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Top Links: Great overreactions from the right over Supreme Court decisions

Let's rate the best GOP meltdowns over the Supreme Court's DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.
/ Source: Martin Bashir

Let's rate the best GOP meltdowns over the Supreme Court's DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.

Top story: Let’s rate the best GOP meltdowns over the Supreme Court’s DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.

  • The sash and crown for the title of Miss Overreaction USA goes to Miss Kansas, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, for his decision to resurrect that ol’ GOP chestnut: the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. (The Topeka Capital-Journal)
  • While there were certainly better eye-rolling moments, Huelskamp perfectly embodies Republicans’ inability to move forward from the 2012 elections. From his vote against Boehner and the farm bill: (The Hill)
  • To his vote against Boehner and the fiscal cliff deal. (The Washington Examiner)
  • To his vote against, well, Boehner. (Andrew Kacynski)
  • Second place goes to Mike Huckabee for two tweets. The first: so simple, so pithy, so Huckabee. “My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined the same sex marriage is okay: ‘Jesus wept.’” (slow clap) (Gov. Mike Huckabee.)
  • But let’s not forget his other bon mot, in which he asks of God “May He forgive us all.” (Gov. Mike Huckabee)
  • Our third place award is a shocker (once you see whom he’s beaten). He’s little-known Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas. Judges loved not only his conspiracy theory angle — “The Supreme Court appears to be in collusion with the president and in Injustice Department” — but that he got up public and said it out loud. (Mike O’Brien)
  • Fourth place goes to Glenn Beck and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. During an interview on the former’s show, the pair worried whether DOMA now allows “a devout Muslim” multiple wives — oh, and unfettered bestiality, of course. (Steve Benen)
  • They might have placed higher, but Sen. Paul later tried out his “What, me prejudice?” line  — “agree to disagree” — in a separate interview. Judges agreed: Too wishy-washy. (ABC News)
  • Last place goes to House Speaker John Boehner for his “this, but also that” reaction: “While I am obviously disappointed in the ruling, it is always critical that we protect our system of checks and balances.” (Mike O’Brien)