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PoliticsNation, Thursday, August 8, 2013

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August 8, 2013
Guests: Ilyse Hogue, Goldie Taylor, Ari Melber, Joe Madison



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think even if you do not believe in your heart
number one it will pass, or number two it`s appropriate, you need to
represent us. And we are tired of having to come down on this again and

REP. TOM COLE (R), OKLAHOMA: Let me talk to you a little bit about
the consequences of what a complete government shutdown is. Number one,
that means your troops in the field don`t get paid. Military is not -- I`m
sorry, yes. Well, of course I wouldn`t do that. But that would happen.
That -- well, now I listened to your question, and I`ll let you have the
microphone again if you want to.


SHARPTON: Republican Tom Cole getting booed for saying that it`s more
important to pay the troops than hold a government hostage to right-wing
demands. And he is not the only one.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is what the tea party wants to know. Will
you vote with Mike Lee and Meadows here to defund Obama care, yes or no?

REP. ROBERT PITTENGER (R), NORTH CAROLINA: You want the thoughtful

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want yes or no.

PITTENGER: No. Do you think Harry Reid is going to pass anything in
the Senate?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It doesn`t matter. Well need to show the
American people we stand for conservative values.


SHARPTON: What kind of value system is shutting down the government?

Here is another Republican congressman under pressure from far right


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can we depend upon you to vote against any budget
bill that includes funding for implementation of Obama care.


REP. AARON SCHOCK (R), ILLINOIS: If the budget went away tomorrow, if
the government shut down tomorrow, it would not necessarily stop the
affordable care act from being implemented.


SHARPTON: Let`s be clear. These guys still want to repeal Obama
care. They are still a radical as ever. All they are doing is trying to
take a half step back from the ledge to let them fall off and commit
political suicide. But radicals like Ted Cruz and other far right
lawmakers are still feeding the tea party beast by calling for a shutdown.
It`s the same ugliness we saw four years ago where tea partiers crashed
Democrats at town halls.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Leave us alone. That`s all we would ask. Would
you leave us alone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Make sure that the government keeps its hands
off my health care, but by the way, don`t touch Medicare. That is ironic,
because --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Historic health care summit led by President
Obama to review the details of the -- excuse me, excuse me.




SHARPTON: This is the problem. They created this monster and now
they can`t contain it.

Joining me now are Krystal Ball and Jamal Simmons. Thank you for
being here.

KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC HOST, THE CYCLE: Thanks for having us, Rev.


SHARPTON: You know, Krystal, this is a battle for the soul of the
Republican Party playing out. Can the tea party monster be contained at
this point?

BALL: They really have a monster on their hands, because they
encouraged this from the beginning. And they told the tea party not only
are you right, but you are the rightful voice of the American people, and
that we are 100 percent with you. So it`s not a surprise that they`re
having trouble backing away from that ledge.

I mean, I have to hand it to Representative Cole and these other
Republican representatives who are actually having the courage to step up
and say we can`t do this. But on the other hand, you know, they`re looking
at the fact that if they actually shut down the government in an attempt to
defund Obama care, they would lose the house in 2014. So there are
political realities here that they`re just not willing to cross.

SHARPTON: No. And Jamal, I think that when you have the shutdown
debate, it`s really caused major rifts in the party. And at one level, it
may be some temporary courage to stand up to the tea partiers at town
halls. But at another level, it`s to save yourself in the long run,
because it`s political suicide. I mean, look at the split and the debate
going on in the party over government shutdown.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I will not vote for any continuing resolution that
funds even a single penny of Obama care.

more effective ways of achieving that goal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The American people shouldn`t fund it. So that`s
what I intend to do.

COLE: Shutting down the government to, you know, get your way over an
unrelated piece of legislation is political t political equivalent of
throwing a temper tantrum.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: How can you be against Obama care but
vote for a budget that funds its implementation?

REP. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK: There is no reason to be threaten to
bring down the government. American people get turned off with the threat
of terror politics.


SHARPTON: Really at each other, both sides of it really passionate,
and a real split here, Jamal.

SIMMONS: That`s right. They have painted themselves in a corner.
They have hoisted themselves up on the tips of their own spear. Whatever
colloquialism it is that you want to use, they are now in a position like
Tom Cole said. What they are being held hostage by the people who are
throwing a political temper tantrum. They don`t want to let anything
happened in the government that until they feel like it`s OK.

The problem for the Republicans is they have actually got --
somebody`s got to govern this country. And the people who know what it
takes to actually run the country know you can`t just shut the government
down. And politically, they`re in a much worse place later in you shut it
down than you are today.

SHARPTON: Now Krystal, there is a video getting a lot of attention
today. A mother who lost her son in North Carolina, she tells the TV
station how she planned to confront her congressman at a town hall. Look
at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My son had a preexisting condition, a birth
defect. And without that birth defect, he probably would have been able to
get insurance. But that birth defect prevented him from getting insurance.
And without it, he could not get the care he need. And so, he got colon
cancer, and they caught it after it had already spread. So he died. Under
Obama care --


SHARPTON: I mean, that`s a heart-wrenching kind of story. And she
had the picture of her son, and she said she is going to a town hall and
confront her congressman. But it kind of brings home the real life things
that are happening to real people on the ground.

BALL: That`s right.

SHARPTON: These are not political just props somewhere that people
are moving around a studio.

BALL: That`s right. When you just talk about it in the abstract,
it`s one thing. But when you actually see that mom whose son died because
he couldn`t get insurance coverage because of his preexisting condition, it
does bring it home. And it makes you realize how unconscionable the
Republican position. They`re not saying we don`t like the president`s
plan. Here is our plan. They`re saying no, no, no. We have no ideas of
our own. The status quo is acceptable to us, which when you look at
outcomes like that, it is absolutely unbelievable that anyone would settle
for the status quo in this country. And during the health care debate, we
never had the debate about whether people are entitled to have health care
or not. And there are a lot of Republicans out there who do not believe
that people have the right, no matter their economic status, to have decent
health care in this country.

SHARPTON: No doubt about it.

You know, Jamal, I want to get back to the attention in the GOP a
minute, because it broke open today with Mitch McConnell`s campaign
manager, was caught on tape bashing his boss. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Between you and me, I`m sort of holding my nose
for two years, because what we`re doing here is going to be a big benefit
to Rand in `16. So that`s the long vision.


SHARPTON: Holding my nose for two years. Talking about working for
Mitch McConnell. I mean, and this is on tape. He can`t deny. He`s
obviously put out some statement. But a denial is not in it. If that`s
his view of his candidate, it certainty couldn`t be very helpful to senator
McConnell`s reelection.

SIMMONS: Rev., with friends like these you actually don`t need an
opponent here, right? Just run the tapes and what your friends have to say
about it and call it a day. The problem for the Republicans is they have
got 30 percent of the try that is really angry, maybe less than that. But
it`s a minority of the minority party that is basically driving the
politics of the entire --


SIMMONS: The entire party. And frankly, holding up the progress of
the entire country. So Mitch McConnell is running to keep his campaign
manager happy, and their friends and Rand Paul and his friends, while
nobody is worried about what is keeping the average person like this woman
we saw a few minutes ago was going to keep her happy and her family

And I think there are a lot of Americans who really do just want the
government to do something. Do something to take care of their family. Do
something to take care of their kids. Get education better off. Get us a
few more jobs, and then get out of the way so we can live our lives. But
the Republicans really have not figured out a way to get out of this box.

SHARPTON: And let me show you quickly why it is appalling to me,
Krystal, politically appalling, I mean just dealing with the politics of

I want to show you a poll commissioned by the tea party patriots.
It`s their pole. If the government shuts down over Obama care, 45 percent
will blame Republicans, 41 percent will blame the president. Now this is
their poll, saying more people would blame them than the president. I
don`t get it.

BALL: Well, in reality, it should be 100 to zero.


BALL: And people should be laying the blame with the Republicans,
because there is only one party that is threatening a government shutdown.
This time there is only one party that has been threatening government
shutdowns since this president has been in office. So it drives me nuts
when people say both parties need to compromise. No, there is only one
party intent on destroying our credit rating and shutting down the

SHARPTON: That`s clear.

Krystal Ball, Jamal Simmons, thank you both for your time tonight.

BALL: Thanks, Reverend.

SIMMONS: Thank you, Rev.

SHARPTON: And remember, you can catch Krystal on "the Cycle,"
weekdays at 3:00 p.m. right here on MSNBC.

Ahead, we`re seeing new ugly rhetoric from the far right reviving some
old smears against the president.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has got to be impeached. He is not a citizen.


CROWD: Impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When do we want it?



SHARPTON: Plus, why is John Boehner playing golf with the king of the
birthers, Donald Trump?

And the right wing hatchet job against Oprah Winfrey. I`m responding

And "Reply Al," have a question, a comment? E-mail me. Friend or
foe, I want to know. "Reply Al" is coming.


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Oprah Winfrey after she compared Trayvon Martin`s death to Emmett Till.

Carolyn says like Oprah cares. I think not. Truth and facts always
upset these fools.

Marlowe says Oprah hit the nail on the hit. Ignorant people hate
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SHARPTON: Tonight a stunning undercover investigation that exposes
the ugly truth behind a key part of the far right`s anti-woman agenda.
Worker at a right-wing crisis pregnancy center in Virginia are caught on
tape literally lying to women about everything from abortion to birth

In this clip, you will hear a woman who went in to the center for a
free pregnancy test. She was being told by a staffer that condoms don`t


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Condoms are naturally porous.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. And so, there is always a chance of them
breaking there is always a chance of there being spillage, you know. And
condoms don`t, you know, secure you from STDs either.


SHARPTON: Of course that`s not true. The CDC says latex condoms
create an impermeable barrier to STDs.

In the next clip, that staffer even claims that birth control pills
cause cancer.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The first three ingredients in the birth control
pill are carcinogenic. There are studies that have shown women who have
taken the pill for four years prior to their first pregnancy have a 46
percent increased chance of breast cancer.


SHARPTON: That is also not true. In fact, birth control pills only
slightly increase the risk of breast cancer. And it actually reduces the
risk of other cancers.

The so-called crisis centers get funding from the state anti-choice
license plates. And they get lots of support from governor ultrasound Bob
McDonnell. These so-called crisis centers give out false medical
information to women in order to push an extreme far right agenda. The GOP
is waging war on women at the grassroots level, and it has to stop.

Joining me now is Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, pro-choice America
who exposes these outrageous lies of the crisis pregnancy centers in

Thanks for being here tonight, Ilyse.

me on, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Now, why did NARAL focus on these offenders and what should
the public know about them?

HOGUE: Well, I mean, we have been looking at these centers all across
the country for a very long time. Because not only are they lying to
women, but they`re actually endangering women`s health. And aside from
Virginia, we`re seeing states like Ohio and North Carolina take money from
much needed programs that actually support families that need the help and
moving them into these crisis pregnancy centers that try and shame and
humiliate women and endanger their health by giving them the kind of
information that you played for your viewers.

This is the face of the anti-choice movement. And the politicians
that stand with them like Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia and like Governor
Kasich in Ohio that voters have a right to know that these politicians
support these centers that intimidate women and lie to them. And they are
often doing it with taxpayer dollars.

SHARPTON: Now, I want to play a little more of the audio for people
to hear. Listen to this one. This is another part of the undercover audio
from that crisis pregnancy center. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Any time an innocent life is ended on purpose,
that`s called murder. There are so many lives destroyed by abortion. Not
only the woman, but anyone who she has a relationship with. It has the
ability to completely destroy a woman`s self-esteem, you know. Hey, I just
killed my kid. What kind of a person am I?

You will face that child again one day. At the end of the world,
you`re going to know that was my child that I chose to kill.

SHARPTON: Now Ilyse, we all are entitled to our opinion. But can you
imagine some woman that is a victim of rape or incest being told this kind
of stuff?

HOGUE: No. It`s unimaginable. It`s unthinkable. It`s also really
important that people understand that these crisis pregnancy centers are
using taxpayer dollars, and they`re actually going into neighborhoods with
a disproportionate number of poor women, women of color, women who already
don`t have enough access to the correct information to the kind of health
care that reputable medical clinics provide. And not only are they
endangering their health, but they`re actually shaming them, and they`re
trying to humiliate them.

These clinics stand on the opposite side of every established medical
association, every psychiatric association. And as you pointed out, the
CPC -- I`m sorry, the CDC. And that is why we`re asking the question.
What why do these politicians actually not only support these extremists
and their war on women, but funnel taxpayer dollars through them? And I
think the voters have a right to know.

SHARPTON: And it`s not only the centers in Virginia, it`s a broader
issue. It`s part of a bigger war against women that the right wing and the
Republicans are waging. The fact of the matter is that 23 states have
adopted abortion restrictions this year alone. Just this year. And
Republican politicians aren`t eve trying to hide their views about women in
the country.

Watch this, Ilyse.


REP. TRENT FRANKS (R), ARIZONA: Before when my friends on the left
side of the aisle here try to make rape and incest the subject, because the
incidents of rape are very low.

RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: My goal, and the goal of many of those joining
me here today is to make abortion at any stage a thing of the past.

PAUL: We don`t want a country where abortion is simply outlawed. We
want a company where it isn`t even considered. That`s the kind of America
we want.


SHARPTON: So this is widespread throughout the Republican Party,

HOGUE: Yes. It`s been a record year for anti-choice politicians to
be driving their agenda through state legislatures. It`s important to
remember that this is part of what derailed the Romney-Ryan campaign.
Because these views are so out of step with the modern American reality of
so many women and so many families.

And you know, most Americans are having a hard time trusting
politicians these days, but they trust doctors. And they trust women who
are in the best situation to make their own decisions. The reason that
they`re making such advances is because most of them, unlike Trent Franks,
who you showed, are actually doing these things in secret or changing the
rules. The motorcycle safety bill in North Carolina that they attached the
abortion restrictions to, they actually depend on operating in secrecy like
the crisis pregnancy centers. Because they know when Americans know what
they`re really up to. They`re not going to agree. And they`re going to
vote them out of office.

And by the way, Reverend, if these folks really, really want to
eliminate abortion, why are they giving out misinformation about
contraception? These folks think there is one way to live their lives.
It`s their way. It`s an extreme way. It`s not the way most Americans
believe legislation should be done in this country.

SHARPTON: And you say many Americans or most Americans don`t trust
politicians. It seems like the way they are restricting women`s right to
choose, they don`t feel that women should be trusted to make their own
decisions. That`s the problem behind these laws.

HOGUE: Right. Absolutely.

SHARPTON: Ilyse Hogue from NARAL. Thank you for your time tonight.

HOGUE: Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, the new explosion of an old smear against
President Obama. That`s right, birthers are back from tea party rallies to
the halls of congress.

And the GOP hate machine targets Oprah Winfrey, trying to tear down
because of her comments in support of Trayvon Martin.

Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Pennsylvania`s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, is one of
the most unpopular governors in the entire country. He`s the guy who
signed a harsh voter ID bill and who told women to just close their eyes
when getting an invasive ultrasound. Now, he is getting exposed for his
hypocrisy. Telling others to tighten their belts why he is flying high on
taxpayer money.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Governor Corbett used a state police
helicopter to shuttle him from Harrisburg to yesterday`s NASCAR race at
long pond, all on the taxpayer dime.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Before these stock cars on long pond hit speeds
close to 200 miles per hour, some race fans were stuck in gridlock just
trying to get to their seats at Pocono raceway. That wasn`t a problem for
Governor Corbett. He was driven from the state capital to Hazelton.
That`s where a state police helicopter like this one took him to and from
the raceway in Pocono.


SHARPTON: Taking a state helicopter on the taxpayer dime to go to a
NASCAR race? Adding insult to injury, Corbett`s happy little helicopter
ride came just five days after he -- after an event where he praised state
government employees for coming up with money-saving ideas.

This is classic Republican hypocrisy. He is cutting budgets for
everybody else, but making sure he can still travel in style.

Did Corbett forget when Chris Christie got into hot water for taking a
state helicopter to his son`s baseball game? Eventually, he paid back the
cost of that trip. But so far Corbett has refused to do so. Did the
governor think we would ignore his high-flying hypocrisy? Nice try. But
we got you.


SHARPTON: There`s nothing wrong with disagreement. Freedom of speech
is something that makes this country great. But lately, the right has gone
too far. Their rhetoric has been ugly, disrespectful, and offensive.
Right-wing protesters greeted the President when he landed in Arizona this
week. They weren`t just protesting policy, they were personally attacking
President Obama.

The Arizona republic reports, quote, "Obama foes at one point sang
"bye-bye black sheep", a derogatory reference to the President`s skin
color. One protester raised a sign saying, "impeach the half-white
Muslim." "He`s 47 percent Negro" shouted a 77 percent resident. Others
claim he wasn`t born in America.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I`m here to show my displeasure with our current

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: And you call him Poser-in -chief?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Yes. Because he does not have a legal birth
certificate for the United States of America.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What do we want?

(protesters): Impeachment!

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: When do we want it?

(protesters): Now.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What do we want?

(protesters): Impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Where do you want?

(protesters): Now.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: He`s got to be impeached! He`s not a citizen!


SHARPTON: He`s not a citizen? This type of talk is ludicrous. Where
could they possibly get it from?


REP. MIKE COFFMAN (R), COLORADO: I don`t know whether Barack Obama
was born in the United States or not. I don`t know that. But I do know
this, that in his heart, he is not an American. He is just not an

REP. CLIFF STEARNS (R), FLORIDA: All I can tell you is the general
consensus is he has produced a birth certificate. The question is, is it

REP. VICKY HARTZLER (R), MISSOURI: I mean, if someone asked me for my
birth certificate, I`d get my baby book and hand it out and say, here it

REP. JEFF DUNCAN (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: Let`s go back and revisit some
of these things, because Americans have questions about not only about the
IRS scandal, but also about the President`s validity.

REP. TED YOHO (R), FLORIDA: They said if it is truly illegal, he
shouldn`t be there and we can get rid of everything. I said I agree with


SHARPTON: From the top down to the grassroots, the right wing is
dehumanizing this President. Is it any wonder that there is a gridlock in
Washington? That nothing can get done. The other doesn`t even believe
that our president should be president. No wonder they refused a
compromise. Even for the good of the country.

Joining me now are Goldie Taylor and Ari Melber. Thank you both for
coming on the show.



SHARPTON: Goldie, let me start with you. Is it any wonder we can`t
get anything done? I mean, the other side keeps trying to delegitimize the

TAYLOR: I think, you know, I am all for a strong two-party system.
In fact, I wish there were a strong third party. I think that that`s where
the real work gets done in terms of moving this country forward. But, you
know we have a system with checks and balances where our president gets
together with this Congress and tries to really work it out. We haven`t
seen any of that over these years since President Obama has been in office.
I`ve called it Obama derangement syndrome.


TAYLOR: There were people in this country who did not believe that we
would elect an African-American president. In fact, they were outright
stunned by it. They said he must have gotten in by fraud. And if not by
fraud or ACORN or some other notion, then he must not be a legitimate
president. And so there were people, people who hold positions of power,
unfortunately, who were sowing the seeds that this President was not
legitimate. And if he`s not legitimate, then you don`t have to answer his
orders, if you are a member of the Armed Forces.


TAYLOR: Then you don`t have to actively negotiate with him in good
faith. If you`re the speaker of the house, if you don`t believe that he is
legitimate, then you don`t believe that the laws that he is working on or
the policies he`s putting forth.

SHARPTON: And you don`t work on compromises.

TAYLOR: You don`t work on compromise.

SHARPTON: And Ari, the thing that gets me, is there is a poll that
came out in January that showed republican voters still believe this
birther stuff. Sixty four percent of GOP voters said they believe
President Obama is hiding important information about his early life and
background. I mean, no wonder Republicans are afraid to compromise. Sixty
four, almost two-thirds of the Republicans in that poll believe that this
birther nonsense.

MELBER: Yes, I mean, that`s a shocking statistic, if you haven`t been
paying attention. If you have, you know that is the understood current of
a lot of the standoffs. In the reporting I`ve done on this issue and also
on voting rights, what I hear from a lot of African-American voters is, you
know, first they went for him, and now they`re coming for all of us

SHARPTON: That`s right.

MELBER: And the birth certificate thing, this birtherism is now going
to the grassroots. Because as you have reported in North Carolina and
several states, you`ve got people literally saying, we should legislate
these not only idea requirements that you have to scare up a birth
certificate to get back in and get the very right that we earned so long
ago, you know.

SHARPTON: It starts in Arizona with ID for so-called immigrants which
is Latinos, racial profiling. Then it goes to North Carolina and other
states. And the President, there is no stopping this. And you know,
Goldie, Senator Tom Harkin, the democratic senator, he recently spoke about
a closed or Senate meeting that he attended.

And he says, I`m quoting him, "I`m not naming any names. But one
senator got up from a southern state and said, well, you`ve got to
understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like -- and he thought
for a second and said like he`s exotic." I mean, this is a senator saying
it. And we all know what he pauses and say exotic, what the connotation
there is.

TAYLOR: Well, he may have well just have called him colored, because
I think that`s really what he meant, that he is not really one of us, that
he is not an American in his heart, as we heard some other congressmen
saying earlier in the tape. And so, if you can cast him as another, cast
him as an outsider, cast him as someone who does not believe in the very
values embodied in the American dream, then you don`t have to subscribe to
the notion that you have to negotiate with him, that you have to pass laws
with them, that you can, you know, you can delegitimize his entire policy
both foreign and domestic if you can accomplish that. And there are people
out there clearly in the establishment, by the way, who are out there to
sow that kind of dissent just for this very reason.

SHARPTON: Now, Ari, this week Donald Trump, the birther king himself,
was out golfing, get this, with Speaker Boehner this week. And he went on
FOX and praised the GOP. Listen to this.


DONALD TRUMP, ENTREPRENEUR: First of all, is a very hard worker. And
his focus isn`t golf. His focus is work. But nobody --

SHARPTON: But he was golfing with you.

TRUMP: That`s true. And we had a good time. But he is a good man.
Frankly, I think the speaker probably has the toughest job in country.


SHARPTON: Now, forget his golf game. Donald Trump, the birther king,
the leader of that birther fringe having a golf game with the head of the
Republican Party, with the Speaker of the House. That sends all kinds of
signals to me.

MELBER: I think it absolutely does. And Donald Trump was part of
that famous clown car that all these Republicans claimed they wanted to get
away from in the early primary season, whether you had him as fake
candidate, Herman Cain as a part fake candidate, Michelle Bachmann, you
know, they had a lot of problems, and they were doing all these autopsies
after the election saying, Rev, we`re going to change, we`re going to move
past this. But as you`re pointing out, I think it is a problem for them.

I think they had a guy here, Donald Trump, who peddled this crap, this
affirmative action attack on the President, the birther attack, the
delegitimization, and the fact that he was fundraising for Romney and he is
still friends with one of the most powerful Republicans and they`re doing
public events.

SHARPTON: Doing interviews.

MELBER: I think it tells you a lot more than the autopsies about
where they still are.

SHARPTON: And you know, Goldie, quickly, the President is getting
ready to go on vacation. And the right wing is already getting their anti-
vacation rhetoric going. Look at this.


is, isn`t he?

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: And then he is off to Martha`s Vineyard
for a vacation.


HANNITY: And the mere mortals are upset because the roads are closed.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I have no problem with President Obama. If he
likes to wear that little helmet and ride a bike in Martha `s Vineyard,
that`s fine.


SHARPTON: I mean, give me a break, Goldie.

TAYLOR: You know, President Bush spent more time on a Crawford ranch
I believe than he actually spent in the White House.


TAYLOR: And so if we want to talk about vacations, we should first
talk about, you know, the last commander in chief. This president has
every right to take a vacation. He has every right to play basketball or
any other hobby that he may have or play golf, just as Speaker Boehner
does. You know, these kinds of assaults on the President I think again are
due to what I call Obama derangement syndrome. You know, they just can`t
believe that an African-American man is afforded the same rights as any
other white president who has held that office.

MELBER: Rev, quickly, the Congress is also on vacation. This whole -

SHARPTON: Oh, no. Sure.

MELBER: They`ve had one vote on jobs-related legislation, not on the
mortgage thing that the President was talking about this week. Not on the
jobs bill, and not on renewing the voting rights act. So they need to come
back to work first.

SHARPTON: The real question is given their work load, what are they
taking a vacation from? Goldie Taylor and Ari Melber, thank you both for
coming on the show tonight.

MELBER: Thanks.

TAYLOR: Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: And please catch Ari on "THE CYCLE" weekdays at 3 p.m.
Eastern right here on MSNBC.

Coming up, what does the right wing do when they`re desperate and in a
summer slump? They attack Hollywood.

Plus, our summer break features goats on Capitol Hill.

And President Obama`s surprise phone call, sort of. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: We`re back with a pause from the political battles of the
day, a time to rest, relax, and recharge. That`s right. It`s time for the
POLITICS NATION summer break. At number three, we have shark week going to
a new level. Right here in New York City. It`s an underground Sharknado.
This dead shark showed up on a subway train. And we`ve all seen that
smoking baby in Indonesia. But how about a smoking dead shark?

That`s right. Somebody gave the shark an unlit butt, a red bull, and
a metro card. Only in New York. Good thing he wasn`t caught drinking a
big gulp on that train.

And number two, is President Obama going "Late Night" again. We all
know he made a stop on "The Tonight Show" this week, but you might have
missed the phone call he made after.



UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Jimmy, it`s me, President Obama.

FALLON: Listen, while I have you on the phone, I`ve still got another
seven months here at late night. I`d love to have you come on the show.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Well, hold on, let me check my schedule.

FALLON: What do you think?



SHARPTON: And at number one, ladies and gentlemen, we have goats in
Washington. Yes, you can insert your own joke here. One hundred goats
have arrived at the historic Congressional cemetery. Over the next week,
they`ll chomp down on poison ivy and some buds that are threatening trees
and gravestones. So while the goats are taking a vacation from doing
nothing -- (screaming)

Others on the hill actually working and getting something done. Oh,
I`m sorry, Mr. Speaker. What did you say?


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m on vacation!


SHARPTON: And that`s today`s summer break.


SHARPTON: The Republican Party is suffering one setback after
another. They`re losing the fight over health care. Their approval rating
is in the tank. So what do you do when they are struggling through a long,
hot summer? Attack Hollywood. And their number one target, Oprah, the
queen of talk has gotten more political over the years, famously endorsing
President Obama. But the right can`t stand her recent comments on Trayvon


OPRAH WINFREY, TV TALK SHOW HOST: It`s so easy during this time,
Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin parallel to Emmett Till, let me just tell
you. In my mind, same thing.


SHARPTON: Oprah speaking from the heart about the tragedy of Trayvon
Martin`s death. But the right wing can`t resist going on the attack.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: These comments are so outrageous, so racially
offensive, such racial rhetoric that I say she is now engaging in idiocy
and racial poison.

HANNITY: She seems to be on a spiritual journey. This was just over
the top as you pointed out. The Emmett Till case just didn`t fit.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Help me out, Oprah. How are these stories like
each other at all? At all? It`s offensive. And I would go as far a
calling it evil to compare these two events.


SHARPTON: It`s evil, he says. But it`s not just Oprah. They`re
going after Matt Damon for sending his kids to private school. And they`re
going back to their old attack, slamming President Obama for going on late-
night talk show. I know it`s the summer, and the right is looking for an
easy way to rile up the base. But we have seen this movie before, and we
know how it ends.

Joining me now is Joe Madison. Thanks for being here, Joe.


SHARPTON: Joe, why does the right wing love attacking celebrities?

MADISON: Well, because it`s like any attack. One, it`s personal. If
it`s personal, you don`t have to deal with public policy. It`s a
diversion. So let`s watch over here. Here is my hand over here. Watch
what I`m doing over here. And therefore you won`t watch what I`m not doing
in Congress. As you just heard I think on your program earlier today, one
vote on jobs. Forty votes on a bill that won`t even pass as it relates to
Obamacare. No votes on voting rights. So it`s really a diversion.

And quite honestly, Oprah is a major celebrity who by the way as you
said spoke from her heart. And we should point out. Reverend, you said
the same thing on your show. I`ve said the same thing on my show. It`s
not an original thought. Our audiences have said it. And quite honestly,
it comes from our perspective.

SHARPTON: And just for the record, I think what she was saying was
that the reaction in this generation was the reaction to Trayvon Martin was
the reaction to the generations before us about Emmett Till. I don`t think
she was comparing the facts of the two. I think she was saying this stands
as a symbol as she was speaking personally. But it`s not only Oprah. Look
at the attack on Matt Damon. He is a big supporter of public schools, and
they`re attacking him for sending his kids to private school.

Jeb Bush tweeted, Matt Damon refuses to enroll kids in Los Angeles
public schools. Choice OK for Damon. Why not everybody else? I mean, Jeb
Bush is one of the more respected members of the GOP. Doesn`t he have more
important things to do than celebrity news? And can`t celebrities that
have enough money to send their kids to private school still take a
position on public schools? I mean, what`s the issue here?

MADISON: Well, given the fact that his mother is a teacher, that he
is a student and a product of public schools.


MADISON: And given the fact, Reverend Sharpton, that whether your
kids go to -- if you can afford to send your kids to a private school, I`ve
had children in both private and public school. They`ve been successful in
both. And, but here is the point. The children around us who don`t have
the ability to go to private school still need the best possible education.

SHARPTON: That`s right.

MADISON: That they can get. And they are the -- yes.

SHARPTON: And we pay for it. If you`re a taxpayer.

MADISON: That`s right.

SHARPTON: Whether your kids go to private or public school, you`re
paying for the public schools. So you have the right to have an opinion on

MADISON: And they`re the future leaders of our country. And many
brilliant people in all walks of life have come out of public schools.
What do we want? We want good public schools, whether our children are
able to go to private or public school. You want the best education that
your community is possibly provide for the security of our country.

SHARPTON: That`s right. Lastly, the right, they just can`t stand the
president going on these late-night shows like "The Tonight Show." Listen
to what they said.


HANNITY: Was "The Tonight Show" really the best platform for the
President to be talking about the safety of Americans and U.S. interests

MALKIN: And he is the celebrity president, as you have called him,

RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: President of the United States
went to a late-night comedy show for his first ever statements about this
increased terror threat. It`s a diminishing thing that happened last
night. The presidency was diminished last night.

MALKIN: Here is the clown in chief going on late night TV to address
these very grave issues.


MADISON: Clown in chief. I mean, come on, Joe.

MADISON: Well, they diminished the White House when they invited
Limbaugh to spend the night there, didn`t they? The reality is that Jay
Leno did a great job with great questions, and the American people heard
great answers, bottom-line.

SHARPTON: All right. Joe Madison, thanks for your time tonight.

MADISON: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Friend or foe, I want to know. "Reply Al" next.


SHARPTON: It`s time for "Reply Al." Remember, friend or foe, I want
to know.

Ben writes, "You ran for president some years back. So just imagine
you won and there was a Tea Party. How would you have dealt with them?"

Well, Ben, I tell you. If I had won for president there was a Tea
Party, I probably would do similar to what President Obama is doing. I
would ignore them when they get way out of bounds. The legitimate debate,
disagreement good. But when people start questioning your birthright and
making all kind of racist and bigoted statements, it`s better not to feed
into them. It`s better to just organize on the ground and make sure the
voters come out that will protect the country.

Well, thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right


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