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Morning Headlines: Friday, June 21

The Morning Joe headlines for Friday, June 21
/ Source: Morning Joe

The Morning Joe headlines for Friday, June 21

Here are the stories we’re reading this morning. What headlines are getting your attention?

Heat repeat: Miami scores third NBA title in epic Game 7

Syria spillover violence threatens Israel cease-fire

An all-woman jury for the George Zimmerman case

Negotiations With Taliban Could Depend on Detainees

Sweeping Protests in Brazil Pull In an Array of Grievances

Jewish Man Is Killed at Western Wall

Stealth Campaign From White House for Immigration Bill

Syrian chemical arms claims said to be unverifiable

George Will: Obama hits a wall in Berlin

Fed anxiety spurs worst day for Dow in 2013

Global Sell-off Shows Fed Reach Beyond the U.S.

From Tony Soprano to Chris Christie

Documents Detail Restrictions on N.S.A. Surveillance

House rejects farm bill, 195-234

Kerry facing 2 thorny foreign policy issues on trip: crisis in Syria and talks with Taliban

Brazil unrest: ‘Million’ join protests in 100 cities

Apple antitrust trial ends; ruling could be broad

Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name : Finally Revealed ?

New implant helps boy hear for first time

Andrew WK completes 24-hour drumming challenge

Rising Waters May Force 100,000 From Their Homes In Western Canada