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Now and later: 7/30/13

What's got the GOP so scared?
/ Source: MSNBC TV

What's got the GOP so scared?

A roundup of stories that did not make it on to the show, for one reason or another

Jonathan Chait thinks the GOP would have to go “Charles Manson-crazy” in order to lose the House in 2014, but let’s not put that past them! According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, 44% responded they would blame Republicans if immigration reform fails, versus 14 for the Dems and 21 for Obama.

Say hello to Dr. Gay Hitler.

Would you pay 68 cents more for a Big Mac if it meant a living wage for every single McDonalds employee? A new study says it’s not inconceivable.

Alaska isn’t necessarily opposed to a Sarah Palin senate run, as long as she does it in Arizona.

Yes, this expose on the “white culture of lawlessness” is satire, and satire done well.

I bet many in Chicago wish this could be the headline everyday