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S.E. Cupp: ‘Hate the leaker, love the leak’

Polls show what the public thinks about Edward Snowden.
/ Source: The Cycle

Polls show what the public thinks about Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden, who spilled the beans on the country’s secret surveillance efforts, has not been spotted since he landed in Moscow Sunday afternoon. Yet speculation continues to circle about Snowden’s whereabouts.

S.E. Cupp’s mantra–“hate the leaker, love the leak”–seems to be how most Americans feel now. A Pew Poll shows that 54% believe the government should file a criminal case against Snowden for leaking classified information, and 63% see the NSA surveillance as a violation of their privacy. “Most people think that Snowden should be prosecuted so, ‘hate the leaker.’ They also think that news of this NSA surveillance program and those revelations about the government looking into our private information is a violation,” Cupp said on Monday’s show. “I think both ends of that spectrum are being covered here and I think it’s a rude awakening for folks who have failed to realize that.”