Chirpify Makes Tweet-to-Buy Easier

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Impulse buying while browsing your social media feeds just became much easier. Chirpify, a shopping platform that lets people buy items by tweeting or posting a comment on Facebook or Instagram, is now accepting payments using debit and credit cards, as well as direct payments from connected bank accounts.

Until today (June 11), social media users had to use PayPal to buy goods through Chirpify partners, which meant sellers had to pay a transaction fee to both PayPal and Chirpify. Without the PayPal fee, shoppers may see a bit of a discount from Chirpify's retail partners, including Adidas, Taco Bell, the Portland Trailblazers and Snoop Dogg.

If you're not familiar with Chirpify (a real possibility if you're not a fan of  basketball , tacos or rap music), it allows stores and individuals to sell items within Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So instead of seeing a special offer on a pair of Adidas running shoes in an Instagram feed and then going to the Adidas site to buy, a Chirpify user can tweet back "buy," and the shoes will be on their way. Keep in mind that your Chirpify transactions are visible to anyone viewing your stream, so this isn't a good way to shop for a surprise gift.

But  Chirpify  isn't just about shopping; you can sell items through the platform, too. And, you don't have to be Adidas or Snoop Dogg to do it. Musicians, artists and others have used the service, which lets them promote their work and sell it with a simple tweet or post. Friends can also use Chirpify to send payments each other. Both parties must have a Chirpify account to use the service.

To set up a Chirpify account, you link your  Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts; you also choose payment methods for buying and selling, and these two tasks don't have to be linked to the same account. For instance, you might want to buy stuff with your VISA card, but receive payments directly to your checking account.

Your financial information is securely stored and encrypted, according to Chirpify. If you notice a charge against your account that was made without your permission, Chirpify says it will cover you for the full amount of every eligible, unauthorized transaction.

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