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Now and later: 8/07/13

Wherein we explore "Nugent's Paradox."
/ Source: Now With Alex

Wherein we explore "Nugent's Paradox."

A daily roundup of stories that did not make it on to the show, for one reason or another.

•How we doing, America? Think we can make it through the month without tearing ourselves apart?

Exhibit A: Favorability ratings with Georgia Republicans: Paula Deen 73/11, Martin Luther King Jr. 59/28- @ppppolls

Exhibit B: “Obama foes at one point sang, “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” a derogatory reference to the president’s skin color, while protesters like Deanne Bartram raised a sign saying, “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!”

Exhibit C: Rand Paul doubles down on his claim to be the greatest defender of minority rights in the Senate.

And while you’re at it, check out this piece exploring the backwards notion of racism held by many conservatives, whereby “anyone who treats race as a social reality is a racist.” Let’s call it “Nugent’s Paradox.”

Moving on.

• The GOP gets some pretty solid advice not to shut down the government, from a guy who knows a thing or two about losing elections.

• In a huge scoop, if true, New York Magazine gets its hands on the full transcript of al Qaeda’s worldwide conference call. The details will shock you.

• Obama’s top 5 zingers on The Tonight Show.

• The waffle taco that nobody asked for has finally arrived.

• Five things Jeff Bezos can do to save the Washington Post.

Seriously, let’s get it together people!