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The Ed Show for Sunday, August 11th, 2013

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August 11, 2013
Guests: Katrina Vanden Heuvel, David Cay Johnston, John Fetterman, Brian
Sims, Annette Taddeo

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans and welcome to THE ED SHOW, live
from New York. It`s 5:00 Eastern. Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: We actually have a political party and a force in this country
that thinks it`s the right morally correct thing to do to have a vote and
to take insurance away from the fellow Americans.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: There is no more important regulatory reform
that we can do than to repel every single word of Obamacare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is what Tea Party wants to know, will you vote
with Mike Lee to defund Obamacare, yes or no?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Utah Senator Mike Lee says he is not taking no for an

SEN. MIKE LEE (R), UTAH: I`ll utilize every procedural mechanism at my
disposal to do it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want Boehner up there defying this guy.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I want to repel the law of
the land. Is that clear?

the government unless you prevent 30 million people from getting health
care is a bad idea.

SCHULTZ: The House voted to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time. What does
it mean?

BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS NEWS: Einstein`s definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.

REP. ERIC CANTOR (R-VA), MINORITY LEADER: We`re not going to give up -- to
try and remove and replace Obamacare.

SCHULTZ: They play for power and not the people.



SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching THE
ED SHOW here on MSNBC.

May we start this program with a prayer.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Thank you,
Father, for shining a light on the thief in the night who wants to take
health care from the poor, the disabled, the hungry, the sick, the elderly.
Thank you, Dear Lord, just give me Jesus. Amen.

Can we tonight have a conversation, a very frank conversation, about this
so-called born-again Christian? Now, I`m a born-again Christian and he`s a
born-again Christian. I think we`ve got sort this thing out.

We have a political force in America that wants to take health care away
from the poorest Americans. They want to allow them to get sick and do
nothing about it. And then just let them fall by the wayside. Is that
Christian? Is that what the Lord did when he was on the face of the earth?

Now, there`s many religions in our country, but the Christian faith is one
that is supposed to take care of its brother, to believe that the only way
to heaven is through the father, and to help your neighbor and to help the
sick and the poor.

I don`t know about you, folks, I`m sick and tired of these born-again
Christians preaching down on the rest of us as if they are the Holy Grail
and the road to heaven because they have all the answers? It`s all for
what? To hurt people.

If we repeal Obamacare, if this were to go through, it would hurt
Americans. There`s nothing Christian about that. I would like an
evangelical Christian pastor to come on this program and explain to me
where I`m wrong. The majority of Americans want Obamacare. We voted on it
twice. We put the same guy in office who brought us Obamacare.

But there is this radical group of Christians that is trying to make the
case that it is of faith-based effort that this is the right thing to do.
Wrong. Oh, yes, here he is, the Republican Party`s favorite Canadian-born
senator from Texas, this man is hell bent for election. He wants to take
your health care away.

Last night, Senator Ted Cruz addressed the family leadership summit. Hold
it right there. What do you think of when you hear the word leadership?
Don`t you think about moving things forward, making an environment better?
Doing things for the greater good? That`s what leadership is. They even
had a summit to talk about it.

This event basically is the Woodstock for super right wing Christian
conservatives. However, the crowd was interesting. They proved last night
that they could care less about helping their neighbor, their neighbor in
need. Senator Ted Cruz, he received a standing ovation after he said he
wants to take health care away from 30 million Americans who desperately
need it.


CRUZ: There is no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to
repeal every single word of Obamacare.


SCHULTZ: What`s more important, Senator Cruz, you as a born-again
Christian, repealing and regulatory reform or the word of gourd to help
your fellow man who is in need?

It`s absurd that a roomful of Christians would cheer repealing the law that
helps the poor people and saves lives. If Cruz gets his way, it would be
back to business as usual for the health insurance companies of this
country that are all about the bottom line and not about people.

People with pre-existing conditions would lose their coverage. I know we
all know this. Young adults under 26 wouldn`t be eligible to stay on their
parents` plan. We all know that.

Free preventive case services would be out the window. That doesn`t
matter. The overall number is 30 million Americans who need health
insurance would be kicked to the curb like road kill. Ted Cruz`s statement
and the crowd`s reaction -- it doesn`t sound very Christian to me. Who are
these people?

Furthermore, the senator from Texas, lacks, I believe, the moral character
and fiber to stand up as a born-again Christian when he shows the desire to
take away health care from millions of Americans. This is who the
Republican Party really wants. This guy is willing to shut down the United
States government to repeal Obamacare.


CRUZ: We have an opportunity in the next 68 days to actually defund
Obamacare. The most important check and balance the Constitution gives
Congress over an overreaching executive is the power of the purse. And the
continuing resolution that funds Congress expires on September 30th. I
publicly stated as has Mike Lee, as has Marco Rubio and a number of other
senators, that I will not vote for any continuing resolution that funds
even a single penny of Obamacare.


SCHULTZ: Oh, these conservatives, they`re all about absolutes. And it`s
just not Cruz. 13 others, check them out, 13 other Republican senators --
I`m not sure if they`re senators or not, I guess they are. They have
signed a pledge to shut down the government on October 1st to defund

Now, if this happens, there will be consequences that could be very
devastating to any American. Know anybody who relies on Medicare? Of
course, they`ve also hated that. How about anybody who collects a Social
Security check and cashes it? Know anybody in the military, know anybody
who drives on roads and bridges?

If Republicans pulls this stunt, all spending stops, the country would be
at a standstill and the blood would be on the hands of the Republicans who
are behind all of this.

Once again, this routine doesn`t sound very Christian to me. I thought we
were supposed to work with our brother. We were to care about our brother.
We were supposed to be our brother`s keeper. I don`t hear Republicans
talking about that very much.

It`s all cake. Take away women`s rights, take away food stamps from the
poor. Take away health care. They`re the taking crowd.

And by the way, they want to take all their tax money back. Meanwhile, if
it happens, it would possibly crush Republican chances for the midterm in
2014, we can only hope. They could even possibly lose control of the House
even though they jerry-rigged the hell out of it. Some Republicans know
this and it has made for heated moments at GOP town hall meetings this


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is what the Tea Party wants to know. Will you
vote with Mike Lee and Meadows here to defund Obamacare? I want yes or no.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If every Republican votes against it, it does not get
funded. That`s a fact.

PITTENGER: Now, sir, it has to pass -- it`s signed by the president of the
United States.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you take a stand?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shut down the government?

PITTENGER: Do you think Harry Reid is going to pass in the Senate?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It doesn`t matter.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We need to show the American people we stand for
conservatives ideals.


SCHULTZ: Summer of `13. Scenes like this have played out at town halls
all across the country this summer.

It looks like the Tea Party is again haunting the Republican Party. This
time, the Republican Party are eating their own. It all starts in rural
America where there`s nothing but right wing radio going into the minds of
people, going into the ears of the American people who maybe only get their
news from one source.

Rural America, again, is the feeding ground and the breeding ground for the
hate Obama talk in America. And we`ve just got to get rid of Obamacare.
That`s the root of all evil, but remember, they`re all born-again
Christians, right?

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, should any real person of faith want to take health care away
from the poor?

Text "A" for yes, text "B" for no to 67622. Leave a comment on our blog at We`ll have the results for you later on in the show.

For more on this, I want to turn to my friends and journalists, Katrina
Vanden Heuvel of "The Nation" magazine and MSNBC host Martin Bashir. Great
to have both of you with us tonight.

Martin, you first. All these Christians stood up and gave Ted Cruz a
standing ovation for saying he wants to take health care away from 30
million Americans. This is his top priority, in fact. How can people of
faith, people of professed faith go down this robe?

MARTIN BASHIR, MSNBC HOST: Before I give you an answer, the Presbyterian
Church just called and wondered if you are able to work as a minister,
because such is your brilliance that you`re interested. There are 100
passages in the Bible that refer to the poor.

In the Old Testament, there`s Deuteronomy 15:11. "There will always be
poor people in the land. Therefore, I command you to be openhanded toward
your brother and the needy in your land."

New Testament 1 John 3:17. "If anyone has material possessions and sees
his brother in need and has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in
him? Let us love not with words but with actions."

Now, here`s the interesting thing, Ed. When it comes to people like
Governor Bob McDonald, he will ram a transvaginal probe into a woman`s
birthing canal as soon as you can say Christmas Day. He said he does that
because he`s concerned about the sanctity of life, we`re created in the
image of God.

Guess what? When you`re born, Steve King says if you`re an immigrant,
you`re just drug trafficker, you`re worthless. That`s the reality of what
we`re hearing.

What we`re hearing is this incredible dualism the Republican Party has
decided to take hostage to Christian faith when it applies to the unborn
but as soon as you`re alive, and I had a brother who had muscular dystrophy
and who was killed by the disease, if I did not have government help, he
wouldn`t have lived for as many years as he did. That`s the great
hypocrisy of this claim to be Christian.

SCHULTZ: Katrina, the height of hypocrisy here being played out?

KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL, THE NATION: It`s a cruel hypocrisy. These Tea
Party people will sabotage government. They`re so reflexively anti-
government that they will not allow programs to improve, save people`s
lives. I think of Sister Simone Campbell, one of the funs on the bus.
There are people of real faith in this country. She wrapped Paul Ryan`s
knuckles when he came forward with his House GOP budget, which is supposed
to be the great plan to take the Republican Party into the future.

A budget is a reflection of a party`s value and principles. We`re
witnessing in this summer of 2013, Ed, something important, because it`s --
I will say these are ugly people, these are hypocrites, these are
saboteurs. But we`re witnessing a different kind of death panel if I can
say that in 2013, we`re witnessing a circular firing squad inside a
Republican Party whose leaders, some of them know, that this is a cruel con
game on the American people. This idea that the greatest thing the party
can do is defund Obamacare?

By the way, a government shutdown isn`t going to defund Obamacare. It`s
mandatory spending that continues. We have a lot of work to do in this
country to take back our country. That`s why the elections of 2014 are so
important and why the polls showing that white seniors are saying this
people are too extreme.

SCHULTZ: They do an amazing job of injecting their faith on things they
politically want to achieve.

BASHIR: Of course.

SCHULTZ: OK. How does this play out in the midterms? Is this a big
turnoff and a huge problem for the Republicans down the road?

BASHIR: No, I don`t think it is. I think that -- do you mean with their

SCHULTZ: Absolute -- well --

BASHIR: No, no, that`s what they want to hear.


BASHIR: Here`s the thing, Ed, every industrialized and every developing
nation in the world, at this moment, is concerned about three things,
education, health care and infrastructure. This president put forward the
American Jobs Act. They wouldn`t even discuss it.


BASHIR: No interest whatsoever in infrastructure. Then we get through the
Affordable Care Act, it`s tested in the Supreme Court. It passes through
and now they want to defund it.

Here`s the point. Is the continuing emphasis in attacking this president`s
agenda about their party or about him? And it seems to me that that`s what
this has come down to. When it`s distilled, it`s principally hatred.

VANDEN HEUVEL: It`s been that way since get-go, right?

BASHIR: Right.

VANDEN HEUVEL: Senator McConnell, that we hope will lose in Kentucky, what
did he say, agenda was to make this president a one-term president. I
think people -- the raw base you see at the rallies may not wake up to the
cruel con game that`s been placed upon them. You do have a mass of people
in this country who understand the importance of health care, who have
lived with Medicare in their lives, Social Security.

And who may remember if there`s a Republican Party that can take back its
party. President Eisenhower wrote his brother at a certain point and said,
if the yahoos in the Republican Party are going to take away Social
Security, take away unemployment insurance, that is the stupid wing of the
Republican Party. And they, those inside this party, this country deserves
more than two great parties, retrieve that party. Because the way it`s
going --

SCHULTZ: Well, he Democrats controlled the House for 40 years after
Medicare. OK? They were saying the same things about Medicare back in the
`60s. That they`re saying right now about Obamacare. It`s like they`re
pulling out the old material and making the same comparisons and making the
fear marketing.

The question is, away from the faith for a moment, when all that`s gone on,
can the Democrats win the House back if this kind of behavior continues to
show up? They are lying to the American people.

VANDEN HEUVEL: I don`t know, Ed, because we need deep structural reform.
But what you do know, there are poor people in these gerrymandered
districts. In those gerrymandered districts and if one can reach them and
find a way, and we can fix the system, they should be what happened in 2012
when the Democrats won 1.5 million more votes than the Republicans, they
should be winning.

BASHIR: Somebody needs to ask the question that the president asked in his
press conference, of John Boehner, of Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell. Why
do you want 30 million people not to have any kind of medical coverage?

SCHULTZ: Thank you, Martin.

BASHIR: Why do you want that?

SCHULTZ: That`s a great, profound question and one that needs to be

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Martin Bashir, thank you so much.

I`m serious. I would like to have an evangelical Christian pastor
volunteer his time, come to New York, sit with me. We`ll do numerous
segments on this.

Explain what is the Christian base is for taking health care away from
Americans who are sick and in need? Remember to answer tonight`s question,
share your thoughts with us on Twitter @EdShow and on Facebook. We want to
know what you think always.

Coming up, the ripple effect, economist David Cay Johnston on how Detroit`s
bankruptcy is affecting workers beyond city limits and some Pennsylvania
lawmakers are becoming law breakers in the name of marriage equality. I`ll
ask two state leaders if the move is enough to redefine marriage in the
Keystone State.

Stay tuned. Lots more coming up on THE ED SHOW.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. Thanks for watching.

When I started out several weeks ago talking about Detroit, I said the
city`s bankruptcy would set the standard for shafting workers out of their
pensions all across the country. And tonight, there`s evidence the problem
is even worse than we thought it was going to be.

Saginaw County, Michigan, was forced to delay a municipal bond sale that
would have raised $60 million for its pension fund. Other nearby counties
are also having credit trouble because of Detroit. Make no mistake, the
wealthy bond holders who watch FOX business and Bloomberg News don`t care
about the workers or the pensions.

They want a return on their investment. Listen carefully as one FOX
analyst explains exactly why municipal bonds are such a good deal for the


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We should point out municipal bonds are investments
that are essentially held by our viewers. People with a few bucks to
invest, who want to escape taxes, go and buy municipal bonds.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: The best thing about them, they`re tax-free.


SCHULTZ: The fat cats are enjoying tax-free investments while the average
retiree is scrambling to pay bills.

Now, the company which ensure these bonds are actually going to make money
as Detroit goes under. One analyst calls it a net/net positive marketing
story for bond insurance. The richest investors sent high priced attorneys
to court last week demanding they get before for the workers, the workers
who helped build Detroit were left just to sit outside and protest.

Joining me now is our financial analyst, David Cay Johnston.

David Cay, great to have you with us tonight.

Who will profit from all of this, from Detroit`s bankruptcy? And your take
on the potential ripple effect and what`s unfolding.

for bankruptcy lawyers who get paid when they`re flying in the airplane to
go to meetings to charge $750 an hour. And there will be hundreds of
millions of dollars paid out, hundreds of millions just in Detroit. If
what happens in Detroit continues elsewhere, we`ll see similar problems.

Now, Michigan state constitution has a provision you cannot cut a public
employee`s pension. That seems real clear except the next provision of the
constitution says every year you have to put enough money aside for the new
pension benefits. A lot of the cities haven`t been doing it. That`s why
Saginaw has a bond issue. It`s to catch up and put enough money in there.

Part of the theft to pension benefits to people has been corporations going
in lobby, well, we want to put in less money in the plan, we`ll make it up
later. That`s what`s going on here.

SCHULTZ: And then a federal judge circumvented the state`s constitution.
So, as I see it right now, the state`s constitution in Michigan doesn`t
mean anything. This is all a federal judge coming in, putting the hammer
down, giving license to these people to circumvent local elections and do
what they want to do with people`s money.

JOHNSTON: This is a case where progressives have an interest in states
rights, as we historically saw, conservatives and racists having an
interest. The state constitution is quite clear. It`s being run over at
the moment. This issue of what if you didn`t fully fund the pension,
that`s going to take lawyers years and years and years to sort it out.

SCHULTZ: The court put big banks ahead of the workers. That`s what it all
came down to.

JOHNSTON: Well, the Republicans in much of the country is in favor of
property over people as you said in the previous segment.

SCHULTZ: Yes. What does this mean for other big cities? I mean, I have
made the case on this program repeatedly that this is a model. Lo and
behold this week, Mayor Bloomberg steps up and says we`re going to have
problems on this, too.

Well, this is really giving license and also signaling that they can get by
without living up to their obligations to workers.

JOHNSTON: Well, I think it has a broad implication for corporate America
and the promise that federal -- the federal government guarantees pensions
to people who work for companies. State and local government pensions
generally are not guaranteed except by the taxpayers of that jurisdiction.

What we`re really seeing here, Ed, is what deindustrialization is going to
America. Detroit doesn`t have the revenue because we decided to import
cheaper cars. We made a new deal with South Korea that is supposed to
improve trade, $1 for us, $25 in sales for them. These bad deals are
destroying the tax base that make it possible to provide public services.

Detroit, the average pension in Detroit is under $20,000. Cops in Ann
Arbor, an hour away from Detroit, they cost 50 percent more than cops in

SCHULTZ: Well, this is an attack on organize the labor.

JOHNSTON: Oh, absolutely.

SCHULTZ: It`s an attack to really break down the voting bloc as well.
There`s a number of different accomplishments that could come to fruition
throughout all of this.


SCHULTZ: It all starts with the bankruptcy and it all starts with a
takeover of an election. It`s really sad what`s going on. I hope America
pays attention.

David Cay, thanks so much for joining us tonight.

JOHNSTON: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Marriage equality comes to the Keystone State of Pennsylvania.
We talk to a Pennsylvania mayor who`s leading the charge.

And Senator Marco Rubio heads to his home turf with a phony grassroots
campaign. We`ll look at what really -- what he hopes to accomplish, ahead.

But next, I`m taking your questions on "Ask Ed Live." That`s my favorite


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. We love hearing former viewers in
this segment "Ask Ed Live."

Which is my favorite. The first question comes from Wade. "What would it
take for you to leave your job to become a public school teacher?"

Well, I have tremendous respect for public school teachers. They`re in my
family, no question about that. And give you a little Ed history.

I went to Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota, it`s now
Minnesota State University-Moorhead. And I wanted to be a teacher. And I
majored in physical education, I was a speech minor, I got a radio job, and
then I got a bug in this business, since then I`ve gotten a journalism

And, you know, just -- what would it take for me to leave my job? I love
my job. I love what I do. I think maybe I can have probably a better
impact on a broader level than I could if I were to go into teaching. It`s
not to say that someday I wouldn`t go into a classroom and try to
contribute. Thank you for that question. I appreciate it.

Our next question comes from Linda. "If Republicans were fish, what kind
would they be?" I need an hour for that one.

They would be barracudas but would feed where the bullheads hang out.

There`s a lot more coming up on THE ED SHOW. Stick around.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

Sometimes, in order to do the right thing you have to break the law. We`ve
seen it in America before it`s happen. That`s right, from the Boston Tea
Party to Rosa Parks.

Now, it`s happening in the state of Pennsylvania. On Friday, very
interesting story, an official in Montgomery County, a suburb of
Philadelphia, issued its 100th same-sex marriage license despite the fact
that Pennsylvania is one of the last states in the northeast that does not
legally allow same-sex marriages. In fact, in 1996, Pennsylvania law still
defines marriage between a man and a woman.

Similar to the federal law struck down by the Supreme Court back in June.
Keep in mind, Pennsylvania may have elected president Barack Obama but it
also elected Republican governor Tom Corbett and a Republican controlled
legislature. According to a Franklin and Marshall College poll, conducted
in May, 54 percent of Pennsylvania residents support marriage equality, up
from just 33 percent in 2006.

Things are changing. Attitudes have changed. But the law has not, in that
state, which is why a handful of public officials are hoping these acts of
civil disobedience will get the ball rolling toward full marriage equality.

Joining me now is John Fetterman, mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and
state Representative Brian Sims, Pennsylvania`s first openly gay

Great to have both of you gentlemen with us tonight. I appreciate it.

Mr. Fetterman, you officiated the first same-sex marriage in your county.
The marriage --


SCHULTZ: The mayor is not going to be officially recognized. What is the
goal here, what is your goal here?

FETTERMAN: Well, I actually performed one last evening and I`m going to
perform one tonight as well. What I`m hoping to accomplish is, is that
first and foremost, I`m going to unite two people that have loved each
other and want to publicly proclaim that. I think that`s what I`m
primarily trying to accomplish. Another thing is to demonstrate to people
in our state that same-sex couples are no different than anybody else.
They want to have the same rights and privileges that the rest of us do,
and that includes marriage equality.

SCHULTZ: You feel like you have to do this as a civic elected leader to
drag the state forward as we see social change happening across America?

FETTERMAN: Well, I think if you look at the spectrum, you have Barack
Obama and on the other side, Dick Cheney support same-sex marriage, and
everyone in between. I think if you`re against it at this point, it`s
mostly a fringe opinion. I haven`t gotten, really, any negative feedback

Yesterday was my community`s big community day. Half the town was out. If
I was going to get any pushback would have been then. I only got positive
feedback. So, I think the law has to catch up with where the state`s at.
I think Mr. Corbett needs to tear down this law.

SCHULTZ: Sure. Well, you know, there are rabid people against this in
your state. Mr. Sims, your represented, understand that you were blocked
from talking about the Supreme Court`s ruling, on the defense of marriage
act on the house floor.

What does this movement mean to you? And take us down the road that you
went through.

STATE REP. BRIAN SIMS (D), PENNSYLVANIA: This is critically important for
me both as a gay man and also as a representative. There are upwards of a
million LGBT Pennsylvanians, just that their marriages aren`t recognized at
law, we have zero LGBT civil rights in this state.

You know, it also isn`t about love. It`s also about labor. It`s about
protecting workers. It`s about protecting people in their homes and
offices, and where they go to work every day.

In June, when the Supreme Court issued its rulings on both Prop 8 and on
DOMA, I used the opportunity to address the house floor in Harrisburg, in
the state capitol. One of the arch conservative members of the statehouse
used a procedural rule at the time to prevent me from speaking and then
later credited his belief that my sort of acknowledgement of the Supreme
Court`s decision would be a violation of God`s law.

SCHULTZ: So he injected God into the process. So much for separation of
church and state.

What was your response to that? And what is your -- what`s your recourse
moving forward?

SIMS: You know -- it`s not the first time. Listen, we all know that the
better part of the last 30 years we`ve seen this movement from
archconservatives around the country, trying to rewrite the history books,
write God more perhaps into our founding documents than we all know that
our Founding Fathers intended. What we do next is what`s critically

As you said at the top of the hour, right now Republicans at the national
level are really divided. We`re seeing that both in Pennsylvania as well.
We`re moving in the courts with both the ACLU and the challenges to the
marriages we`ve seen in Montgomery County and soon in Mayor Fetterman`s
area. We`re moving in the legislature.

The day after I was prohibited from speaking on the House floor, I joined
with Representative McCarter and we introduced a marriage equality bill in

So, there`s a lot of movement but we have a long way to go in the
commonwealth. I`m hopeful that we`re going to see a new governor in
office. I`m hoping that there`s a number of challengers, I`m supporting
Allyson Schwartz who I know is supportive of relationship recognition and
LGBT marriage equality.

So, we have a lot to do, but there`s a lot of movement on a whole bunch
fronts in the commonwealth right now.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Fetterman, do you think Pennsylvania will change in the next
five years?

FETTERMAN: Oh, I do. I think Pennsylvania will change much sooner than
that. I`ve been just uniformly encouraged by the feedback I`ve gotten.
I`ve got well over 100 e-mails in support and two against, actually. And
not one single negative public comment while I`m out, including at
community day.

Bringing us back to the earlier point -- the state rep that shouted down my
colleague from out there is just, he`s to the right of Dick Cheney and he
has no actual voice in the overall spectrum here in the state.

SCHULTZ: All right, gentlemen.

FETTERMAN: That`s what it pretty much came down to.

SCHULTZ: All right. Gentlemen, next topic. A South Carolina teacher has
been making the rounds on conservative talk radio circuit to denounce the
National Education Association`s gay inclusive curriculum. Ira Thomas
called the NEA stance in favor of LGBT equality indoctrination plans and
likened it to teaching people how to use crack. Listen to this.


IRA THOMAS: If we`re going to go there, we`re going to have everybody
forcing things on us at school that we don`t believe in, from witchcraft to
even the molestation of children.


SCHULTZ: Mr. Sims, do you want to respond to that kind of rhetoric? It`s
absolutely outrageous, no question about it. But this is where some people

SIMS: No, it should surprise nobody. One of the things we see throughout
curriculums across the country is the sort of systematic removal of
historical figures that don`t sort of meet standard, sort of traditional
white standards.

I bet this is a person who doesn`t know who Byron Rustin is. This is the
person who probably doesn`t believe that African-Americans or women or, as
we now know, the LGBT community have contributed to the rich history of
this country. I think it`s a scary road but you know, sometimes it takes
this type of sort of outlandish behavior to highlight the work that the
rest of us are doing to make change.

SCHULTZ: But these people are in front of impressionable age children.
Mr. Fetterman, what message does this send to the youth of the country that
we`re going through a social change and there`s such a division.

FETTERMAN: I`m like send in the clowns. The more people like that talk,
the stronger the case for marriage equality is going to get. You know,
people like that speak for a very, very select group of people.

And the hateful comments like that when they come out, you know, contrast
to the lovely couples that I`ve been, you know, when people see, they have
mothers that cry at the wedding, they have families come in. You know,
there`s no difference between them.

So let them say that kind of craziness.

SCHULTZ: What struck me in that sound bite was the criminal act of child
molestation. I mean, how can we as a society, Representative Sims, counter
that message to gay kids growing up when they hear that kind of stuff?

SIMS: You know what, Mayor Fetterman just talked about that. Really what
we do and we know we do it best is when we tell our stories, when we talk
about our families, our relationships. We talk about our co-workers,
teammates, families, we know that the message gets out there.

The most important thing we can do as an LGBT community is continue to talk
about our lives, our experiences, because we know that when all is said and
done, there are some things that are common to all Americans and one of
those is standing up for your beliefs, your core values, being the person
that some would say God intended you to be and some would say your folks
and family intended you to be.

SCHULTZ: The situation that you were faced with in the legislative
process, were your colleagues outraged? Did you get support? I mean,
where was the legislative body on this?

SIMS: Ed, it`s the best part about this. We talk about Pennsylvania being
a microcosm for the rest of the country. You look at this incident that
happened in our statehouse, it`s a perfect example.

What I saw from the get-go was support from both sides of the aisle. This
wasn`t a Republican versus Democrat thing. This was the statehouse versus
a Tea Party guy and this was the statehouse saying you know what, we still
believe in respect, we still believe in decorum. This sort of hard line,
right wing, anti-government, anti-anybody that doesn`t look, sound like you
approach, that`s un-American. And that`s what I saw from colleagues.

FETTERMAN: The first couple I married last week received a letter
congratulating them from their state rep. I would like to echo his

SCHULTZ: What`s the recourse of this civil disobedience? What could
happen to you, mayor?

FETTERMAN: I don`t know. I don`t think anything. I am of the opinion I
honestly Governor Corbett wants anything to do with this debate at its
core. I don`t even believe he`s anti-same sex marriage. It`s just an
outdated idea. I suspect he wishes it would go away.


FETTERMAN: I just think we just need to keep pushing.

SCHULTZ: Braddock, Pennsylvania, John Fetterman and also Pennsylvania
State Representative Brian Sims, thank you so much for joining us on THE ED

Tonight in our survey, I asked you -- should any real person of faith want
to take health care away from the poor? Five percent of you say yes, 95
percent of you say no.

Up next, a bad case of Romnesia lands middle-class Mitt in pretenders.
Stay tuned.


SCHULTZ: And in the pretenders tonight, Mr. 47 percent Mitt Romney,
doggone it.

You have to feel bad for the governor after his true feelings about 47
percent of Americans were exposed. The number keeps coming back to haunt
the guy. Now, the number 47 is forever sealed in history with his face
right next to it.

This hasn`t stopped a vicious came of Romnesia. In a newly released
interview with Dan Balz, Romney feels and seems to have forgotten what
words came out of his mouth.


oh, he`s saying 47 percent of the people he doesn`t care about or he`s
insensitive to or they don`t take responsibility for their life. No, no,
I`m saying 47 percent of the people don`t take taxes and therefore they
don`t warm to our tax message.


SCHULTZ: All right. Wait a minute now. Let`s not talk about perception
and talk about the tape. Here are the governor`s actual words.


ROMNEY: Well, there are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the
president no matter what. All right? There are 47 percent who are with
him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that that they are
victims, who believe that the government has a responsibility to care for
them. And so, my job is not to worry about those people that will never
convince them that they should take personal responsibility to care for
their lives.


SCHULTZ: Oh, yes, Romney was very specific about the Americans he wanted
to reach and the ones he wanted to leave behind. Mitt Romney may want to
forget his 47 percent comments but if he thinks Romnesia will be
contagious, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Progressives, let`s get back to work. America needs to pay
attention and stay vocal. Here`s a look at the top three stories this week
in "Fast Forward."


NARRATOR: Number three, jersey smackdown.

spectator sport.

NARRATOR: Cory Booker is hauling in a whopping 54 percent ahead of
Tuesday`s New Jersey`s Senate primary.

BOOKER: I`m more humbled by this moment and those words than you know.

NARRATOR: Fast forward to number two: RNC summer camp.

REINCE PRIEBUS, RNC CHAIRMAN: It`s time for the RNC to get to work.

NARRATOR: On Wednesday, Reince and friends hit Boston, home of the
original Tea Party.

Yes, stars of the convention include Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie.

ROMNEY: I haven`t had a chance to respond yet because you were
interrupting the entire time I was trying to speak.

NARRATOR: I guess Mitt`s invite got lost in the mail.

ROMNEY: It`s not the next step of my career, by the way. I don`t have a
political career.

I know what it`s like to worry whether you`re going to get fired.

PRIEBUS: We`ve got to be the party for the hundred percent.

NARRATOR: Topping the list, keep off the grassroots.

GLENN BECK, RADIO HOST: I hope the people of Florida punish Marco Rubio.

NARRATOR: Starting this week, the water boy will be spewing Obamacare hate
back in his home state.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: Pass a budget that pays for everything
except for Obamacare.

NARRATOR: Rubio`s so-called grassroots effort to defund Obamacare doesn`t
cut it for everyone in the GOP.

SEN. TOM COBURN (R), OKLAHOMA: You cannot design a piece of legislation
that will defund Obamacare.

RUBIO: You cannot say that you are against Obamacare if you are willing to
vote for a law that funds it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re so stupid or did you take lessons?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I took lessons.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Annette Taddeo of the Miami/Dade Democratic

Annette, great to have you with us tonight.

Marco Rubio jumping out there. Why is he doing this? Does he really
believe that there`s an avenue to defund Obamacare and get rid of this law?
Or is he doing this for political prowess, so to speak, with those who just
won`t let it go? Your thoughts?

political ambition. Those of us who are here in Florida, especially in
Miami, we know this from him.

He did this to us when he wanted to be speaker of the House and
representatives in the state of Florida. He threw the children under the
bus when he took away our funding for that in order for him to get the
votes necessary for him to be speaker of the House.

So this is no surprise. And I think the Republicans and everyone else
needs to wake up and smell the (SPEAKING SPANISH) because this man will do
whatever it takes to get ahead and he has his eyes set on the White House.

SCHULTZ: There`s been no real pushback from seniors and we know there`s a
lot of seniors in Florida. How is this going to play with Floridians down
there? Rubio, just seems to me he`s on the wrong side of the majority on
this even for that state. Or am I wrong on that?

TADDEO: You re not wrong. You`re absolutely right. As a matter of fact,
if we shut down the government in this -- at this time, we are in the
middle of hurricane season. Already we`re being hurt from the furloughs
for the hurricane season and for many other government services that are
helping us, but instead he wants to do this for just political purpose.

In addition to that, I think also he`s listening to the Tea Party. He`s a
little bit concerned to try to get back with them since they were so upset
with him for supporting immigration reform. And those of us who were happy
to see that he was actually doing something for the good of the country are
now again waking up and smelling our cafe con leche.

SCHULTZ: So, he`s making the political calculation, look, this is going to
get defunded, but at least I`m going to be on the right side with the
radicals, so that they never going to bite back at me in the future,

TADDEO: He sees that as the Tea Party way to get back in. He got elected
in Florida because of the Tea Party. He had zero chances and the Tea Party
pulled him up. And he knows that in order for him to run for an election,
as tough as it is in the Republican Party right now, they`re so extreme,
and he needs to get back in their good graces. That`s all what he`s trying
to do on the black of our -- you know, our Floridians.

SCHULTZ: Sure. Do you think he`s a true Tea Partier or is he just faking

TADDEO: He`s faking it. Those of us who are in here know him from back in
the day when he was young and elected and he was actually considered a
liberal. So, absolutely faking it. That`s why I keep saying we need to
wake up and the Republicans need to wake up.

He will do whatever it takes to move up the ladder and to get where he
wants to get.

SCHULTZ: Where is his position on immigration? Because this, too, is a
Tea Party hot button. Has he found a new place on immigration with the
people of Florida?

TADDEO: They`re in a -- they`re between a rock and a hard place,
especially those in the Republican Party, the Hispanic ones, not Cruz, but
the Hispanic ones that does support immigration. Because they wanted to
pass -- they`ve been working for it including Marco Rubio, who has been a
pivotal part, but unfortunately he`s not talking about it at all any more,
if you notice. This is what he wants to talk about, defunding the
government and actually making sure to kill Obamacare when this is not
definitely what we want to hear but what the Tea Party wants to hear.

SCHULTZ: You think he`ll seek the nomination for 2016?

TADDEO: Absolutely, I think that.

SCHULTZ: All right. Annette Taddeo, great to have you with us. All of
us, we appreciate your time here on THE ED SHOW tonight.

And that is THE ED SHOW. We`ll see you back here next Saturday, 5:00 p.m.
Eastern Time. I`m looking for that evangelical pastor who will come to me
on this program and tell me this is what God wants, defund Obamacare, hurt

See you next week.



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