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Let’s talk about sex (in a funny new book)

The new book "On My Knees" is about exactly what it sounds like--and more.
/ Source: The Cycle

The new book "On My Knees" is about exactly what it sounds like--and more.

If sex sells, then this book is going to fly off the shelves.

We’ve got a new way for you to fill the void left by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Yes, there’s “Girls.” But until they’re back for Season 3, “On My Knees” will give you your fix of sexual comic memoirs.

This is basically the book that Hannah Horvath’s editor wished she’d write. The book focuses on author Periel Aschenbrand’s sexual adventures in New York City after getting out of a decade-long relationship. It was written, for the most part, as it happened. Which means that her friends, lovers, and family are all included. “I think people have a pretty good sense of humor about themselves until they don’t anymore,” she said on The Cycle, “and then they have some romantic notion of being written about until I actually write about them.” Still, she sees everything as fair game. “Everybody knows I’m a writer. I don’t pretend like I’m a scientist.”

But while sex is the main focus of the book, in Aschenbrand’s own life it was more of a metaphor for the period of her life she was going through. “There were moments that weren’t entertaining at all. It was sort of devastating. I think finding the humor in it all is sort of what saved me.”

Spoiler alert: Aschenbrand finds her Prince Charming–seemingly by accident–after what she expected to be just one night in Tel Aviv. Her advice for other single girls: “I think that counting on men that you barely know for your self-confidence is a terrible idea. I mean, I think that you should do what you feel like doing because you feel like doing it.”

The book hits stores this week.