vote initiative dedicated to the
defeat of President Barack Obama. Another group says their issues include
stopping Obama care as well as Sharia law. These are groups that wanted to
be tax exempt. For taxpayers to cover this nonsense, how about the
controversy in that?


MCDERMOTT: Each of your groups is highly political from opposing the
president`s health care reform to abortion restrictions to gay marriage.
You are all entrench in some of the most controversial political issues in
the country. And with your applications, you were asking the American
public to pay for that work.


SHARPTON: Joining me now is the congressman you just saw at the
hearing today, Representative Jim McDermott, Democrat from Washington.

Congressman McDermott, thank you for coming on the show this evening.

MCDERMOTT: My pleasure, Al.

SHARPTON: Now Congressman, clearly no group, no group should ever be
targeted by the IRS. As you pointed out, some of these groups filing for
tax exemption or tax exempt status were highly political. What do you make
of this circus today?

MCDERMOTT: Well, the Republicans are looking for a conspiracy to
attack the right wing and the tea party and God knows what else. And so
they totally ignore the fact that when organizations came forward and asked
for a tax exemption, they opened themselves up to being questioned about
what they were doing.

Now, I said many times in my talk today that the IRS used bad
questions. I wouldn`t -- I didn`t agree with the questions. But that they
were there and had to be questioned was absolutely. You can`t argue that.
If I come forward or you came forward and said to the government, I want
people to contribute to Jim McDermott, I want their names to be hidden, and
I don`t want anybody to -- I want them to be tax exempt if they give their
money to me, it`s tax exempt. Right now if you politically contribute to
me, it`s not tax exempt. You have to pay taxes on it.


MCDERMOTT: But they wanted tax exemption. You`re asking for the
government to look at that.

SHARPTON: Right. And that is why they have designations for 501-c3s,
501-c4s that could deal with issues. And I`ve seen it with groups I`ve
known, been involved with, church and civil rights groups, all having to
answer questions, some of which felt were targeted.

But let me bring you back to another group that sought tax exemption.
The national organization for marriage, which was highly political.
Internal documents from the company said to, quote, "expose this is what
they say about themselves. They want to expose Obama as a social radical.
And said the strategic goal of one project was to drive a wedge between
gays and blacks, two key Democratic constituencies. That sounds very
political, very partisan to me. This has nothing to do with social welfare

MCDERMOTT: They want to say that`s education. But, in fact, it is
political manipulation. It`s propaganda. And they want the American
people to give them a tax exception to pay for their political manipulation
of the issues that are before the American people.

In my state, we had a vote on the issue of marriage equality. And
these groups were trying to sway the people away from that, and simply they
were using their tax exempt money or trying to use tax exempt money to make
political changes in the society. And that`s not what the tax code should
be about.


MCDERMOTT: This tax code was set up for charities.

SHARPTON: And, see, I want to get through to the people that are
watching us why this is, in my opinion, so egregious because what they are
d these are the people, now, that hate government. Yet they want
government to make them tax exempt and have all the benefits. These are
the ones that oppose and hate government. This we need to make it very
clear that we`re talking about people that are using government to do
political, partisan work. Is that right, congressman?

MCDERMOTT: There`s no question. And there`s a real -- I mean, it`s
funny if you look at it. The people, the tea party, that wants to tear
down the government, make the government not work anywhere, not any place
at all, they come to the government and say, please collect taxes from the
good taxpayers of this country and give us that money so we can put on an
ad campaign to tear down the government. I mean, it is absolute nonsense.
And that they should have the goal to ask for that, in my view, is just --
they opened themselves up to that. They can say anything they want. I
believe in the first amendment. You can say anything you want. But you
shouldn`t ask the taxpayers to pay for it.

SHARPTON: Congressman, that`s why we`re going to stay on this.

Congressman Jim McDermott, thank you for your time this evening.

MCDERMOTT: See you again.

SHARPTON: Ahead, the star power is here. Academy award winner Morgan
Freeman joins us.


FREEMAN: This is the time to build our nation. You elected me your
leader. Let me lead you now.



SHARPTON: The right wingers have lots of different conspiracy
theories. But one of their favorites is that Muslims are taking over


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This administration has so many Muslim brotherhood
members that have influence.


SHARPTON: Now, usually they try to attack the left with this stuff.
But now they`ve turned on one of their own. Anti-tax guru Grover Norquist.
Just check out this video of a right wing speaker taking aim at Grover.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Grover Norquist is trouble with a
capital "T." As you see, he has a beard and he`s showing signs of
converting to Islam himself.


SHARPTON: That`s right. Apparently you can tell Grover is converting
to Islam because he has a beard. Makes me wonder about a few other bearded
guys I know like Ben Bernanke. We could hear about his Muslim brotherhood
ties any day now.

And what about ZZ Top? We know they`re rockers, but could they be
radical Muslims, too? How about Santa Claus? What`s he hiding underneath
that jolly beard? And don`t forget about Uncle Sam. Those stars and
stripes aren`t fooling anyone.

The whole thing is a joke. Did the far right think we didn`t know how
they`re peddling this nonsense and trying to smear one of the world`s
greatest religions?

Nice try, but we got you.


SHARPTON: Tonight, disturbing police video from a town with a
gruesome history of racial violence. Police in Jasper, Texas, brought
Keyarika Shea Diggles to the jail there for a $400 unpaid traffic ticket.
There`s no audio on the surveillance video. But it appears to show her and
the police officer getting into an argument. The situation quickly

The video shows another officer slamming her head into the counter.
He has a fist full of hair and is repeatedly yanking on her head and
wrestles her to the ground. A second surveillance camera shows the
incident from another angle. You can see the second police officer walk up
and handcuff her. He`s the one who grabs her head and slams her into the
counter. It`s the same officer who drags her along the floor by her
ankles, pulling her into a jail cell. Ms. Diggles was charged with
resisting arrest.

But after this video was released, that charge was dropped. Also
after the video became public, the two police officers were fired. All of
this happened in a town made notorious by a horrific hate crime back in
1998 when three white man chained a black man named James Bird, Jr. to the
back of their pickup. They dragged him more than two miles until he was
finally decapitated. The atrocity led to the hate crimes act signed by
President Obama in 2009. This new incident is bringing back some painful
memories to the people of Jasper, Texas, and raising serious questions
about what changed, if anything, in that town.

Joining me now is the woman shown in that video, Shea Diggles, along
with her lawyer, Cade Bernsen. Thank you both for being here tonight.

CADE BERNSEN, SHEA DIGGLES` ATTORNEY: Thank you for letting us be
here, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Now, I should note that the day we reached out to the
Jasper police and they declined our request to comment. Shay, first of
all, let me ask you, how are you doing after going through all of that?


SHARPTON: I can imagine.

DIGGLES: Mm-hmm.

SHARPTON: Now, how did it happen?

DIGGLES: Just basically I was supposed to be paying a ticket that
supposedly had went into a warrant. And they wanted that money, I guess.
So I kind of got the opportunity to be able to come and try to get the
money. And then I wasn`t able to get the money. So there was a problem.

SHARPTON: And it escalated to a verbal argument, and then as we saw
on the tape, they -- it got very physical on their side.

DIGGLES: Yes, sir.

SHARPTON: Now, what were you thinking when the officers did what we
saw them do to you on that tape?

DIGGLES: I was scared. I thought they were going to kill me. I
mean, I thought I was going to lose my life. That was it.

SHARPTON: Now, did you suffer any injuries?

DIGGLES: Yes, sir. I have a bald spot on the right side of my head.
I don`t have any hair. I have bruises and lacerations from the handcuffs.
I have a broken and shattered tooth. My bracket is gone off my top tooth.

BERNSEN: Braces.


SHARPTON: You and the officers were just arguing about a traffic

DIGGLES: Yes, sir.

SHARPTON: And the payment of a traffic ticket?

DIGGLES: Yes, sir. My fine was $150. I had to come up with $150.
But I didn`t -- my mom didn`t have enough money.

SHARPTON: So $150, and they go like this as we see on tape. Cade, I
understand you have questions, talking about the tape, about the lack of
audio on this tape?

BERNSEN: Yes, Reverend. I mean, it would be a lot -- it would be
very helpful for everyone concerned if we had the audio. And from what I
understand from other law enforcement personnel that I know, this tape
should have audio. And mysteriously, it is missing. And, you know, we
don`t exactly know why they came and arrested her from her house. You
know, they arrested her at about 8:30 in the morning on Sunday, May 5th.
Got her out of bed on Sunday morning. And so we haven`t -- we still
haven`t gotten a straight answer as to exactly why she was there that day.
But what we do know is that she was trying to work out getting her mom to
bring some money to her so she could get out of jail.

Instead the police officer hung up the phone and then obviously he is
the aggressor. The cops are the aggressor throughout the entire thing.
They shove her. Slam her head into a counter. Then body slam her. And
then drag her by her feet into a darkened cell, handcuffed, where they
leave her for several hours without providing or even offering medical

SHARPTON: They went to her house Sunday morning, 8:30, and arrested
her about a parking ticket?

BERNSEN: Approximately 8:30. And again, they -- the parking ticket
has been used. We don`t exactly -- we haven`t gotten a straight answer as
to why they were there. We think it was for some type of traffic citation
ticket. But that is yet to be determined.

SHARPTON: Now, what was your reaction yesterday when you heard the
police officers had been fired?

DIGGLES: I was excited. I was happy. But I still don`t feel like
everything is done. I don`t feel like that`s it. I don`t feel like a --
was done.

SHARPTON: Cade, do you think there should be a criminal investigation
of these two officers?

BERNSEN: Absolutely, Reverend. We -- you know, to add insult to
injury, and I believe in an effort to cover their tracks, they charged her
with resisting arrest. After the video surfaced, they dropped those
charges and those policemen were fired. But I do believe that we need an
outside, independent law enforcement agency such as the Texas rangers or
the FBI to come and investigate her brutal beating.

SHARPTON: Cade, if this video hadn`t been made public, would these
two police officers still be on the job?

BERNSEN: Reverend, that`s the most disturbing point, I think, of this
whole thing. That but for the courageous actions of basically a whistle
blower who released this video nearly a month after this beating occurred,
if that had not happened, but for those actions, those policemen would
still be on the streets patrolling. And Ms. Diggles would still be facing
a resisting arrest charge.

SHARPTON: Cade, do you plan to file a civil lawsuit?

BERNSEN: Reverend, we`re in the process. We absolutely believe there
is a history and a -- and I don`t have to tell you. I`m preaching to the
choir. But there is a history and a pattern of police abuse directed
specifically at African-Americans in the city of Jasper, Texas. We believe
her that that policy and pattern, we will be able to show it. And we
believe her civil rights were violated. And we are going to fight for her,
and we are going to shine a spotlight on that city and on that police
department and hold them accountable.

SHARPTON: Now, we all remember, Shea, the horrific murder of James
Bird, Jr. back in 1998. I came down and spoke at that funeral. How are
race relations in Jasper today as compared to then?

DIGGLES: Nothing. Hasn`t anything changed. Everything is still the
same. When you left, it`s still the same way. Hasn`t nothing changed.
And I was little. I don`t quite remember everything. But I know there
hasn`t nothing changed in the city of Jasper.

SHARPTON: We`re going to keep watching this and monitoring what
happens with your situation. Shea, your prayers are with us. Shea
Diggles, Cade Bernsen, thank you both for your time tonight.

DIGGLES: Thank you.

BERNSEN: Thank you, Reverend. It`s an honor to be on your show.

SHARPTON: Coming up, academy award winner Morgan Freeman joins
POLITICS NATION on movies, on the president, on the march on Washington.
Get ready. Morgan Freeman is next.


MORGAN FREEMAN, ACTOR: Forgiveness starts here, too. Forgiveness
liberates the soul. It rewards fear. That is why it is such a powerful


SHARPTON: For over 40 years, Morgan Freeman has entertained audiences
on the big screen. He earned his first Oscar nod playing a tough talking
pimp in 1987`s "Street Smart." And was nominated again two years later for
his performance as Hoke, the chauffeur and confidant of a southern Jewish
woman over 25 years in 1989`s "Driving Miss Daisy."




UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: You`re my best friend.

FREEMAN: Oh, go on now, Miss Daisy.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: No, really. You are. You are.



SHARPTON: His performance as red, a wise and entrepreneurial inmate
in "The Shawshank Redemption" earned him a third Oscar nomination in 1994.
But it wasn`t until over a decade later that Freeman took home his first
Oscar for playing fighter turned trainer Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris. In
2005`s "Million Dollar Baby." Freeman`s played countless other character,
real and fictional, from South African`s first black President Nelson
Mandela in "Invictus."


FREEMAN: Forgiveness starts here, too. Forgiveness liberates the
soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.


SHARPTON: And he played the president of the United States, preparing
for an asteroid`s collision with the earth in "Deep Impact." To an even
higher power in the 2003`s "Bruce Almighty."


FREEMAN: I`m the one. Creator of the heavens and the earth. Alpha
and omega.

JIM CARREY, ACTOR: Oh, I see where this is going.

FREEMAN: Bruce? I`m God.


SHARPTON: And now Freeman is turning to science, hosting and
producing the fourth season of the discovery science channel`s "Through the
Wormhole." But this is no ordinary science show. Freeman studies
controversial topics like, do we have free will? Did God create evolution?
And when does life begin?


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Hugo`s research has led him to believe that a baby
cannot be conscious until it is about 25 weeks old. So is this when life

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I think before consciousness has developed, you are
not a person. Actually, I think this is the time when life begins.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: But one child psychologist thinks the beginning of
life comes much later. Later than you could ever imagine.


SHARPTON: It`s an honor to welcome the host and executive producer of
"Through the Wormhole," academy award winning actor, director and all
around legend, Morgan Freeman. Thanks so much for coming in and being on
the show tonight.

FREEMAN: Great to see you again, Al.

SHARPTON: Now, "Through the Wormhole," you`ve been producing it and
hosting it for four seasons.

FREEMAN: Mm-hmm.

SHARPTON: What was your interest? What made you interested in
science and understanding how things work?

FREEMAN: I don`t really know. When I was in high school, I had
physics. And it was just the most fascinating subject. I was an "A"
student. But I couldn`t pass a test and get an "A." I got my "A`s" from
asking questions.

SHARPTON: Is that right? So, you`ve always had this inquiring kind
of inquisitive mind.

FREEMAN: I always had that going on. And so my partner and I, my
business partner and I, we formed a company some years ago. It didn`t go.
But in it we were going to have a channel on outer space. I called it,
hour space. And Discovery Channel got word of it and thought, that`s still
a good idea. And, well, they offered us a shot at making this show, so we

SHARPTON: Now, I`m looking at the titles of some of the things coming
up. And you know the controversial side of me, I look at you doing one on
can you hack minds.


SHARPTON: Which I know is going to -- a lot of us into civil
liberties and all, it will be very interesting.

FREEMAN: Of course. Of course.

SHARPTON: What is that going to be like?

FREEMAN: That -- there are scientists right now at MIT. And at
Berkeley who have figured out how to see brain patterns and tell what
you`re thinking. Know what you`re looking at.

SHARPTON: Let me show the audience a little clip on it.

FREEMAN: Go right ahead.


FREEMAN: Our brains are biological computers. Vulnerable to data
theft. Computer hackers can read our e-mail. Brain hackers may someday
read our minds. And even rewrite our thoughts. Hacking into our thoughts
requires decoding the logic of our neurons. Science is getting close to
achieving that goal. One day soon, our innermost thoughts may no longer be
our own.


SHARPTON: I mean, this is fascinating stuff.

FREEMAN: Yes. These scientists are into so many different areas of
our lives. Because I think one of the things -- you know, we`re always
going to be exploring one thing or another. We always are. And I think we
have to prepare for tomorrow on some level other than the one we`re on.
People are talking about, well, will we be able to survive the end of the
earth? Will we be able to survive that? Well, if we don`t start thinking
about it, the answer is no.


FREEMAN: So how could we -- how can we start manipulating our
environment, ourselves? And that`s what they`re getting into. Now, of
course, you`re right. All this has to be watched very carefully.

SHARPTON: Oh, yes. What do you most want people to know about the

FREEMAN: I think people just want to know, we`re asking questions,
and we`re coming up with all kinds of different theories. Not necessarily
answers. You can`t answer all of these questions.


FREEMAN: But there are things that we`re thinking about, you know?

SHARPTON: Very, very interesting.


SHARPTON: Let me ask you this. This is POLITICS NATION. You`ve been
a big supporter of the president. You gave $1 million to one of the pacs
last year. What do you most hope to see him do before he leaves? He and
his wife have talked about science, have talked about learning. What would
you most like to see him do as one that has been supportive of him?

FREEMAN: I think what he most wants to do is get our country back on
track. That`s probably rebuilding our infrastructure. And getting our
educational system squared away. I think if he manages that, he`ll be
happy enough.

SHARPTON: And you -- and that would be your advice to him, to focus
on that?

FREEMAN: Well, I don`t presume to give him advice. That would be --
I know that`s what he wants to do. Those are two of the things that he`s
desperate to accomplish.

SHARPTON: Right. You`ve been vocal about the people blocking the
president and -- and obstructing the country. And I`m sure you took heat
for that. But I sense that you`re not political as much as you`re just
concerned about people.

FREEMAN: Exactly. I`m not very political at all. But I am very
concerned. And I think that President Obama is -- he was a good choice.
Otherwise we wouldn`t have re re-elected him.


FREEMAN: And obviously he`s succeeding against some serious odds. So
he`s a good man.

SHARPTON: This is the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington
year. You`ve seen a lot in the entertainment world, in the country in
general. Are you hopeful in terms of people coming together, racial
differences and --

FREEMAN: Reverend Al, this is America. Always hopeful. Always. You
got to be hopeful here. This is the place where you can be hopeful. I
don`t care how low we get, how dirty the politics get. We always are going
to be looking around and up, I think. We`ve got people like you and me

SHARPTON: Yes. And we`ve got to keep it going. And we`ve got to ask
the right questions that you`re doing in this series even if we don`t have
the answers.

FREEMAN: There you go.

SHARPTON: Sometimes the answer is to ask the right question.

FREEMAN: There you go. Right.

SHARPTON: I think it`s a very important thing. And we honor to have
you. You`ve been to me a tremendous, tremendous person in our lives.

FREEMAN: Thank you so much. That`s very kind.

SHARPTON: Thank you. Morgan Freeman.

"Through The Wormhole" premiers tomorrow night on Discovery Science.

Coming up, I`m opening up my mail bag and answering your e-mails.
Friend or foe, I want to know. Next.


SHARPTON: We`ve been getting some great letters from you in the
"POLITICS NATION" community. And now it`s time to answer your e-mail
questions. Remember, friend or foe, I want to know.

James writes, "I need to learn more about Obamacare. I am low income
and need insurance. When will your program be helping the people like
myself to learn about Obamacare?"

Well, James, we`re happy to help you with this tip. The Department of
Health and Human Services has an easy to use website.
There you can take a survey to determine your health insurance options.
There`s a map with state by state breakdowns of the law. It`s all online
at Go there and check it out. And we know there`s been a
lot of effort by some to obscure their many positives of the president`s
health care law. But we`re determined to keep getting the word out about
the good law that will bring millions of people a lot of help.

Dawn asks, "Reverend Al, how can the republicans in Congress whine
about the IRS wasting money on a trip to Anaheim when they`ve wasted over
$50 million symbolically repealing Obamacare in vain?"

Well, it`s very clear. It`s another example of hypocrisy. They want
to focus on one thing, right or wrong, that is minor up to a redundant, 38,
39 times wasting money on something they know they would not overturn and
should not overturn. Do what I say, not what I do, is how we used to say

Next e-mail. Juretta wants to know if Congress does not legislate,
can they not get paid? All the jobs I`ve been on are no work, no pay.

Well, I`ll tell you one thing. If we were able to do that to
Congress, we`d probably get a lot more done. I agree with you. They are
not working. They`re just blocking. They`re filibustering. And now
running around creating scandals connecting them where they don`t connect.
Maybe we should use that don`t get paid if you don`t work.

Roger asks, "Will you run as a candidate again for president in 2016?"

Well, Roger, that`s a long way off. All I can say is those that say
don`t know, those that know won`t say. Right now I`m trying to run for
trying to do the right thing to make this country go forward the president
will have that we`ve already elected and re-elected, we`ll see what happens
with the next one when that time comes around.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right


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