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Scott Brown hints at political future

Former Senator Scott Brown rubs elbows in Iowa in the name of "Americans first" politics.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Former Senator Scott Brown rubs elbows in Iowa in the name of "Americans first" politics.

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown hinted at getting back into the races when he showed up at the Iowa State Fair, amid heavy face-time in the state for politicos seeking the 2016 presidential bid.

“I’m a pragmatic, common sense, problem-solving Republican, very similar to the people, not only in Iowa but in New Hampshire and many parts of this country,” Brown said, after devouring a corndog. “Many people that I know want that middle-of-the-road, that tolerance, that ability to look an issue and put our country first.”

Brown filled Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in a special election back in 2010, but lost Massachusetts Senate election by seven points to first-time candidate Elizabeth Warren last November. The former senator has since signed to become an analyst for Fox News and a lobbyist at the Nixon Peabody law firm.

The former senator was rumored to have been in talks to run for a New Hampshire Senate seat, and passed on John Kerry’s old Senate seat, vacated when he took his post as secretary of state earlier this year.

Though Brown did not get into specifics on his political ambitions during his visit in Iowa, he did hint at his motives to the Des Moines Register, saying that he was “coming out more often to try to determine whether there’s an interest in my brand of leadership and Republicanism.”

The former senator hasn’t yet ruled out a potential Massachusetts gubernatorial bid, either.