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The Ed Show for Saturday, June 15th, 2013

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June 15, 2013
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Axel Caballero, Lena Taylor, Mike Papantonio, Ruth
Conniff, Cliff Guffey

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans, and welcome to THE ED SHOW,
live from Minneapolis.

Holy smokes! It`s 5:00 Eastern. Let`s get to work.


majority of Republicans voting for the farm bill.

CHARACTER: This is just one small problem and it`s a big one.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Legislation in favor of Monsanto`s activities pushed
through very strongly by (INAUDIBLE) power.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The ultimate loser will be our farmers.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to be in production agriculture, and you`re
going to be in bed with Monsanto.

BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: It is all the stuff that goes into making food the
worse kinds of foods. It`s not beets and broccoli.

JON STEWART, COMEDIAN: Your aphid repealing soybean, your meat carrot,
your tomato that will throw itself at bad entertainment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would like to know what I`m eating.

MAHER: Shut up and eat your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) mutant chili.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.
This is a story that needs attention and a lot more conversation. There`s
two facets to the story. It`s the money and the food.

Tea Partiers, where are you? Congress is about to pass a nearly trillion-
dollar spending bill and we`re not hearing any of this traditional
Republican garbage.


BOEHNER: Spending is the problem.

REP. PAUL RYAN (R), WISCONSIN: We have a spending problem.

BOEHNER: We have a spending problem. If you look at the spending problem,
you see it does nothing -- nothing to solve the spending problem.

Washington has a spending problem. For 55, the last 60 years, we`ve spent
more money than what we brought in.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R), KENTUCKY: We don`t have a tax problem. We have
a spending problem.

RYAN: We can`t keep spending money we do not have.

REP. ERIC CANTOR (R-VA), MAJORITY LEADER: We are committed in the house as
you know to address the underlying problem which is the spending.


SCHULTZ: Well, let me set the record straight, because as it stands right
now, the 2013 farm bill is expected to cost taxpayers roughly $955 billion
over the next decade. How much?

Holy smokes! This bill is bigger than 2009 economic stimulus package which
of course the Republicans were against. And the original cost estimate for
Obamacare which, of course, the Republicans hate. But we`re not seeing
right wingers sobbing in the streets about government handouts and
socialism. Are we?

You see, the farm bill -- a little history here, not to get too wonky. But
the farm bill was created to help family farmers. Keep producers on the
land and guarantee the country a steady food supply so nobody goes hungry.
We have evolved to this. Republicans love what this farm bill is today,
which is a handout to big farms and huge agribusinesses like Monsanto.
Hell, John Boehner is even planning to vote yes on this.

Republicans also love the bill because it contains massive cuts to the food
stamp program. Got to pick on the poor. You see, food stamp program is
known as SNAP. The senate has already approved their version of the farm
bill by a huge margin. It calls for roughly $4 billion in cuts to food

The House is still working out details on their version of the bill but, of
course, the Republican House, what do they want to do? They want to cut
$20 billion in cuts to the food stamp funding in America. Hurt the poor
again, righties.

Meanwhile, FOX Business host and women`s issue expert Lou Dobbs thinks the
cuts well, they should go further.


LOU DOBBS, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: The Senate bill would actually cut
spending and food stamps by almost negligible $4 billion but a bill
awaiting to be in the House calls for a $20 billion cut in food stamps.
Still, when you`re talking about both measures providing over $700 billion
to food stamps alone over the next decade, neither cut, of course, is
particularly sharp.


SCHULTZ: Easy for big Lou Dobbs to say. He rakes in that big fat
paycheck, and doesn`t have to worry about putting food on his table. He is
in the 1 percent. It is estimated the House cuts would cause almost 2
million people in this country to lose food stamps, the less fortunate.
And it would limit access to school meals. Let`s pick on the kids.

But Republicans, you know, what they could, they could care less. One
heartless Republican actually quoted the Bible, making the case for food
stamp cuts.


REP. STEPHEN FINCHER (R), TENNESSEE: I looked at Second Thessalonians
3:10, "For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule. The one who
is unwilling to work shall not eat."


SCHULTZ: Let`s consider the source here. That was Republican Congressman
Stephen Fincher of Tennessee. This guy really is the poster child for
hypocrisy. And what`s wrong with the Republican Party.

You see, Fincher is one of the biggest recipients of farm bill handouts in
all of Tennessee history. From 1999 to 2012, his farm took over, took in
$3.4 million in farm subsidies. He took over 70 grand in government
handouts last year alone and it`s important to point out, that these are
direct payments based on the amount of land Fincher owns. He could grow no
crops and still get his government handout.

So let`s do a little math here, folks. The average SNAP recipient, food
stamp recipient in Tennessee, gets roughly $4 a day in aid. Fincher, well,
he got $193 a day in farm payments. Are we getting fair yet? Let`s get
this absolutely straight. Fincher voted to cut food stamps while
increasing crop insurance that, of course, he would personally benefit

Now, I wonder what the Bible says about that, Fincher`s actions. Because
of people like Fincher, this congressman from Tennessee, the new farm bill
limits direct subsidies and increases crop insurance by $9 billion. But
this move really is a bait-and-switch, because the biggest farms reap the
biggest rewards from failure. One "New York Times" op-ed called it welfare
for the wealthy. The new farm bill is also filled with amendments to help
big agro companies like Monsanto.

Now, the controversial multimillion dollar agricultural corporation
recently sparked massive protest all over the globe. More than 2 million
people protested the agri giants GMO or generally modified crops.
Activists warned GMOs could be very harmful for worldwide food supply and
production. And the health of every single person who eats this stuff
could be in jeopardy. And the farm bill protects these Franken foods with
an extension of the Monsanto protection act.

The bill also gives away $41 billion worth of commodity programs to boost
corn and wheat production. Here`s the result.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Over the past few decades, we`ve seen a raise in
obesity rates tame we`ve seen a tremendous increase in corn and soy


SCHULTZ: Wow! It looks like we`re making the wrong stuff or dishing it
out wrong!

The farm bill, for a little history, was started in 1933 on the heels of
the depression. To make sure that every American was always going to have
a steady supply of affordable food on the table. It`s called a cheap food
policy. And let me remind you what happens when governments don`t pay
attention to their feeding of the people, food shortages in Europe during
the 1930s, led to an extremist coming to power interesting rise of the
madman. You know the rest of the story.

You see, America made a decision then that we needed a cheap food policy.
But as it has evolved today, corporations have corrupted the system to the
point where big agribusiness has put dangerous, unhealthy food on the
counters in grocery stores across America and it ends up on our tables.

The small farmer bottom line is getting kicked off the land and reach
farmers are reaping the huge profits. So, this concept of a cheap food
policy, I`m all for. It`s very important.

But let`s not distort the priorities. I`m for safety nets. I`m for
disaster relief.

I believe that price supports have got to be there for the American
producer. But it is evolved to nothing but a corporate handout. The big
get bigger or the family farmer can`t make it.

That`s wrong. We have wrong policies put in this farm bill and it has also
been set up ideologically where the Republicans going out and say, we made
cuts. We`ve cut all the fat.

Yes, you have. You`ve cut some fat and you didn`t do it by going after the
corporations. You didn`t do it by going after big agribusiness. You gave
them more money while you took away the food stamp program, to the tune of
$20 billion in the House?

Why did the Senate Democrats even consider giving up $4 billion in food
stamp cuts? What about the nutritional value of the farm program in this
country, the farm bill, which has kids come to school in at least once a
day get something good to eat? Do we care about the inner cities in
America anymore?

I`ll tell you what, distorted priorities, you can find them everywhere in
America. But I don`t want to hear any Tea Partiers just screaming about
government spending. When we are about to put on the table, $955 billion
over the next 10 years that will go right to the corporations and right to
the wealthy, while we stick it to the poor. And oh, by the way, as I said,
it is bigger than the stimulus package which of course the Tea Party hated.
It is bigger than Obamacare which all Republicans hate.

You`d be the judge. Is this fair? Is this the right way to go? This is

But you see, when we`re focused on "A.P.", and we`re focused on FBI, and
we`re focused on Benghazi, stuff like this, almost a trillion dollars just
kind of slips through the cracks.

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question is, is government welfare for big agribusiness bad for America?
Text A for yes, text B for no, to 67622. You can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the show. For more
on this, let`s turn to independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

Senator, great to have with us tonight. I appreciate it.

This is a parallel to what we`re seeing in tax policy, I believe, Senator,
that we are favoring the wealthy again and sticking it to the little guy
and hurting American families who desperately need that cheap food policy.

Senator, put it together for us. Where can we correct this? Your

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I), VERMONT: Ed, I appreciate very much that you are
focusing on something that we don`t talk enough about. That is poverty in
America is at almost a 50-year high. We have 46 million people living in
poverty. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty in the
industrialized world.

We have millions of seniors today who are wondering how they`re going to be
eating tomorrow and they suffer illness as a result. So when you have a
declining middle class and people fall into poverty, when you have real
wages going down for millions of Americans. What you end up with is a real
need for food on behalf of millions and millions of children and seniors.

Let`s be clear. Most of the families that receive food stamps have kids.
Many of them are working families and many others are senior citizens.
Those are the people who get food stamps. And we have got to decide in
this country, at a time when we`re seeing outrageous wealth and income
inequality. Rich people doing fence phenomenally well, middle class
disappearing, poverty terribly high.

Are we going to make certain that nobody in this great country goes hungry
or are we going to do as the Republicans want, make massive cuts in food
stamp programs, nutrition programs for seniors and other programs? And I
think the answer is pretty obvious. The American people understand that in
this great country, people should not go hungry.

SCHULTZ: No question about it, no doubt about it. But what we are seeing
here is distorted priorities? The Tea party all of a sudden, they`re

They have no problem with these billions of dollars going to big
agribusiness, and all of the wealth going to the wealthiest farmers who are
out there. While the little guy gets kicked in the side of the road along
with the recipients of food stamps.

There is no fat in food stamps as I see it. There is no fat in school
nutritional programs which is needed by of course, the portion of the
population you`re talking about.

Senator, how do we fix this? What would be the correct move?

SANDERS: Well, the correct, it seems to me, are two basic issues. Number
one, as a nation, we have got to defend the social safety net, and
understand that we cannot allow a situation to exist where kids or seniors
go hungry. But that`s not just food stamps, Ed. As you and I talked many
times, that is Social Security, that`s Medicare, that`s Medicaid.

But protecting the social safety net so that people do not go hungry in
America is one thing. The other thing is, we have to deal with the poverty
issue. And how do you deal with that. You deal with it by creating
millions and millions of decent-paying jobs. You`ve got to put people back
to work. Real unemployment today is closed to 14 percent.

That`s rebuild our infrastructure, transform our energy system, put
millions of people back to work. Give them a paycheck. Most working
people would rather have paycheck than be on food stamps.

SCHULTZ: Senator, I want to focus now on GMOs. Your amendment to let
states label GMOs, genetically modified organisms was voted down. Why
don`t more senators get on board with this recognizing the danger involved

SANDERS: Well, here`s what the story is. I think all over this country, I
could tell you, it`s certainly true in Vermont, people want to know the
quality of the food they`re eating and what they`re giving to their kids is
good quality. We just don`t know all that much about genetically modified

So, my amendment was a pretty conservative amendment. It said in states
like Vermont and Connecticut and other states where legislatures are voting
for labeling on food products that have GMO product, let them go forward.

Now, Monsanto and the other companies saying states can`t do it. It is a
federal prerogative. My amendment said if California, Vermont,
Connecticut, other states want to go forward, they should have the right.
What we know, Ed, is that all over Europe, we`ve got dozens and dozens of
countries which do label GMO products. We should be able to do that in the
United States as well.

SCHULTZ: Senator Bernie Sanders, always great to have you with us on THE
ED SHOW. Appreciate you being here tonight. Thank you so much.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there on the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, and Ed Show and on Facebook. We
love it when you sign up there and check us out. We always want to know
what you think.

Both sides are working towards immigration reform on the Hill. But over on
FOX, the issue has conservatives calling each other the dreaded L word.

And Scott Walker`s brother policies have Wisconsin trailing the nation.
Our rapid response panel will die on that tonight. Stay with us. You`re
watching THE ED SHOW on MSNBC.


FAKE DAVID KOCH: I tell you what Scott, once you crush these (EXPLETIVE
DELETED) I`ll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), WISCONSIN: All right. That would be outstanding.



SCHULTZ: Time now for the trenders. Here on THE ED SHOW, we listen to
you. Every week before the program, we check out our Facebook, our Twitter
page and our blogs. So, now, you decided and we are reporting.

Here are this week`s top trenders voted on by you.



SCHULTZ (voice-over): Our third trender. Tim Tebow jets to New England.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A lot of people thought Tebow`s career was over but
he lives to play again.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: Do I intend to run for president of
the Tim Tebow fan club.

SCHULTZ: But the media`s enthusiasm didn`t translate to the locker room.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s a talented guy, smart, works hard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gosh, we`re all really impressed down here, I can tell

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ve all seen him play. He can do a lot of things.
We`ve seen that.


SCHULTZ: The number two trender: sprung a leak.

JON STEWART, COMEDIAN: Let`s get straight to the story everyone is talking
about. The NSA knows what everyone is talking about.

SCHULTZ: The NSA story has Sean Hannity flipping like a crappy on a duck.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: The party that`s week on national defense, that
doesn`t want the Patriot Act, the NSA program, the data mining program.

These actions by the Obama administration are clear, very clear violation
of the Fourth Amendment.

Our techniques are working. We`ve got the NSA program here. We`ve got the
Patriot Act program here. Big Brother is monitoring your every move
whether it be online or on the telephone.

It is staggering that we`re debating the use of these techniques, and as
law-abiding citizens, you have a right to privacy.

SCHULTZ: In this week`s top trender: debate a bill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A landmark immigration debate bill that would put
millions on the path to citizenship cleared its first vote in the Senate.

SCHULTZ: The Senate starts the immigration discussion.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: More than 80 senators voted yes to tackle an overhaul
of the law. That won`t be easy will.

SCHULTZ: While the conservative media is reduced to name calling.


HANNITY: You are like a liberal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, no, he didn`t.

COULTER: No, nothing. You are like a liberal, making a silly argument.


UNIDENTIFIED MALES: I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what
am I? Infinity.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Axel Caballero, who is a founder and director
of "Cuentame".

Axel, good to have you on THE ED SHOW tonight.

You know, trusting Republicans is a long road to go when it comes to
immigration reform. I don`t think it`s going to happen. I hope it does.
But I think this is all motivated by their demographic problem that they
have at the polls in this country right now.

Do you trust that there really is going to be enough honest brokers on the
conservative side that we`re going to see some real reforms to address
undocumented workers in this country? Your thoughts.

AXEL CABALLERO, DIRECTOR, "CUENTAME": Well, first of all, Ed, what I think
is that we can`t trust anyone. We`ve seen in the past how this goes down.
And it`s really unfortunate, the back-and-forth that is happening within
the Republican Party and even on the floor, on the debate.

But more important, when we hear and when Senator Jeff Sessions introducing
44 amendment that called for absurd items, when he with see Senator
Grassley introduce 77 amendments that he knows will kill this bill, when we
see Representative King in the House calling DREAMers students invading
aliens invading their office -- obviously when we`re asked the question,
can we trust these legislators and politicians, the answer is no. Why?
Because we`ve been down this road before, in 2007, 2008. And it killed the

SCHULTZ: Well, do you think that Congress should raise the minimum wage
and connect it to the immigration reform at the same time so a lot of
Americans who were here aren`t going to be left behind economically? Do
you see a connection between the two or is that not relevant?

CABALLERO: Absolutely. And it`s very relevant. I mean, what we`re seeing
right now, and particularly as we`re discussing in the farm issue,
particularly, we`ve seen depressed wages there where employers,
particularly big agribusiness are taking advantage of our workers, are
taking advantage of our workers, in some instances, paying way below the
wages that need to be paid.

And what is most important, I want to quote of "Cuentame" supporters on
this, one of our supporters that says, "Immigrants contribute to our
economy. Immigrants pay taxes. We contribute actively. We create jobs.
We`re actively mobilizing a lot of the important aspects of our economy.

And so, when we are having discussion about what is the living wage and how
fast can we live on, right now, $14,500 is nearly minimum wage. At the
same time, they`re talking about be giving access to services. What we`re
creating is a shadow economy, a shadow economy of a community in perpetual
marginalization and perpetual poverty and we need to stop that.

SCHULTZ: I think the conservative movement in this country does not want
immigration reform. It helps keep wages down just what you`re talking
about. But there`s also somewhat of a mindset that is very strange. This
came out of mouth of Jeb Bush.

I want to you hear what Jeb Bush had to say about immigrants. Here it is.


JEB BUSH (R), FORMER FLORIDA GOVERNOR: We`re going to have fewer workers
taking care of a larger number of people that the country has a social
contract with, to be able to allow them to retire with dignity and purpose.
We cannot do that with the fertility rates we have in our country.
Immigrants are more fertile and they love families and they have more
intact families and they bring a younger population.


SCHULTZ: What`s your response to that?

CABALLERO: He is supposed to be the smart one, right? He is supposed to
be the one that is really advocating. The sad part about that clip is that
he was making a point pro-immigration and pro-immigration reform

They`re getting lost in those points. They`re getting lost with this
rhetoric. I`m trying to peg the Latino community, our community in a
certain way. They just don`t understand. They keep misunderstanding the
point of what we`re all about.

And statements like this only further the particular knowledge that what is
driving a lot of the rhetoric within the Republican Parties is -- within
the Republican Party is completely different than what needs to be happen
right now which is policy. They tied themselves to really obscure groups
like the John Tanton Network, Numbers USA, FAIR, all these groups that have
very close and obscure ties to white nationalism. And this is driving a
lot of the talking points in the extreme right of the Republican Party and
this is furthering the points in the immigration debate.

SCHULTZ: Yes. Axel Caballero, we have to have you back. Great to have
you on THE ED SHOW. Appreciate your time. And great work at "Cuentame" --
thank you.

Wisconsin`s economy is in what? A tail spin? I thought Walker was the
savior? But state Republicans, you see, they have other priorities other
than a good economy. Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor joins me for the

And Republicans are trying to do what neither snow nor rain nor heat nor
gloom of night can do -- the latest attack on the Postal Service coming up.
This has my hot button.

But next, I`m taking your questions. "Ask Ed Live" just ahead. Stay with


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

We love hearing from our viewers.

Tonight in our "Ask Ed Live" segment, the first question come from
Jacqueline Williams. She says, "Ed, if you could sit down with President
Obama, what would you ask him?"

You know, I have thought about that an awful lot because I`ve never had the
opportunity to sit down with President Obama. I`ve had lunch with him a
few time with other reporters but I`ve never had a chance to do a one-on-

I would ask him this -- Mr. President, why haven`t you directed the Justice
Department to further investigate Wall Street and bring those crooks to

Our next question comes from Michael. Why does Darrell Issa, congressman
from California, continue to lie about Benghazi, the IRS, without evidence?
Well, first of all, Darrell Issa has a pattern of not telling the truth
throughout his entire life.

This is a man who hates workers, he hates unions, he is trying to destroy
the Postal Service which I`ll talk more about later in this broadcast. But
it`s interesting you ask about Issa. Why does he lie about Benghazi and
the IRS? Because he can, and he has right wing media who will allow him to
do it. He`ll have cover in partisan media.

Sometimes, it`s not the truth. It`s what we can get people to think. And
basically, Issa is on a mission to make people think Obama and his
administration is totally corrupt and he needs to be impeached.

Stick around. The rapid response panel is next here on THE ED SHOW. Stay
with us.



GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), WISCONSIN: The good news is we have success and
it`s happening in our states. We`ve laid a positive foundation to move
Wisconsin forward and people want to continue down that path. We need to
do that nationally as well.


SCHULTZ: Oh, I just can`t let the story go.

Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. Now, I am broadcasting tonight from Minnesota
where the economy in this state is growing thanks to progressive action.
You see, what happened in the state of Minnesota, state Democrats have
raised taxes on the top income earners and that`s not the case across the
river in Wisconsin.

We`re seeing new signs that Governor Walker`s policies basically are
killing Wisconsin. Remember, Walker is devoted to austerity for the entire
country. Watch his emotional reaction to Paul Ryan`s convention speech on
cutting programs for the poor in keeping taxes low for the wealthy.


REP. PAUL RYAN (R), WISCONSIN: Let`s get this done and that`s exactly what
we`re going to do.



SCHULTZ: Those are tears of joy. But here`s what the desperado should
really be crying about. Wisconsin`s economy is now ranked 49th out of 50
states in the United States of America. Wisconsin is 44th in job creation.
The fifth worst when it comes to good private sector wages. And those
wages are dropping twice as fast as the national average.

Let`s get some reaction from our rapid response panel tonight. Wisconsin
State Senator Lena Taylor, radio talk show host and firebrand, Mike
Papantonio, and also, Ruth Conniff with "The Progressive" magazine. Great
to have all of you with us.

Senator Taylor, you first. What is happening to Wisconsin`s economy? Why
is it struggling? Why is it 49th out of 50?

ST. SEN. LENA TAYLOR (D), WISCONSIN: We got a new governor and we`ve been
going backwards instead of our state motto of forwards since then. That`s
the truth. And it is showing every step of the way.

Even though they insist that all the numbers are wrong, that suggest that
we are at the bottom or near the bottom in the nation for recovery and for
jobs, they suggest that we are doing just fine. The Republicans do, that

SCHULTZ: Isn`t it -- isn`t it the austerity that has really led Wisconsin
to where you are right now? These massive cuts on wage earners have not
been productive at all?

TAYLOR: There is no question. Many of our citizens had double hits
because they were either state employees or they were teachers or
individuals that were hit by those particular areas that received some of
the largest cuts in our state history, Ed. Education has seen the largest
cut it has in state history. Now, our universities are positioned to
receive the largest cut they`ve ever received in state history.

So, what you have is a lack of investment in the very things that will help
to turn our economy around to be very candid with you. And this is the way
that they believe. Invest in their friends. Give dollars and credits to
their friends. But pull back on the working class citizens, and that is in
turn harming our economy because it`s preventing them from having dollars
they can invest in the community.

SCHULTZ: It almost models what is happening in Europe. It really does,
the austerity. And Ruth Conniff, why do Republicans praise Scott Walker
when his leadership is so bad for workers? What are they up to?

Wisconsin are in a very uncomfortable position because they are having to
choose between Scott Walker who is a national right wing star and has
presidential ambitions and doing what their leadership tells them to do,
which they`re very familiar with doing the Republican Party in Wisconsin,
and their constituents who are really hurting now.

You know, Walker is not only got us way down in terms of job creation which
was his big promise. Remember, he was promising to create 250,000 new
jobs. He is on track to do less than a quarter of that. We are looking
horrible compared to our neighbor, Minnesota.

We are rejecting federal funds for health care so taxpayers in Wisconsin
are going to spend more money to cover fewer people and we`re voucherizing
our school system, so the Republicans in Wisconsin are increasingly in this
uncomfortable position of having to go home to talk to constituents who are
doing worse and worse. But so far they are driving the entire agenda of
their party.

SCHULTZ: Mike Papantonio isn`t Walker making a play nationally? I mean,
this is really the kind of candidate that the Republicans want on a
national level. What`s the play here?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, RADIO HOST: Yes. Well, the Koches have wanted him on for
a long time. If he goes for it, he ignores the obvious. And that is
repressive regressive governments always end up with a depressive economy.

Now, he is talking about, this is what we want for the nation. Obviously,
those are words that, spoken of a man who intends to run. Walker in all
the other Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, GOP governor failures, haven`t
learned that you cannot give us a loss of purchasing power and you can`t
dry up money from the bottom and expect capitalism to work.

It`s more than just the austerity issue with this governor. This is a guy
that passed up on $12 billion worth of Medicaid funding that he could have
gotten, passed up on $870 million that he could have gotten for the state,
thousands of jobs for a decade on the high speed rail, lost 80,000 jobs
just from the last recession.

SCHULTZ: So, these were his decisions. This was his leadership and this
is, those are his decisions. And now look where the Badger State is

Rapid response topic number two. Instead of working on the economy,
Republicans in Wisconsin are ramping up the war on women. It`s alive and

Senate Republicans passed a mandatory ultrasound bill and the vote turned


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The question before the body is passage of the bill. A
roll call will be required. The clerk will call the roll. The clerk will
call the roll.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senator Carpenter.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re interrupting our roll call. Sit down. Right
now. Call the roll.

UNIDENTIFIED MLE: Senator Carpenter, Coles, Collin --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re interrupting a roll call and that will not be
tolerated. Sit down.


SCHULTZ: The House also passed the bill. Governor Walker says that he
will sign it. Lena Taylor, this is an iron fist democracy being lost, the
war on women alive and well. How do you read it?

TAYLOR: The war on women is alive and well. Anti-women legislation has
been their priority, not creating jobs. We were silenced that day.

The president broke his gavel, the women in the gallery, in the assembly,
were escorted out.

This is no different than what I experienced when I heard of the women,
when I went to Turkey and heard of what the women in the Middle East are
experiencing with the Taliban trying to silence them for being at the
table. This was a similar kind of bullying experience that we experienced
on the Senate floor in the legislature of Wisconsin. And this is all
they`re doing. No job bills.

SCHULTZ: What is it about people in metropolitan areas don`t think like
this. Ruth, is this just a big rural push across America?

CONNIFF: You mean the anti-abortion push?

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

CONNIFF: Without a doubt, it is an issue that has been popular in the
Wisconsin legislature among Republicans for a long time. We used to have a
Democratic governor who would veto all of these measures.

Now, they have Walker in place. He used to be one of them. One of the
legislators who came through the pro-life movement and was determined who
was very, very tough on women`s choice. And we`re having Planned
Parenthood clinics close all over the state. We`re going to have one close
in Appleton because of this ultrasound requirement, which is what we just

I`m so glad that you`re showing it, Ed. Because people, we don`t have tens
of thousands of protester out monitoring this every day anymore, but it`s
just as bad as it was during height of the Wisconsin uprising. They call a
jobs session then and did nothing but cancel sex ed classes and take away
people`s birth control and restrict abortion further.

Now, we`re having this happen again. We`re talking about vaginal probes.
This is the stuff that hurt them so much in the national election.

SCHULTZ: Mike, how are the Republicans going to deal with this in 2016?

PAPANTONIO: Well, I think they`ve lost control. Any time you have a
Republican governor and a Republican legislature, you`ve had, you`ve had
the odd balls in control of what used to be government. You know, we think
that they`ve gotten over the culture wars but they haven`t. You still have
that part of the Republican agenda. When they don`t have substance to talk
about, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, terrible economy, why does he want
to talk about the economy when he can take you into a cultural issue like

But it`s not just Wisconsin. It`s happening in virtually every state where
you have a Republican governor and a Republican legislature. They`re
changing American culture one state at a time.

SCHULTZ: They are so narrow in their thinking and I just don`t know how
they`re going to politically survive this in the long haul. Wisconsin
State Senator Lena Taylor, Mike Papantonio, Ruth Conniff, great to have you
with us on the issue tonight. Thanks so much for joining us.

Tonight in our survey, I asked you, is government welfare for big
agribusiness bad for America? Ninety-seven percent of you say yes, 3
percent of you say no. You can follow me on Twitter @EdShow and @WeGotEd.

Republican lightweight Marco Rubio sucks down a big gulp of bigotry, next.


SCHULTZ: Our pretender tonight, the Florida flop, Senator Marco Rubio.
After the devastating presidential loss, the Republican Party planned to
solve their image problem by supporting the same discriminatory practices,
only now in hushed tones.


REINCE PRIEBUS, RNC CHAIRMAN: Our principles are sound. We can be true to
our principles without being disrespectful to those who don`t agree with
100 percent of them.


SCHULTZ: Reince Priebus sees nothing wrong, with their rotten politics?
As long as the GOP is careful not to draw attention to garbage, they can
keep piling it higher. But when the Republicans are asked point blank,
where they stand on real reform, the same bad policy shines on through.

When new hope Senator Marco Rubio was asked about a bill designed to end
workplace discrimination for LGBT individuals, he had this to say.


REPORTER: The Senate this summer is going to be taking up the Employment
Nondiscrimination Act which makes it illegal to fire someone for being gay.
Do you know if you`ll be supporting that?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: I haven`t read the legislation. But, by
and large, I think all Americans should be protected, but I`m not for any
special protections based on orientation.

REPORTER: What about on race or gender?

RUBIO: Well, that`s established law.

REPORTER: But not for sexual orientation?

RUBIO: Hi, how are you, man?


SCHULTZ: Firing someone for being a woman or African-American should be
illegal but for being gay? Question mark. That`s not a problem for Marco
Rubio, the senator from Florida? And that`s what he must call compromise.

If Marco Rubio and the Republicans want to pretend to flat out
discrimination is good for their image, they can just keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. Time now to do a story for the
folks who take a shower after work.

This is really sticking in my craw. This is a story I`ve done before, I
can`t do it enough because I can`t believe that Americans aren`t outraged
by this, and the Democrats are not holy on this story. I want to point
that out up front.

This week, Congress is looking at yet another draft proposal on post office
reform. But once again they are failing to act. Now, I have been telling
you on this program for years about the unjustified attack on this great
American institution. Back in 2006, the lame duck session of the Congress
passed legislation forcing the Postal Service to pre-fund their pension.

Imagine any business in America having to fund their health care and
pension for the next 75 years, and do it in a 10-year window. No one would
operate like that.

You know what this is? This is government intrusion. This is government
takeover, and it is a complete effort to destroy the postal service, and it
amazes me how little the American people are paying attention to this story
and how little they know about the postal service and its operations.

Now, many have bought the idea that the post office -- well, they`re
obsolete, they`re dysfunctional. They`re ready to shut their doors.

Folks, this simply is not the case. Another myth: taxpayers dollars fund
the mail service. That is a flat out lie. Zero, I mean, zero. Not one
penny of your tax dollars goes to the post office. This independent agency
is solely funded by the purchase of stamps -- the purchase of postage and
other related products.

The destruction of the postal service hurts everybody in this country. It
is unnecessary, but where`s the money? Since 2006 when this legislation
passed, they have had to take this money and fund their health care in
advance which is about $6 billion a year on the line item budget. All of a
sudden, we`ve got government entities that are stepping up saying, hey,
give us the money. It`s fraudulent is what it is.

For more, I`m joined tonight by Cliff Guffey. He`s the president of the
American Postal Workers Union.

Mr. Guffey, great to have you with us tonight. I want you to explain the
money that has been collected since this law passed in 2006, the fund that
has been accumulated and what is happening to it right now? Is it really
going to where it`s supposed to go?

of the situation. All of our retirement funds are CSRS and our first for
retirement, which is two different types of retirement funds for federal
workers. Once for the Post Office have been fully funded and actually

Now, the 2006 law required the Postal Service to pre-fund health insurance
going out 75 years. Now, of course in 2006, we almost had 300,000 more
employees than we do today, because the postal service is cutting back and
becoming more and more efficient because of the productivity of the
employees. So, not only are we over funded in our retirement system, we`ve
put $45 billion into the future retiree health insurance fund.

Now, that money has been collected, and they tell the postal service, we
can`t give you back the overages. It would be against the law. But what`s
happening right now today because this money is sitting there, because the
federal government is under funded, and they don`t -- the administration
does not want to go back to Congress to ask to raise the debt limit, they
said, oh, here`s this money sitting here that came through postage sales
and it`s sitting in these funds. We will utilize that money so we don`t
have to raise our debt borrowing limit.

In other words, we`ll just raid these funds. That is the tragedy for our

SCHULTZ: It is absolutely outrageous that this money was earmarked for
health care for the next 75 years. You`ve got to do it in a 10-year
window. You`ve got to raise this money, and now, the government`s coming
along raiding the fund. Is that the correct word, "raiding"?

GUFFEY: Well, they`re utilizing it and it`s not for what it was put there
for. It`s being utilized to carry the government, the subsidized tax
dollars now, as you`d say.

SCHULTZ: That`s unbelievable.

You`ve got Congress right now -- you`ve got Congress right now, approval
rating of 10 percent via Gallup poll and you wonder why. Well, it`s stuff
like this. But where are the Democrats? They ran on supporting the
working class, sticking up for workers. This is the perfect time to stick
up for workers. Your thoughts on that?

GUFFEY: Well, there`s a lot of the Democratic leadership sticking up for
the post office and postal employees and backing us pretty well. They just
can`t get anything done because you have the Republican House controlled by
Issa and his group of individuals who, hey, let`s contract this out, and
let`s have everyone in America working for, change the minimum wage to it
maximum wage and say that`s what everyone were work for, if they have to
hit a clock, and the billionaires can have everything else.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Guffey, I`m going stay on this story. America needs to know
this story. Everywhere, it`s wrong. It`s an injustice on workers. And
this is something Congress has to act on.

Cliff Guffey, great to have with us on THE ED SHOW tonight. We`ll continue
the fight.

And that is THE ED SHOW. I`m Ed Schultz. We`ll see you right back here
tomorrow 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Have a great one.


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