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Up for July 27: What to know

Topics and guests for Saturday's show.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Topics and guests for Saturday's show.

On Saturday’s Up with Steve Kornacki, the host and his guests will be discussing President Obama’s Wednesday economic speech, the fight in Congress over debt and the economy, and intra-party fighting over what to do. The panel will also discuss what Senate seats might switch hands in 2014, the latest in voter ID laws and how they will contribute to voter suppression, the ongoing saga of Anthony Weiner, and what happened this week when a proposal to reign in NSA data collection failed in Congress.

Joining Steve Kornacki on Saturday will be:

Joan Walsh, MSNBC Political Analyst, Editor-at-large, (@joanwalsh)

Michael Steele, msnbc Political Analyst, Fmr. RNC Chairman (@steele_michael)

Frank Thorp, NBC New Capitol Hill producer (@frankthorpNBC)

Lynn Vavreck, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, UCLA (@vavreck)

Lizz Winstead, author, “Lizz Free or Die” (@lizzwinstead)