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The Ed Show for Satuday,June 22nd, 2013

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June 22, 2013
Guests: Virg Bernero, Keith Ellison, Charniele Herring, Leo Gerard

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And welcome to THE ED
SHOW, live from New York.

You mean I`m not fishing today? All right. Let`s get to work.


GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: These governors that are highly
successful across the country, and it`s really interesting, most of those
governors are Republicans.

SCHULTZ: There is a war going on, a war against workers and the poor
and public education.

PERRY: Texas is calling.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, that`s good.

SCHULTZ: American voters are having, I think, buyers` remorse with
radical Republican governors. Blame it on Texas.

PERRY: Sorry, oops.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Remember that, Rick?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor
Rick Perry.


SCHULTZ: Republican governors are tripping all over one another.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s up, dude?


GOV. RICK SCOTT (R), FLORIDA: Basically want to do what Governor
Perry`s done.

PERRY: Texas is calling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll prove it. The stars at night are big and
bright deep in the heart of Texas.

SCOTT: Talk about how you`re going to turn the economy around.

PERRY: Adios mofo.



SCHULTZ: Oh, sometimes I wish I was on the same stage with those
guys. No, I`m not running. But I love to talk about them.

Here he is, again, he`s back at it. Slick Rick Perry, the governor
of Texas. It is all hat and no cattle, just wrapped up a five-day poaching
tour for jobs in the northeastern portion of the United States.

Now, how many liberals are up in the northeastern portion of the
United States that are going to believe a Texas brain drain here?

The Texas brain wizard planted his cowboy boots here in New York City
and in Connecticut across the river hoping to rope in some business leaders
to taking jobs to the Lone Star State. Now, the governor`s main message,
very simple. No regulation and no state income tax.

Sounds really good, doesn`t it? Perry even put together this web
video slamming New York and talking up Texas.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you just took the book of rules and regulation
in New York state, it`s 49,000 pages and it`s one of the reason small
business owners tell us New York is such a hard place to do business.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For me (INAUDIBLE), not looking good. A lot of
those business owners tell us they can`t afford to hire more people because
of how much it costs them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: New York City planning to outlaw sales of big
sodas and other sweet drinks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They do not have the right to dictate what people

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To say it`s against the law?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Governor Cuomo, he`s on board (ph).

PERRY: Why more jobs and businesses move to Texas than any other

Our state is number one for business because we have no state income
tax. Texas was ranked number one for business for the ninth straight year
by "Chief Executive" magazine. And it has added more jobs than any state
in the nation over the last five years. If you`re tired of the same old
recipe of over-taxation and overregulation and frivolous litigation, get
out before you go broke.

Texas is calling. Your opportunity awaits.


SCHULTZ: You know, Texas is a great state. Great people down there,
no question about it. They love the country.

But just hang on a minute with what he`s talking about. First, we
should point out Texas was ranked number one for business by who? "Chief
Executive" magazine? I`ve never heard of this outfit.

But then after checking this out, this fine publication also pushes
crap like has Obama painted a bull`s eye on your back?

Second, number one for business. What does that mean? That does not
mean number one for workers. Governor Perry`s message should be, come to
Texas, and you can pay your workers minimum wage. And you can give them no
health insurance.

Let`s go over some employment facts about the great state of Texas.
Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any other state in the country.
Texas has more people without health insurance than any other state in the

Rick Perry recently vetoed a Texas Equal Pay Act for Women. And he
also vetoed the Texas by American Act. Think about that. A Texas governor
would be against buying American? What`s happening here?

Meanwhile, Rick Perry is just one of the many Republican governors
who has been imposing their radical anti-middle class agenda on the
constituents. It`s been my mission on this program to wake America up to
what the six radical governors are doing and how they`re trying to
consolidate power off the same playbook in their states.

Now, the good news is, we have an opportunity here. Twenty-two
Republican governors, well, their seats are up in 2014. Two of them, of
course, are up on term limits and twenty are up for re-election. This is
where progressives have to win the game, including our own buddy Scott

Scott Walker has been doing a great job. Did I say that? Scott
walker has been doing a great job? Yes, of moving his state backwards.

He`s rolled back public employees` rights to collectively bargain.
Wisconsin`s economy is now ranked 49th out of 50 states. He can`t put
together a Governor Perry tape.

And just this weekend, his Republican legislation passed a major
school voucher program, which will take away taxpayer dollars from public
schools. Is that where you want to live? That`s why their economy is
tanking in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin voters have taken notice and the most recent poll shows the
governor is losing to former Senator Russ Feingold by three points.
Feingold hasn`t even announced whether he`s going to run or not, but all
the lefties are saying, oh, you got to do it.

Then, you have Walker`s buddy just to the Southeast, and that is John
Kasich, who I have quite a history with. See, Kasich tried and failed to
limit public employees in Ohio collective bargain, and, of course, we beat
him back on that. Kasich has also proposed massive tax cuts for the rich
in his state while increasing taxes on the poorest 60 percent of Ohioans.

Now, the most recent polls show Kasich is leading a possible
contender in 2014 by nine points and a lot of this has to do with, he got a
wakeup call after measure two didn`t go his way. And he has softened his
position, so to speak, on labor. It`s hoodwinked a few people, but,
believe me, he`s the same guy.

There is Republican Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. Let me
tell you, this guy is a dandy. You might remember Corbett because of his
controversial voter ID law. He`s also privatized Pennsylvania`s state-run
liquor stores and also the state lottery. Looks like the people of
Pennsylvania really like their state-run lotto because the most recent
polls have Corbett losing to Democratic Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz by
10 points.

This is as good of news as we can find for liberals in America right
now, because this guy, he`s a bad dude when it comes to public education.
Then you have Mr. Private Person himself, Mr. Private Prison. This guy
can`t privatize prisons enough, Governor Rick Scott of Florida.

Scott is famous for his massive 2012 voter suppression effort. Scott
has also made headlines for trying to make welfare recipients take drug


SCOTT: But the money that went through the legislature were not.

REPORTER: Governor, you benefit from hundreds of thousands of
taxpayer dollars every year. So, would you be willing to pee into this cup
to prove to Florida taxpayers that you`re not on drugs, you`re not using
the money for drugs.

SCOTT: I`ve done it plenty of times.

REPORTER: Would you pass this forward to the governor. We can all
turn around and find --

SCOTT: No longer explanation I can give you.

REPORTER: Governor, I hate to keep harping on this. But would you
pee into the cup?

SCOTT: Excuse me one second. Just one second. I`m going over here.
You don`t get to run this. (INAUDIBLE)


SCHULTZ: Drug testing the poor. That`s something that came up in
Congress this week when they were talking about the farm bill. Notice how
they all operate out of the same playbook?

Rick Scott is the poster boy for attacking the most vulnerable. The
former health care mogul has made it nearly impossible for sick and
disabled Floridians since day one.

Here`s the good news. A recent poll has Scott losing to Democrat
Charlie Crist by ten points. This will be another fantastic pickup.

Now, up north, we have foul-mouthed Republican Governor Paul LePage
of Maine. LePage has a reputation for saying absurd things but this week`s
remarks could take the cake.


GOV. PAUL LEPAGE (R), MAINE: Senator Jackson claims to be for the
people. But he`s the first one to give it to the people without providing

Dammit, that comment is not politically correct, but we`ve got to
understand who this man is. This man is a bad person. He doesn`t want to
have no brains, he has a black heart. People like Troy Jackson, they ought
to go back in the woods and cut trees and let somebody with a brain come
down here and do some work.

REPORTER: That comment about the Vaseline is going to offend some

LEPAGE: Good, it ought to, because I have been taking it for two


SCHULTZ: Classic guy. That sound bite pretty much speaks for
itself. LePage once said his greatest fear in the state of Maine is the
newspapers, the printed word. This week, the governor instituted a media
blackout of all three of Maine`s major newspapers.

The most recent poll out in that state has LePage losing in a two-way
matchup by 13 points.

And, finally, we have Republican Governor Rick Schneider of Michigan.
Schneider has come under heavy criticism for enacting one of the most anti-
Democratic legislative measures ever in Michigan`s history. He instituted
the financial city`s manager act which could wipe out entire local
governments and really make your local vote mean nothing and could do it
with a swipe of a pin, depending on how the city`s finances are.

It`s a government takeover and the people of Michigan clearly don`t
like what Snyder is doing and how he`s doing business. A recent poll shows
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero leading Snyder by five points if, of course,
Virg jumps to the gubernatorial race. It`s important to keep in mind

A lot of talk in Washington about gerrymandering and what the
Congress is going to do and how the Democrats are going to get the Congress
back. This is the key. This is the focal point. It has to be if the
progressives are going to continue their strong movement across the

The 2014 gubernatorial races are hugely important because of the
gridlock in Washington. Governors have as much power as anybody in
anybody`s day-to-day life. Far more than senators and congressman the way
Washington`s working right now. The final say on voting rights, health
care, who`s going to expand Obamacare, accepting federal money for jobs and
we`ve seen this right wing hatchet jobs say no to federal money that hurt
the job market in their states. The gerrymandering, they control that and
a whole host of issues which directly impact you at home.

So, the best way to make change is all politics is local. Focus on
your nut jobs in the gubernatorial chair because that`s where we can keep
the liberal movement in this country moving and moving forward fast.

These radical Republican governors certainly don`t match up what Mark
Dayton has been able to do in Minnesota. Minnesota with a liberal of
former Senator Mark Dayton and the Democrats in charge in the House and the
Senate, they`ve raised taxes on the wealthiest people in the state. They
have delivered a balanced budget for the first time in 10 years. They have
mopped up the mess that Tim Pawlenty left in the tune of billions into a
road to a surplus and they are funding education.

So, there are clearly two paths to take. You can take the righty
governors in these states that we`ve pointed out, or we can go to -- how
come we don`t have Minnesota up there? That`s because he`s a Democrat. Am
I partisan? Yes, I am. But I have the facts to back it up.

When you attack workers -- you lose. When you attack public
education -- you lose. When you deny Obamacare, which is going to help
millions of people get health care in this country -- you lose.

And all of these governors, what are they? They`re behind in the
polls. The people aren`t with them. There`s one guy who I haven`t
mentioned that polls well. And that`s because of a storm he has proven he
has got a pulse and that`s the big guy across the river, Chris Christie.

He has been in the position where he`s literally had to work with
President Obama. Interesting how it hasn`t hurt him a bit.

Get your cell phone out I want to know what you think about tonight`s
whole commentary. Will the conservative attack on the middle class cost
Republican governors their job in 2014? Text A for yes, text B for no to
67622. Go to our blog at Leave a comment there. We`ll love
that. You can follow me on Twitter @EdShow and @WeGotEd on the radio.
We`ll bring you results later on in the show.

Right now, I want to talk to a fire up guy who has been a fighter for
jobs and workers since the day I met him about seven years ago -- mayor of
Lansing, Michigan, Virg Bernero.

Virg, good to have you on the program tonight.

MAYOR VIRG BERNERO (D), LANSING, MICHIGAN: Great to be with you, Ed.
You are fired up and hitting every nail right on the head, as usual.

SCHULTZ: Brother, we can`t fish every day, we`ve got work to do

Look, are you going to run? What`s happening in Michigan? Are you
going to run? You ran against Snyder before. He out-funded you big time.

All of these governors have got the Koch brothers behind him,
protecting them, funding their campaigns.

Virg, what are you going to do?

BERNERO: Look, I`m not running. We have a great candidate. I do
think it`s a great year and I do think that the governor is being exposed,
like these other governors you`re talking about, the attack on labor.

You know, what we had in Michigan was a much more careful candidate.
I mean, he said very little. What we had was bait-and-switch. I think
with a lot of these guys, it`s bait-and-switch. But we have the attack on
labor with the so-called "right to work" and all out attack on public
education, we`re witnessing the corporatization of public education in
Michigan, and then, of course, the attack on pensions, on retiree pensions,
all in order to provide a huge tax break for business.

And we don`t see -- what we don`t see is a big increase in business
investment in Michigan. We don`t see the results, we see the tax cuts. We
don`t see any results from it.

SCHULTZ: So, are we getting buyer`s remorse from the folks in
Michigan on Snyder?

BERNERO: Oh, no question. No question. In fact, like you mentioned
the poll, all the polls show him down. Not just against me but the
candidate I`m endorsing, Mark Shower, former congressman, who is a
colleague of mine in the Senate, a great guy. He`s going to make a great
candidate and a great governor.

But, also, Ed, you got to think about, what is keeping Michigan`s
economy going is really the auto industry. You know how proud I am of the
cars that we produce.


SCHULTZ: Let`s talk about that. You were a proponent of helping the
automobile industry. We know that the folks across the street and the
conservative movement in this country were totally against any kind of help
for the automobile industry which would have had a ripple effect and we
would have lost million more jobs.

I want to get your reaction and I want to play this clip of "Fox and
Friends" this week praising American cars made in your city of Lansing,
Michigan. Here it is.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today in our "made in America" series,
everything you need to know about buying an American car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Annette Clemon (ph) is live on the plaza, testing
out the very best ones made right here in the United States of America.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re talking about the Chevy Traverse. This
is tied for number one.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s assembled in Lansing, Michigan, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s right. Assembled in Lansing Michigan,
engine comes from Flint, Michigan, transmission from Warren -- it`s a real
Michigan machine.


SCHULTZ: It`s amazing how many friends you can pick up, Virg, if you
just stay focused, right? What do you think of that?

BERNERO: I mean, talk about fare weather friends. Look, these are
guys, you know, I battled with them over and over again. They were ready
to sell us out and sell us down the river. All I heard was "let Detroit go
bankrupt", jus like Romney said. They did not understand the impact. They
didn`t give a damn about the American worker and certainly not the worker
in Lansing, Michigan.

But we`re making the things that make America great. G.M. is back.
Thank God the American people understand. It`s worthy of investment, G.M.
and Chrysler. The last Chrysler investment paid off. This investment has
paid off both in terms of jobs, as you say.

And like you said, it`s leading Michigan`s recovery. If we would
have gone the way Republicans wanted it, Snyder would have been 20 points
down because we wouldn`t have any economy left in Michigan.

I`ll tell you, Ed, we have the most productive workers in the world
right here in America, in places like Lansing, Michigan. I`d love it for
you to come out and see. I`ll take you to the factory floor.

These are not the factories of yesteryear. We could compete and win
against anybody.

SCHULTZ: There`s a real story to be told there. I appreciate the
invitation. You`re asking me to come to Lansing, Michigan. OK.

BERNERO: You got it.

SCHULTZ: I`m on. THE ED SHOW will be there. I will be there.
We`ll do something on this program, because you know what, that is an
admission of guilt what you saw on FOX News. They had no vision that
that`s where the automobile industry is going to be some day. You did.

Virg Bernero, great to have you with us. Thanks so much for joining

BERNERO: Thanks so much, Ed, for --

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom
of the screen. Share your thoughts with us on ED SHOW and Twitter and all
the good stuff. We want to know what you think.

A Republican staffer thinks this is a healthy diet. The food fight
continues in Washington and Congressman Keith Ellison is here to set the
record straight.

And Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial candidate E.W. Jackson drops
another doozy.


that slavery did not destroy the black family.


SCHULTZ: Wow. Our rapid response panel takes on his latest claim,
coming up.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the trenders. That`s right, here on THE ED
SHOW, we listen to you. Every week before the program, we check out our
Facebook, or Twitter, or blog, you decided, we`re reporting.

Here is this week`s top trender`s voted on by you.


CATS: Meow, meow, meow.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Our third trender, yes, we cat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: El candigato Morris.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know I don`t speak Spanish.


SCHULTZ: Mexican candidate Morris hopes to follow in some famous paw

CAT: That`s right, a mayor cat.

CAT: (INAUDIBLE) an active mayor as a joke by the town`s 900
residents just after he was born.

SCHULTZ: The number two trender, Chris Christie fumbles!

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: My favorite football team are
the Dallas Cowboys.

SCHULTZ: The New Jersey governor commits a personal foul with a
giant endorsement.

CHRISTIE: It`s not the smartest thing for the governor of New Jersey
to want to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

SCHULTZ: This week`s top trender.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The yeas are 125, the nays are 234, the bill is
not passed.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D), CALIFORNIA: It`s silly. It`s sad. It`s
juvenile. It`s unprofessional. It`s amateur hour.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where the farm bill goes from here, nobody knows.

SCHULTZ: Republicans keep fighting in billions for cuts to food

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our amendment empowers the state to require work
for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You darn right we`re going to stand in your way.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And from the amount of obesity in this country,
my people we`re told do not have enough to eat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And then I looked at Second Thessalonians 3:10,
the one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.


SCHULTZ: Well, quite an interesting week in Washington when it comes
to food. One Republican finding to cut food stamps is Texas Congressman
Steve Stockman. Remember the name? Yes, good buddy of Ted Nugent. He`s
the guy that god Nugent in the State of the Union.

Stockman communication director, Donny Ferguson, he took the SNAP
challenge in response to 26 Democrats living on the SNAP budget. Ferguson
says he spent less than the allotted money and claimed he`s even gained
weight from the food. Well, guess what, we have exactly here on the Ed set
what this guy bought. Oh, it`s just great food, isn`t it? This is how you
live on food stamps.

Let`s see here, he got cookies, sugary cereal, no value whatsoever
when it comes to nutrition. You`ve got rice and beans, peanut butter and
jelly. Sounds good, but, almost double the daily calorie intake for an
adult, more than double the amount of sodium intake.

May I point out on this desk -- no fresh vegetables, no chicken, no
meat, very little protein, fatty foods, processed foods, subsidized foods,
preservatives, corn syrup -- everything that makes America fat.

Here`s your farm bill, folks, right here. Here`s the food stamp

Now, some of the congressional members are complaining that there
might be some king crab legs that might make it through the checkers aisle
at the grocery store.

I wish that was the case. What we need to do is increase the food
stamp program so they don`t end up with stuff like this that make Americans
fat. Why don`t they have a kind of a program that pushes forward for fresh
vegetables? Pushes forward for poultry and meat and real protein that
helps kids get nourished. That`s where we need to be focusing.

But, you see, big conglomerates have taken care of that through their
lobbyists to make sure they get subsidized to do this kind of stuff: 3,500
calories? No. That`s not where America wants to go.

Joining me now is Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

Congressman Ellison is one of the Democrats taking part in the SNAP

Keith, good to have you with us tonight.

Congressman, how is it going for you on this? Is it a feasible diet
in any stretch of the imagination for Americans?

REP. KEITH ELLISON (D), MINNESOTA: Look, you can take the SNAP diet
and eat enough food to make your belly feel like you`ve had a meal, but you
can`t eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet that is going to enhance health
and help you get stronger and better, and is particularly bad for a child.

I mean, the truth is, is that the SNAP diet is not really a
sustainable diet for anyone. And, so, for folks who want to cut SNAP even
more, you know, in my opinion, this is just not acceptable.

SCHULTZ: Now, there are some things that he bought and this is whole
wheat bread and milk. But the majority of it makes America fat. The
majority of it is subsidized.

ELLISON: Empty calories.

SCHULTZ: And it`s the priority of it all is not good. Would you

ELLISON: Absolutely agree. It`s what you call empty calories.
Calories, but there`s not much nutrition contained in those calories. And,
so, you end up being not very healthy if you stay on that diet.

That`s why cutting food stamps is something we couldn`t stand for,
not in the nation, that is the richest nation in the world and makes enough
food for people to eat in a nutritious, well-balanced healthy way.

SCHULTZ: So, this is a principled vote on the farm bill by the
Democrats. This to me is historic. The farm bill has always been hotly
negotiated, but never a problem getting past. Everybody knows that, you
know, you know, urban legislatures are going to come along with rural
senators and see how important it is to keep producers on the land and to
keep a food supply in America.

It`s -- but for us not to be able to get a farm bill, I think, speaks
volumes about how broken Washington is. What`s going to happen now and a
principled vote by the part of the Democrats to stand your ground on making
sure food stamps don`t get cut. Where do we go from here?

ELLISON: Well, we`re going to go back to the drawing board. We`re
going to try to come up with a sensible alternative. The fact is if they
hadn`t had the cuts, we may have been able to get closer to what makes some
sense, but they did have them. And they insisted upon them and the
heritage institute actually was whipping against it, as well. So, they
lost about 60 Republicans on the bill.

But, you know, they really lost the bulk of the Dems. So, I think
they have to come more our way if they want to get a farm bill. We do need
a farm bill.

You know, I come from an ag state. Minnesota is an agricultural
state and I`d like to see a farm bill. But I`m not going to tolerate a
bill with this draconian SNAP cuts together, with nothing really on
renewable energy. And, so, the bill really was not adequate.

Oh, but we keep the big subsidies for big ag.

SCHULTZ: Exactly. So, what we`re seeing in the farm bill is that
the Republicans our protecting the wealthiest, protecting the
conglomerates, protecting the corporations and going after the poor.

That`s what they`re doing. They`re going after the poor. Oh, my
God, food stamp, that`s why we`re having such a financial issue in this


SCHULTZ: Great to have you with us, Keith.

ELLISON: Thanks a lot, Ed. You take care.

SCHULTZ: Keith Ellison from Minnesota, you bet.

Coming up --

ELLISON: A shout-out to Netroots Nation.

SCHULTZ: You bet.

Coming up, the MTA is putting money ahead of safety to fix one of New
York`s biggest, busiest bridges. Leo Gerard of Steelworks on what Chinese
steel means to American drivers.

But, next, I`m taking your questions live. "Ask Ed Live" just ahead
here on THE ED SHOW.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

We love hearing from our viewers. Tonight in our "Ask Ed Live"
segment, our first question comes from Josh Swanson. Let`s see, Swanee, he
wants to know, "Will the House get a farm bill done this summer or anything
else for that matter?"

Two-part question, huh? No and no. I think that the Republicans
right now in the House are in such a disruptive mode. They do not want to
see President Obama sign anything and they`re willing to go back home and
blame him for all the financial problems. So, no.

And when you say, or anything else for that matter -- I don`t think
they`re going to get immigration done either. I don`t. They`re going to
get it done in the Senate. Good for them.

In the House, isn`t going to happen. You mean to tell me the Tea
Partiers are going to pass in the House something that Barack Obama is
going to be able to sign, which would be revolutionary on immigration
reform? It isn`t going to happen.

Our next question comes from Steve Wallace. What advice would you
give Democrats for 2014 midterms?

Number one, send money. Number two, vote. Number three, before the
vote, get socially active and involved. But here`s what I think the
Democrats really need to do.

As I said in the first segment, focus locally and go after the
gubernatorial seats and make sure that you are active on a local level.
What has caught liberals off guard over the last four years is just how
active and how organized the conservative movement has been on a state
legislative level and how radical they have been.

Stay focused, stay after it and don`t give up.

Stick around, the rapid response panel is next.


SCHULTZ: Thanks for watching THE ED SHOW here on this Saturday
afternoon, evening, wherever you are.

All right. Bishop E.W. Jackson, the GOP nominee for lieutenant
governor of the state of Virginia, has a history. I mean, a real history
of making inflammatory anti-gay, anti-Obama and anti-choice statements.
For instance, comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK, but this one might
take the cake.


JACKSON: I am a direct descendant of slaves. My grandfather was
born there to a father and a mother who had been slaves. And, by the way,
their family was more intact than the black family is today.

And I`m telling you that slavery did not destroy the black family,
even though it certainly was an attack on the black family. It made it
difficult. But I`ll tell you that the programs that began in the `60s, the
programs that began to tell women you don`t need a man in the home, the
government will take care of you. That began to tell men, you don`t need
to be in the home. The government will take care of this woman and take
care of these children. That`s when the black family began to deteriorate.

In 1960, most black children were raised in two-parent monogamous
families. By now, by this time, we have only 20 percent of black children
being raised in two-parent monogamous families with a married man and woman
raising those children. It was a slavery that did that. It was government
that did that, tried to solve problems that only God can solve, and that
only we as human beings can solve.


SCHULTZ: A sociological charge. Very interesting.

Joining me now on our rapid panel for response is Michael Eric Dyson,
Virginia state delegate Charniele Herring and also, James Peterson.

Great to have all of you with us tonight.

Charniele, let me ask you first. What did you make of what he just
said? It seems to cross all political lines. Interesting appeal.

Your thoughts on what he said.

DEL. CHARNIELE HERRING (D), VIRGINIA: Well, what he said is simply
outrageous, Ed, to compare programs of the `60s. You know, we`re talking
about Medicare and Medicaid, Head Start, the Voting Rights Act. He is
comparing that and suggesting that that is somehow more detrimental to the
black family than slavery?

He seems to have forgotten what slavery did to the black family,
stripped children from their mothers and fathers. There is no shame and we
as human beings wanting to help our children. If they are in a difficult
time, it`s no shame for us to make sure that that child has food on the
table and to suggest that this is somehow a detriment to the black family
is way off the mark and dead wrong.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Dyson, this is red meat for the conservatives, isn`t

you`re on a diet, you can`t resist that piece. The reality is it`s
interesting that E.W., what does that stand for? Egregious and whack?

That Jackson would argue that slavery was not as bad for the family a
1960s programs. Well, first of all, he`s absolutely historically famished
and need to be fed a diet of insight. The family was not even allowed to
exist in slavery. Black people could not legally be married. There were
no families that were acknowledged by the state, number one.

Number two, black people were so desirous of congregation and joining
together in kinship that they formed informal bonds and formal bonds
according to their own internal rituals.

Thirdly, the `60s enabled the proliferation of opportunities and
possibilities. Head Start programs, which had been denied to African-
American kids so they could get a leg up in terms of going to school, and
not only the voting rights and civil rights bill and all the infrastructure
made possible.

Jackson just needs a history lesson and it`s so sad that for
ideological points to be scored, he`s just disruptured his whole
understanding of history.

SCHULTZ: Comparing Medicare and Medicaid to slavery and comparing
Planned Parenthood to the KKK, Dr. Peterson, your thoughts on this.

JAMES PETERSON, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Complete absence of facts, Ed,
number one. Trying to draw a distinction between the U.S. government and
slavery is a false dichotomy. The U.S. government was the slavocracy. So,
that distinction doesn`t make any sense.

He`s drawing this information fallaciously from a report by the
Urban Institute that came out that said black family as are worse off in
2010, than they were in 1960. He wants to blame the social safety net.

What we really have to look at here, Ed, is the prison industrial
complex. We have to look at one in six black men running through the
prison system as compared to one out of 33 for white men by 2010. You have
to look at the largest increase in population in the prison industrial
complex, which is young, black women. When you look at those numbers,
that`s the data impacting directly the black -- when you add to that the
numbers, the recidivism numbers, we see where we are.

SCHULTZ: What is this gentleman`s view of public education and
public funding and equal opportunity? Does he think that`s getting in the
way, too?

HERRING: Well, it seems -- you know, his rhetoric for what we heard
so far from him would suggest that maybe he is against that. I mean, he is
so off the mark on so many respects and I have to tell you here in
Virginia, we just hear hateful rhetoric from him from LGBT community,
denigrating them, suggesting somehow they are perversions. So, it is hard
to tell where he is in on issues. It`s unfortunate he`s running for
lieutenant governor because the voters have nothing to draw from.

SCHULTZ: Well, will it motivate the Democrats or will it motivate
the conservatives? I mean --

HERRING: Let me tell you something, it is motivating. It is
motivating people to get out and vote.

I will say this. What I have seen that actually Republicans are
concerned in Virginia and some Republicans are actually supporting the
Democratic ticket because of this extremism that we`ve seen. I mean, it`s
been building in Virginia, but now it`s just hit the high mark with this
Republican ticket that we`re facing.

SCHULTZ: Topic number two. Food network star Paula Deen found
herself in hot water when a leaked deposition uncovered her use of slurs.
She Deen bailed on a "Today" show appearance Friday morning where she was
expected to address allegations of racism, but instead released two video
statements Friday afternoon.

Let`s look at them.


PAULA DEEN, CELEBRITY CHEF: I want to apologize to everybody for the
wrong that I`ve done. I want to learn and grow from this inappropriate,
hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable. I`ve made plenty of
mistakes along the way.

But I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners. I beg for
your forgiveness. Please, forgive me for the mistakes that I`ve made.


SCHULTZ: Last night, it was announced Deen`s contract with the Food
Network would not be renewed. Did the network have a choice here? Did
they have to do it?

Dr. Dyson, what are your thoughts on this?

DYSON: Well, listen, I`m a Baptist preacher, I forgive her. That
has nothing to do with justice. That has nothing to do with the fact that
you should be off of television, that it has nothing to do with the fact
that you said your language was inappropriate and hurtful, it was also

Racism is not simply about personally synonyms of bias expressed
against vulnerable populations. It`s also about the structural realities
to which Dr. Peterson earlier pointed about the prison industrial complex
and the like. So, we make believe as long as I say I`m sorry, what I did
was wrong as opposed to dealing with the fact that Paula Deen shouldn`t
just become the scapegoat for this.

But she`s a poster girl for it. She`s white blonde and Southern and
she speaks with an accent. And as a result of that, we can now get off of
that. But I think we have to deal with deeper issues.

SCHULTZ: James, what about it?

PETERSON: I`d like to see her more than give us this kind of empty
apology. We got to the same process every time with these racial issues.
She has a platform.

She should address -- listen, she should address the concerns about
health and the kind of food that she`s promoted over time. That`s the real
reason why the Food Network had to let her go because at the end of the
day, health issues rank supreme here.

And when you think about race and racism, what we need is
spokespeople to turn the tide against the demographic that associates
themselves with the kind of rhetoric that Paula Deen has been spewing. And
this is not the first time. This has happened over the last several years.

So, at the end of the day, I`d love to see her use this platform to
do something more constructive and proactive.

SCHULTZ: She said that she wanted a traditional Southern wedding
with all butlers in tuxedos. Wow.

DYSON: You know, that`s a fantasy --


PETERSON: That`s what the Tea Parties wanted to bring back.


Michael Eric Dyson, Charniele Herring and also, James Peterson --
great to have you with us tonight. Thanks so much.

HERRING: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Tonight in our survey, I asked you, will an attack on the
middle class cost Americans their jobs in 2014? Ninety-four percent of you
say yes, 6 percent of you say no.

Coming up, my favorite story tonight. Sean Hannity exposes himself
in "Playboy" magazine. We`ll take this pretender to task, next.


SCHULTZ: In our "Pretenders" segment tonight: well, Mr. Intellectual
Honesty himself, Sean Hannity. The family values talk show host sat down
for an exclusive interview with "Playboy" magazine and he talked about his
kids, his faith and, of course, the Obama Muslim conspiracy.

"Playboy" asked if he regretted insinuating President Obama was a
Muslim. Shocked by the question, Hannity went on defense saying, "I never
fueled the myth. How do you come up with this stuff? He went to a Muslim
school in Indonesia or wherever it was, Kenya, I forgot."

Here`s how Hannity`s work not fueled that myth.


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: He did study the Koran. And he went to a
Muslim school. One of the most beautiful moments in life prayer at
sunset. So, I mean, he does have that.


SCHULTZ: No, he didn`t feel anything. If Sean Hannity wants us to
believe that he`s just too much, has too much journalistic integrity for
fear-mongering, he can just keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back.

This is the story for the folks who take a shower after work, the
workers of America.

I`ve been telling you for years, folks, that the nation`s
infrastructure is crumbling. A new report by T4America confirms what I`ve
been saying all along. Over 66,000 bridges in the United States are
considered structurally deficient. That`s more than one in nine bridges.

Last month, we witnessed (AUDIO GAP) bridge collapse in Washington.
This could easily happen. Since 2011, here in New York, the state has seen
an increase in the number of structurally deficient bridges.

So, the NTA of New York City is taking measures to try to fix the
problems, standing with the iconic Verrazano Bridge.

Here is what you need to know: the MTA is doing it on the cheap.
This American bridge will be fixed by using Chinese steel. That`s right --
outsourced inferior product Chinese steel.

The San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge was repaired with the similar
Chinese steel in 2009, a steel beam and two rods collapsed from high winds
of the bridge. Taxpayers deserve to have, I think, the best quality and
the safest environment made by Americans on American soil.

Now, we`re looking to face similar closures and problems if the MTA
goes through with their plan to use Chinese steel on the Verrazano Bridge.
I think it`s a shame, and unnecessary.

Now, I`m broadcasting here from 30 Rockefeller Plaza, a place that
symbolizes American workers and American steel, and the foundation of this
great city. You know, you just have to ask the question, why didn`t they
use Chinese steel back then?

Because back then, we believed in American workers. Back then, we
believed in manufacturing. We thought that it was important for the

Now, it`s all about the profit. And it`s all about some maybe
elected official thinking we`ve got to do it on the cheap because I have to
look good in the budget. In the meantime, those people in the future who
are going to be crossing that bridge just think, you`re crossing cheap
steel coming in from Chinese to save a buck.

Is that right? I think it`s morally wrong.

For more on this, I`m joined tonight by Leo Gerard, international
president of the United Steel Workers.

Mr. Gerard, good to have you with us tonight.

What`s your reaction? Here we go ahead. We saw this in California.
Now, it`s happening in New York, in the Verrazano Bridge.

What`s the problem here? What`s wrong with this picture?

LEO GERARD, UNITED STEEL WORKERS: Well, I think you hit it right on
the head, Ed. I want to back up, though. When we talk about the Bay
Bridge, there`s a couple of facts. The Bay Bridge is now $6 billion over
budget. It`s 10 years behind schedule.

And the most important comments in the last two weeks are the people
that have paid the tolls to go across that bridge, the overwhelming
majority have been polled and said they don`t trust the bridge and not sure
they want to use it.

That takes us now to the Verrazano Bridge and I don`t know that the
general public knows this. The Verrazano Bridge, the engineering for that,
the design for that was done at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. There
is no reason why this bridge couldn`t have been fabricated in the United

And in fact, I`ll again report a fact. We checked with Pennsylvania
fabricators. Two of them said they could have done this bridge, no
problem. But they weren`t given an opportunity because China was the place
that the Metropolitan Transit Authority decided to go. This just is not

SCHULTZ: The MTA is saying that using American steel is going to
slow down the project and cost a lot more money. What do you say to that?

GERARD: What I say to that is take a ride to San Francisco and see
what happens at the Bay Bridge.

That`s just malarkey, that the reality is we speak -- we have spoken
to Pennsylvania fabricators who say they could have done it. The American
steel industry is working at 75 percent capacity. Turkey, as an example,
exports 2/3 of its steel that it produces. China has about 30 percent of
the steel it produces is being exported. Neither one of them are doing it
at business terms.

The fact is, the company that the Metropolitan Transit Authority used
in China is a state owned enterprise. Sixty percent of the state-owned by
China are owned by the military.


GERARD: So, Metropolitan Transit Authority, through that company,
is, in fact, subsidizing the Chinese military and they ought to be ashamed.

SCHULTZ: Wow. We don`t hear any of that. Fixing this. I mean,
there`s going to be other bridges that are going to be fixed in America.
Where are the lawmakers? Where are the American lawmakers we`re going to
use American steel?

And what I want to focus on this question before we finish here is:
how is Chinese steel inferior American steel?

GERARD: The fact of the matter is that the Chinese steel has been
proven to be inferior. They don`t use the same quality standards that we
do. They don`t set the same goals that we do for quality. And when you`re
talking about bridges that needed repaired, 6,800 bridges need to be
repaired just in the state of Kansas. And question is, what`s the matter
with Kansas?

SCHULTZ: All right. Leo Gerard, great to have you with us tonight.
We`re going to do this story again because there will be more bridges built
in America? Thank you, Leo.

GERARD: You`re welcome. Thank you.

SCHULTZ: That`s THE ED SHOW. I`m Ed Schultz. We`ll see you
tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Have a good one.


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