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Morning Headlines: Immigration clears Senate, Paula Deen book sales up, and Hernandez denied bail

Here are the stories that caught our eye on June 28th. What are you reading?
/ Source: Morning Joe

Here are the stories that caught our eye on June 28th. What are you reading?

Here are the stories we’re reading this morning. What’s caught your eye?

Senate passes immigration reform 68-32, all ‘no’ votes come from GOP

Boehner: the Hastert rule is going to apply on immigration vote, says House isn’t ‘going to take up and vote on whatever the Senate passes’

TV reporter fired after filing report on floods in India while standing on the shoulders of victim

Toronto mayor’s approval rating is up 5 points since last month when he was filmed (allegedly) smoking crack cocaine

McCain gently warns house GOP: We’re doomed if we screw this up

Tom Tancredo on GOP benefiting from bill: ‘Who believes this shit?’

Sources: Ex-Patriot is being investigated for two additional murders

How a piece of cotton candy-flavored bubblegum may prove his guilt

NFL advises teams on Hernandez

Report: 27 NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl

NBC: Former top general under investigation for leaking classified information to the New York Times

The Guardian: Obama continued Bush-era email surveillance program for two years

Defense Department blocks the Guardian’s website

Ecuador rejects U.S. trade preferences over Snowden, President Correa says ‘our dignity doesn’t have a price’

Obama: ‘I’m not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year old hacker’

Wired reports: Long time Wikileaks volunteer was paid FBI informant

Daniel Werfel slammed by House GOP for incomplete report, request for more money

State Sen. Davis responds to Rick Perry saying it is ‘unfortunate’ she hasn’t learned from her own example as a teen mom

Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder: A bill is killed, a star is born

At press conference, Obama urges more tolerance towards homosexuals in Africa, bluntly rebuked by Senegal’s president

Schoolchildren tell Obama ‘Welcome home, Mr. President’

‘Sopranos’ creator, David Chase, delivers moving eulogy for actor he considered ‘a brother’

Pelosi: Democrats are coalescing around Hillary for 2016

Jeb Bush to give award to Hillary this fall

Dzhokar Tsarnaev officially facing federal murder charges

Markets up for third day in a row as fed concerns seems to fade

Former MF global chair facing civil charges over firm’s collapse

Paula Deen surges to the top of Amazon’s best sellers list

Martha Stewart feels sorry for her

UK gov’t backs IVF process that uses DNA from three people

Blind Vermont girl, 10, saves friend from rabid raccoon attack