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How the GOP’s woman problem could affect 2014

Do GOP women need to tell the male counterparts to "shut up?"
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Do GOP women need to tell the male counterparts to "shut up?"

When the GOP has 2014 Senate candidates saying on the floor of the U.S. House that schools should teach traditional gender roles, like Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey did a couple months ago, it’s easy to start conjuring visions of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, “legitimate rape,” and a Democratic electoral victory. It’s more complicated than that, as the panel on Up with Steve Kornacki discussed Saturday, but even if primary voters keep rewarding conservative views, general elections could get harder to win.

Former RNC chairman and MSNBC commentator Michael Steele put the dilemma of his party in simple terms. “This is not where our country is,” he said of Gingrey. “Affect policy, change the structure of government so it works for people.” How does Steele think this could happen? “I’m looking for Republican women to tell these men to shut up.”

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